Memorial Day buffet

The twelve-pack is optional.


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7 responses to “Memorial Day buffet

  1. gastr1

    Stay klasy, Urbz. You da man!


  2. Bard Parker

    From the Saban coaching tree link:
    But like the oak trees that shade portions of the Quad in Tuscaloosa, it’s a slow growth.

    Too soon?


  3. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Re: Arkansas job opening. The previous holder of that position may have been in bed with the HC of the football team as you implied but there wasn’t any sleeping going on.


  4. Chuck

    The envelope on fire was a nice touch. Much more fun than ball cap stunts on signing day. And it will be the first 100 or so times it is done.


  5. Macallanlover

    Not so sure everyone is right about Lattimore coming off an ACL tear. Even if the physical damage is healed, RBs tend to lose cutting ability that first year back. With his sights set on going pro, I don’t think we see Lattimore push himself to the fullest for SC U. We will see but 1st Team All SEC and AA may be a little optimistic. Regardless, I hope our D rocks his world this fall, we gave an inferior team a gift game lat year with 4 cheap TDs.. Time for some payback.


  6. Spike

    For once, it looks like nobody cares what Spirrier says. Finally.