“I’ve lived long enough, I’m not sure I expect us to get closure.”

The SEC is expected to emerge from this week’s meetings with a unified stance on the new D-1 postseason, but it’s hard to see how that’ll be anything more than a bargaining position.

I mean, they’re already talking about needing a backstop.

… Adams expressed confidence that a four-team playoff will come to fruition, but is not certain how the teams would be selected or where the playoff games might be played. He also does not know how the recently announced SEC-Big 12 bowl game will fit into the league’s postseason plan, although its existence will serve as a safeguard if the playoff proposal runs into unexpected opposition.

“I don’t think there’s any belief that some form of playoff is not going to move forward, but I said this morning — you may have heard me — I think there’s both a protection factor and a leverage factor that went into those decisions,” Adams said after last week’s UGA Athletic Association Board of Directors meeting. “Our responsibility is to protect the SEC regardless of what happens nationwide and that’s what we were trying to do there.”

Translation:  we know there’s more money out there; we just have to make sure none of the other conferences screw us out of our fair share of it.

Hey, you’ve got your definition of “settling it on the field” and they’ve got theirs.



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3 responses to ““I’ve lived long enough, I’m not sure I expect us to get closure.”

  1. I am a long time season ticket holder and frankly, the fans are the last thing considered by the $$ shills in charge of all this. The schedule this year speaks volumes. Nice be reminded that Hartman fund donors and the fans who show up on game day do not matter in the least.

    I have seriously thought about giving up my tickets, and they were part of the reason my husband married me (they came with me, and are in my name). I’ll keep him, but I am not so sure about the yearly cash layout for a lot of lame home games.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Why does having Mike Adams as the guy who is supposed to “protect” my conference’s and my university’s interests make me feel so…..uneasy?