“Middle class” Tennessee

In the midst of this fairly brutal takedown of UT, John Adams notes this about the Vols’ likely 2013 road schedule:

… Although the 2013 SEC schedule hasn’t yet been set, you can assume it will include traditional West rival Alabama. You also can assume divisional opponents will continue to rotate venues on a yearly basis.

That means the Vols would be playing at Florida, Alabama and Missouri within the conference. They also will have a non-conference road game against Oregon, the week before they go to The Swamp.

Ouch.  Even if SOD squeaks by with seven or eight wins this year, it’s hard to see how things get rosier after that.


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8 responses to ““Middle class” Tennessee

  1. Comin' Down The Track

    If SOD is still the coach in 2013, I might consider eating my hat.


  2. Macallanlover

    I am thoroughly enjoying the UT tailspin. There is no, zero, reason for TN to hold an edge in football over Georgia. I know they have the series lead but attribute that to Goff being the coach when we began playing them annually. Plus, we laid a few eggs after Goff. It is embarrassing for them to have more wins than UGA. Time to get the universe into balance, I have never felt TN was a stronger national power, and don’t think anyone else should either. Let’s roll them for about nine straight and take them out of the Georgia recruiting mix (CMR has pretty well shut that down, but let’s close them out.)


    • Signal Mtn Dawg

      @Macallanlover – I share your sentiment regarding the Vols struggles – but we need to look at the facts and recognize that Tennessee historically has been the better SEC and national power compared to UGA. Tennessee is the 2nd best team in the SEC (historically). You can argue UGA is #4 – and maybe #3 But give #3 to LSU as they have more REAL NT’s and hold a winning record against UGA. Here is where I rank SEC teams – all time.

      Look at the numbers:
      1. BAMA – well – the best in the SEC – historically and currenlty:
      14 NT’s, 22 SEC Titles, 7 SEC WEST Titles, 58 bowl caps, 8th all time wins (814), 7th all time win % (.710)

      2. Tennessee has 4 NT’s, 13 SEC Titles, 5 SEC EAST Titles, 49 bowl caps, 9th in all time wins (794), 11th in all time win % (.687) – winning record against UGA (21-18-2), winning record against LSU (20-9-3).

      3. LSU has 4 NT’s, 11 SEC Titles, 5 SEC West Titles, 43 bowl caps, 12th all time wins (734), 13th in all time win % (.647). – winning record against UGA (16-12-1)

      4. UGA has 2 NT,s, 12 SEC Titles, 4 SEC East Titles, 47 bowl caps, 11th all time wins (748), 14th in all time win% (.645). Losing records against Alabama, Tennessee LSU …… and Auburn (which we hope will change in 2012!). Only winning record against Florida.

      5. AUB has 2 NT’s, 7 SEC Titles, 4 SEC West Titles, 37 Bowl caps, 13th all time wins (718), 15th all time win% (.634) – winning record against UGA (54-53-1), Florida (22-12-0), TN (27-21-3) – but losing record against Alabama (34-41-1) and LSU (20-25-1).

      6. Florida has 3 NT’s, 8 SEC Titles, 10 SEC East Titles, 39 bowl caps, 23rd all time wins (669), 17th all time win % (.630) – losing record head to head against UGA (40-47-2) – but winning records against TN (22-19-0 and LSU (30-25-3).


      • stoopnagle

        Seems to me there’s one hard, cold fact in ranking teams all-time in the SEC, and Georgia is 3rd.


        • Macallanlover

          Yeah, I don’t give any credence to “NTs” since there has never been one in D1 CFB. I hang my hat on the SEC title as the measuring stick. Total wins is a tough one, since OOC scheduling is a true wild-card in measuring teams. Look at ND over the years, and how much as tosu and meechigan fattened their total by playing in what was basically a 2 team conference? TN played Bama every year but they didn’t load up on SEC heavy-weights until they had to.

          I hear you SM Dawg but I think UGA is the better program overall, although we have certainly had our down cycles. Let’s see where TN comes out when it is all over. I said years ago at the end of Foolmer’s career, they may exceed UGA’s 20 year no-SEC drought before it is all
          over. They are at 14 and counting now. Had Fat Phil not been the SEC’s informant they would have faced disciplinary action several times.


          • Signal Mountain Dawg

            It’s hard to argue against the stats. No matter how you slice it or dice it, Tennessee wins the argument against UGA on the historical best program.
            Tennessee has 1 more SEC title than UGA
            Tennessee has an overall better winning percentage.
            Tennessee has won more games all time.
            Tennessee has more National Titles
            Tennessee has won the EAST division more than UGA.
            Tennessee has a winning record against UGA.
            Tennessee has more bowl game caps than UGA.

            So if you are a Tennessee fan – and a UGA fans says that UGA is the better overall program – you ask what stat?

            Unfortunately – a lot of the head to head and criteria are based on the SEC
            divisional split – as UGA and TN did not play too oftern before the split – and they owned us for a decade while fielding some of the best teams in their history while UGA was in a mediocre cycle. UGA had a winning record against Tennessee before the split. Alot of head to head is luck of timing when you play – catching a team at a bad time or when they are good.

            UGA needs to keep beating Tennessee and go on a serious run against the mighty Vols.


            • Macallanlover

              I have no problem with your conclusion, and fully expect us to regain the head-to-head lead. That, and the SEC titles are the only decent criteria. All the others are a little flakey. As I said before, just look at tosu and meechigan records, total wins is a very weak criteria, some conference titles mean little, and there are no NCs. Like you said, stomp them while they are down and regain the lead.