What’s the next level past comfortable?

Paul Myerberg’s got a good piece up about the latest coach to embrace the “I can be as big a dick as Randy Edsall” approach to player transfers, Memphis’ Justin Fuentes.  (Memphis?  Really?)  In it, Myerberg divides the coaching world into three parts:

… Head coaches can take one of three stances with a potential transfer, even one at a position as key as quarterback: hard, medium and soft. The hard-line stance is the one Fuente is taking with Reed, the one stolen right out of Randy Edsall’s playbook with former Maryland quarterback Danny O’Brien: you’re hurting the program by leaving, so in a way, this is payback.

There’s the medium approach: I’m not going to allow you to hurt us in the future. Therefore, your transfer cannot lead to a future opponent over the remainder of your eligibility clock. For Reed, who can sit out this season and retain three additional seasons of eligibility, this would mean that Memphis’ no-transfer list would include the entire Big East and all non-conference foes through the 2015 season.

Then there’s the soft, easy, confident approach: you can’t play in our conference, but all else is fair game. Goodbye, and good luck. It takes a comfortable, certain and assured head coach to make this move — it takes the anti-Fuente, a rookie head coach making up rules as he goes along.

I’m curious – where does that put Mark Richt, who not only doesn’t put a restriction on players transferring to other SEC schools, but on occasion has contacted other SEC coaches to help a player move?



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15 responses to “What’s the next level past comfortable?

  1. Only one place — class act who looks out for the best for the young men he is responsible for.


  2. Bard Parker

    “Put the student-athlete first” level
    “I would want my son treated the same way” level


  3. Uglydawg

    eethomas and Bard…..exactly.


  4. JasonC

    On the hot seat?


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Four categories: Hard, Medium, Soft, and Right.

    The NCAA’s transfer rules are bogus, and I think Richt sees that. Sorry, JasonC, but I think the fact that Richt puts the interests of the student athletes first in so many situations like these has gotten us a great number more student athletes than it has lost for us.


  6. charlottedawg

    I guess i just don’t understand how the player leaving is “hurting the team”. With the exception of a player leaving for conduct/ disciplinary reasons like Cam or Mett how many players have transferred and gone on to be big time impact players? Chances are if a player is leaving on his own it’s due to lack of playing time and/ or the kid just can’t cut it and will likely never come back to bite you.


  7. simpl_matter

    Über soft, a class all his own. What he said about letting players transfer where ever they want (“Life’s too short…”) are words we should all heed.


    • Macallanlover

      Yep, puts him at the head of the class. If your program cannot survive the transfer of a player, who could have chosen differently a couple of years before anyway, you have other issues. Certainly not worth selling your integrity for. And we have fans who want to fire this guy….