Bracket creeps

Lest we forget, football isn’t the only sport with a scheduling agenda on the table at Destin.  The SEC is grappling with that for men’s basketball, as well.  John Calipari thinks the conference ought to pit its best teams against each other and let the conference’s lesser lights do the same against each other.  That would presumably maximize the schools’ RPIs.

Because, truth be told, that’s all college basketball is about these days.

“Is that what it’s about, who wins the league or the league tournament?” Calipari said. “Or is it about your seed in the NCAA Tournament? How many teams do we want in the NCAA Tournament? Do you want three or four, or do you want six or seven? If you want six or seven, this scheduling matters.”

I’m not saying he’s wrong about that.  I am saying that coaches are like anyone else; they’re going to advocate in their own interests.  And the reality is that making the tourney is everything in men’s basketball.  You can bitch as much as you want to about what the one-and-done rule has done to the sport, but it’s March Madness that’s devalued basketball’s regular season into nothing more than a playoff delivery system.  And with a big enough playoff, you’ll see football go down the same road.



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11 responses to “Bracket creeps

  1. DawgPhan

    Calipari has a lot of great things to say about the way the coaches and league need to market and work together for the growth of the league in basketball..I wouldnt want him messing with football, but he has solid ideas for basketball.


  2. Connor

    What’s kind of scary is that there isn’t even talk of going the other way, of doing anything to increase the value of the regular season or the conference tourney. Calipari’s accurate, pragmatic analysis is that no one cares about anything other than getting into the playoff field.


    • sniffer

      I think increasing the interest in regular season games is what Calipari is getting at. His “top tier against top tier” rational is that fans will watch KY v FL with more interest than KY v Auburn. For my part, I watch Duke-NC every time they play and it doesn’t lessen my interest that they may play four times in a season. And, yes, in college basketball, the regular season matters. Seeding for the tournament is huge and its determined by, guess what, the regular season. (Sorry for the lecture)


      • And, yes, in college basketball, the regular season matters. Seeding for the tournament is huge…

        I think that’s what I just said. 😉

        By the way, it looks like Georgia’s being paired with South Carolina as its primary partner. Not exactly North Carolina-Duke, is it?


        • D.N. Nation

          Georgia 28
          South Carolina 9

          That was the final of Georgia’s football game against South Carolina in…

          Oh, wait, no. It was the halftime score of a basketball game between the two a year ago. Yeeeeesh.


      • Connor

        I’m not so sure that seeding really does matter much in tournament that large. Even if it does an entire season of games who’s sole purpose is to determine that seeding seems… unimportant.


  3. charlottedawg

    In response to the Duke-Carolina observations I will say that the 2 or more games between the blue bloods each year matters in spite of the tourney not because of it. The game is huge because it’s 2 perrenial top 10 programs within 8 miles of each other who absolutely despise each other, but the ugly truth is despite how epic these games are they count for nothing. Carolina and duke will be 1-3 seeds regardless of if they go 0-2 or 3-0 against the other during the year. If this were a CFB regular season with limited playoff spots the games would be the equivalent of old school OU-Nebraska or FSU-Miami: a brawl with nat’l and postseason implications, but since CBB lets 64 plus teams into the party Duke-carolina is nothing more than a twice a year exhibition.


    • sniffer

      Charlottedawg, I don’t entirely follow you. “It matters” or “counts for nothing”? I’ve lived in NC and the regular season games are talked about (and argued about) all year long. Tournament games are soon forgotten, unless one or the other wins the NCAA NC. Even then, often heard is, “yeah, but we beat you in season!”
      My interest is always the the regular season, either sport. Minor bowl wins don’t matter. Hell, Georgia hasn’t sniffed a MNC in thirty years and may not for another thirty. Who do we think we are, getting puffed up and talking about playoffs, plus-ones, whatever? We need to own the East, get to ATL on a routine basis and then pontificate about how things should be done.


  4. shane#1

    Duke- NC is on my top ten must sees when I retire. MediaCom thinks that battle is too sophisticated for us unwashed it South Ga. so we get some mid-major or even B1G games instead. And yes, it is a big event if an old Dawg like me gets pissed when he can’t watch it.