James Franklin is ready to turn the page.

Let bygones be bygones.

“But to me, again, I’m a very emotional, passionate guy. This is personal to me. But on the same hand I’m a guy who once things happen I move on. I have tremendous respect for coach Richt and that program. I have respect for coach Grantham as well and what he’s trying to do. I think coach Grantham was trying to do everything he could to support his players and show them that he had his back. And I was doing the same. And those things happen from time to time.”

I don’t expect this year’s Sanford Stadium crowd to be so understanding.


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  1. cube

    That noon/1pm start against Vandy is going to be absolutely rocking. It might even be 80% full at kickoff. The highlight of a great home schedule.

  2. Go Dawgs!

    The beatdown needs to be Biblical in proportion. If Georgia doesn’t beat the hell out of Vanderbilt and rub their noses in it, something’s wrong. Franklin needs to realize that he snuck up on a lot of people who have never given Vandy a second thought and who have never felt a single cross emotion where Vandy is concerned. Georgia needs to focused on that game for the first time in decades, and they need to humble James Franklin.

    • Yeah but it wouldn’t surprise me to see something like what happened with Florida-Tennessee in 2009 after Kiffin had been running his mouth about Florida. Everybody thought Florida – who was absolutely loaded – would come out and destroy a very mediocre Vols team (yeah, I know, they beat the heck out of us, but they were still very mediocre). The Gators were SO amped up for that game that they actually played very tight and were not impressive, even though they ultimately pulled away to win by 10. I’d love to see us blow them out, but it wouldn’t shock me for that game to end up being uncomfortably close.

  3. Spike

    What Go Dawgs! said…

  4. 81Dog

    Revenge is a dish best served cold.

  5. stoopnagle

    Still the biggest d-bag in the SEC.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      I assume you were speaking of James Franklin. Or did you mean Steve Spurrier? Or Will Muschamp? Or Son of Dooley? (because of selling out his integrity to the criminal element on his team) Or Saban? Or Cheats-at-it? Or Bobby Petrino? (oh, that’s right, he’s not in the SEC anymore) Or…….

      • shane#1

        It seems that every coach in the SEC is a dirt bag, except for Miles and Richt. That’s because Richt is too nice a guy and too soft and Miles is an Idiot Savant. Now, do I have it right?

        • Uglydawg

          No. We don’t know who’se naughty or nice…except for the few who have repeatedly shown their hand. It’s a big conference.

          • shane#1

            You have learned well Grasshopper. We not only don’t know who’s naughty and nice, we don’t know these guys at all. I was just quoting what passes for conventional wisdom on football blogs. While conventional wisdom is often accepted it is rarely wise.

  6. Uglydawg

    There’s something that I find remarkable about the picture of Frankie and Grantham. You can’t see the player’s full face, but the smile is there!
    These players love Grantham and he is going to be the catalyst that UGA has been seeking since Erk Russel left. I may be reading too much into one player’s smirk, but when you combine it with other bits and pieces of the picture, it’s pretty sweet…..to me anyhow.

  7. Macallanlover

    “Having their back” takes on a whole new meaning when spoken by aa coach whose player ran across the field to go after the back of someone’s knees. He has such respect for CMR, perhaps he should let the UGA coach handle Bulldog discipline, he has serious issues of his own to deal with. Grantham was well within his rights to protect our player’s from an out of control, hothead coach from Vanderbilt. Guy is a punk, Vandy fans should be embarrassed to defend him.

    • Gatorhater27

      What’s a Vandy fan?

    • FCDore

      You do know that Sean Williams tried to decapitate Jordan Matthews 20 yards away from a play, right? That’s what got CJF going.
      And if Logan Stewart’s behavior bothered you, you should know that CJF kicked him off the team over the summer–he had another boneheaded play that cost us at UT. Can I presume that Richt/Grantham kicked Williams off the team, too, or have all the suspensions to your other d-backs made that an impossibility?
      See you on Sept. 22; don’t choke in Missouri.

      • Logan Stewart? Not sure you want to go there.

        At least none of our coaches defended/tried to explain Williams’ actions. And he was suspended for them.

      • Puffdawg

        Yea, he kicked Stewart off the team after several questionable dirty plays, a blown out knee, and violation of team rules in December. REAL tough disciplinarian ya got there. A “man of honor” you might call him. I was going to wish him and the United States Military Academy at West Point a happy belated Memorial Day but the Vandy loud speakers were blaring so nobody could hear me. Perhaps Mr. Franklin can go tamper with the wires to reduce the volume. There, did I cover all James Frankin’s impressive highlights in his first year coaching at the formerly prestigious Vanderbilt University? Can’t WAIT for the encore.

        “See you on Sept. 22” – what, like you’re relevant or something? You couldn’t even beat a hapless and rudderless UT team least season. Nor could you beat what the Florida fans are calling their worst team in years. Your program continues to be irrelevant and all you’re doing right now is cheapening the great reputation you had before by buying into this snake oil salesman’s BS tactics. Reminds me a bit of Tennessee under Kiffin (even down to Franklin’s post UGA game comments about always being calculated), although they never had the reputation you guys used to have. Oh well. Handgrenades and horseshoes… and Vandy.

      • stoopnagle

        Funny, I thought that was roster management.

        Otherwise big talk from the losing side of the ball.

  8. Cosmic Dawg

    You guys are going to skewer me for this, but I thought it showed some class for him to say that.

    • Scott W.

      It showed he didn’t want to get punched.

    • Macallanlover

      Cosmic, that statement was classy. It should be after several months to think about what an idiot he looked like by jumping on another team’s player. When he learns to act classy in the arena, he would be more impressive. Easy to be level-headed when there is no pressure, kind of like being brave while discussing the battle back in the Pentagon