Recruiting numbers: the SEC is having a very, very good run.

The other conferences may be working to keep the SEC down in the new postseason, but there isn’t much they’re doing about the righteous asskicking they’re receiving from the SEC on the recruiting trail right now.

Check these nuggets out:

  • Ten of the country’s 16 highest-ranked classes, per 247Sports, come from SEC schools.  That includes Vanderbilt, which is currently ahead of Florida State.
  • Only four schools in the SEC don’t have at least ten verbal commitments at present.  Next closest to the SEC?  The Big Ten, at three.
  • SEC schools hold more than half (150) of all verbal commitments (289).

That is dominance.



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2 responses to “Recruiting numbers: the SEC is having a very, very good run.

  1. Rival

    Wooo! Ess eee see textin’ an’ dialin’ an visitin’ speeeed!


  2. shane#1

    Dominance for the league in recruiting means a top ten class ain’t good enough. The Dawgs need a one or two class in 2013 to have a shot at #1.