Float this.

The latest exercise in futility in creating the new postseason comes in reaction to this:

While site issue is one of many yet to be resolved in the playoff discussion, this development does point out that the commissioners are sensitive to the fairness issue.

They do not want the No. 1 and No. 2 seeds having to “go on the road” in the semifinals. In other words, if the Sugar Bowl were anchored in advance to be a semifinal site, it would be possible that a No. 4 seed – say, LSU – would have the home-field advantage playing the No. 1-seeded opponent in the Superdome.

The discussion seems to center around the SEC and the Sugar Bowl. The conference has the most rabid fan following and its teams are in the closest proximity to New Orleans than the other conferences are to other major bowls. The Sugar Bowl has had a formal agreement to take the SEC champion since 1976. However, its relationship with the league goes back decades.

LSU’s latest rise to prominence has occurred during the BCS era (since 1998). Some would argue because of the BCS. Three times during that 14-year period, LSU has played a “home” national championship game in the Superdome, only 70 miles from its campus.

I bet Jim Delany hates when that happens.

But wait a minute… wasn’t one of those three title games the last one, the one in which the Tigers got waxed by the Sabanator?  Well, turns out there’s an explanation for that.

… The Tigers won two of those games — in 2004 over No. 1 Oklahoma and in 2008 over No. 1 Ohio State. Any advantage gained in January’s BCS title game in New Orleans may have been negated by the following of the opponent, Alabama.

So LSU’s real advantage stems from most opponents’ fan bases not being intense enough.  It’s not fair!

The notion that these clowns share enough common ground to put together a four-team playoff format that everyone can live with diminishes by the day.



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7 responses to “Float this.

  1. Z-dawg

    Yankee teams are thrown off by the smell of corndogs.


  2. Matt

    Well if the # 1 (or # 2) seeds were given more tickets, then they would have a home field advantage.

    Now, if their fans don’t want to buy tickets or travel to the Sugar Bowl, then any other fan base should be free to purchase the extras.

    Kinda like Boise State coming to the GA dome last year.