It’s funny to see a long article about how Georgia’s administrators are worried about student turnout at football games that doesn’t contain a single mention of this year’s home schedule.


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  1. mwo

    This year’s schedule was my first thought too. Wait until they start counting no shows for the clinkers.

  2. S.E. Dawg

    The combo of game times and schedule are probably the main drivers here. I’m a season ticket holder and hate the times and schedule myself but still attend the games. With the kickoff times a fan can’t get the full gameday experience. May be the same with the students.

  3. section Z alum

    i am fascinated to learn that The Administration cares about student participation in revenue generating activities.

  4. Nahila

    If they just let the tickets be sold by the students there would be fans in the seats and the stadium full, and the students owing less money for student loans or grateful parents not having to send more spending money to their children. No harm here with this policy. TICKETS to each game will vary depending on the quality of UGA play and opponent attraction. No one gets rich here with this policy but the stadium vendors sell more product, more gasoline is bought for lucky fans that drove to the stadium looking for tickets. UGA could even open a ticket booth at the stadium one day before each home game and buy the tickets from students at a set market price
    then announce via email that ie: 1000 tickets are available in section 123 to registered and interested fans that might buy the tickets in the student section. The fans then could take a chance on buying tickets at the game rather than scalped tickets. This is a WINWIN plan that does not require a great deal of work but would fill the stadium, please fans and help the students financially who would still have to meet the ticket procedures for being eligible to receive the tickets.

    • Cojones

      It’s straightforward, honest and a good idea. It doesn’t have a chance.

    • Governor Milledge

      Going back to physical tickets are the solution.

      Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t the perceived problem that caused us to switch over to tickets on Student IDs was there simply wasn’t enough supply to match the demand, especially when tickets were sold? I don’t remember student attendance being an actively discussed ‘problem’ until the current ticket system was implemented.

      And maybe the Athletic Board doesn’t remember what it’s like to be in college, but a Wednesday deadline for ticket donations back into the pool really isn’t a solution. Students won’t have their gameday plans figured out until the last minute… what about the last minute roadtrip or trip home, or the decision to just watch the game at GA Theatre downtown?

  5. reipar

    Funny, but I recall one home schedule when I was in school that was UT, Cal State Fullerton, Ole Miss, Ga Southern, Vandy, and GTU. Maybe it was because we went 9-2, but there was no problem with students showing up for the start of the games with that home schedule and there was a big shortage of ava tix for the bowl game if you were a student.

    • Nahila

      Maybe now since a student has to have a High School GPA of 3.2 or better to even get to UGA plus maintain a 3.0 College GPA to keep the Hope Scholarship, a lot of the students are having or even want to study to keep their GPA at an acceptable level for advanced education degrees as well.

    • rbcdawg

      The year was 1992. I was a junior at UGA and I do remember student attendance issues back then. The same rules applied – students don’t like to go to early kickoffs – especially early kickoffs against mediocre or bad teams.

      I know everyone likes to pretend that everything was better way back when but give me a break.

      • Comin' Down The Track

        I gotta agree. I was a student then, too. I was also at that Fullerton game. I seem to remember sitting in the lower bowl amongst not very many people… I also remember Coach Goff wasn’t very good at his job… and bourbon…

      • reipar

        Maybe you were sitting in the upper deck or something. Down in block seating we were packed and fighting for space.

        • Comin' Down The Track

          Like I said, Wild Turkey was involved😉 , but I’m fairly certain I was sitting below. I do recall in those days that everyone tried to cram into the student section leaving large gaps elsewhere. Sort of the reverse of the current problem. Maybe we’re both talking at cross purposes.

  6. rbcdawg

    “Some of the reason given for students not turning out is early kickoffs, where students are often still imbibing by the time the game rolls around. But that doesn’t account for later games, and officials say the turnout issue has been consistent.”

    I have a very hard time believing that “the turnout issue has been consistent” for early kickoffs and late kickoffs. I don’t believe a word these jerk-offs say anymore.

  7. Bright Idea

    Is there truly a problem or does it just appear that way? Students cram into lower level leaving upper NE corner empty. Many current students don’t care about football, kind of like Harvard.

  8. Nahila

    The problem as UGA sees it is the camera spanning the audience showing all those empty seats and yet UGA reports it is a sold out stadium so image is one of the reasons for concern, but the real concern should be student apathy no matter what time the game is scheduled as a 35,000 student body should be lining out the door on line for the student allotment and participating in the thrill of watching their school play football. I still say let the students sell their tickets and that would put true fans in those seats, there are plenty of alumni that would not mind seats in the middle of the student section or even bringing their own kids. The idea of the students selling the tickets back to the University for resale enables the University to assemble seats together as much as possible rather than individual seats which would be in less demand.

  9. 79dawg

    I have had tickets in Section 115 for the past 3-4 years, which is right next to the end of the student section in the east end zone. Section 113 usually fills up around or shortly after kickoff, and there is hardly ever a substantial number of people is 114. Until this past year, a lot of people used to use 114 as “group” type seating, so if you had a bunch of friends (mostly recent grads, but some older folks too) who had tickets in different parts of the stadium, they could all sit together in 114. Now they have security guards guarding Section 114 with their lives, and they always check tickets of the people who don’t look like students and make them move.

    If I were a student, I probably would rather keep drinking and getting wasted and just “watch” the game on a nice, huge hd tv too; fortunately for my brain cells, when I was a student, no one had huge tvs, hd and only the bigger games were on tv, so i actually went to the games. Of course, we all packed into the student section near the band, which I still think happens a lot and contributes to the sparsity in some of the student sections.

    • H. Randolph Holder

      Nobody probably remembers, but back in the 80’s people would meet up and sit on the hill if they had seats in different areas before the West end zone was enclosed.

  10. Anon

    Just like the north campus garbage issue, let’s just blame it on the homeless.

    • brain dead

      Yeah, definitely don’t blame the administration. Blame the students. They are lazy animals. The students at LSU, Bama, and Florida are not.

  11. Lrgk9

    Well, I remember the Tracks when I was a student and they used to fill up early and stay filled. The homeless were helped by picking up the empty beer cans and turning them in for money to buy “necessities”. The tracks would be full but the student section was often spotty. Students making it to non-big games has always been iffy and the Admins have made it worse as usual.

    Nahila – good idea !

  12. Bulldog Joe

    Improve the home schedule, move the start times, and allow the students to resell their tickets.

    Problem solved.