Word to the wise

Fair warning:  I plan on leaving today’s QOTD up for a while.  The sucker resonates with me.


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9 responses to “Word to the wise

  1. dawgdisgusted

    “Boy, not during my watch,” McGarity said. damn right he should have said that. we better never lose that game. i love that game!

    Does the Auburn game, a series that began in 1892, mean more than Georgia Tech?

    “I don’t think you should give up either one,” Richt said. “I think too many teams are giving up too many rival games. College football is special because of rival games. I think our league in particular is special because of rival games and the passion of our fans. As we progress, I think we need to be mindful of that and respect that.”


  2. AusDawg85

    I hope, whenever the day comes, that CMR goes out on HIS terms, HIS timing, HIS way. He represents UGA and himself so well…better than any in CFB today, and among the best all time.


  3. stoopnagle

    Honestly? I’m glad McGarity and Richt said what they said. But I wouldn’t be sad if we traded playing Tech every year for a rotation of home-and-home games with Tech, Clemson, and a non-ACC BCS-type team. We could play Tech for two years, play a Pac-12 home-and-home, then a Clemson home-and-home, and back to Tech again. I’d like that. Hell, I’d even like trading Tech and Clemson every two years.

    On the flipside, we haven’t hit 9 wins in a row vs. Tech yet.


  4. Otto

    I too am glad they said that and even with 9 games I don’t think GT gets dropped. However far more years than not GT would UGA’s only OOC game that wasn’t a cupcake.

    To answer the question Yes Auburn is more important than GT (as is UF). It would annoy me that GT would crow “UGA dropped them”.

    I don’t miss playing Clemson yearly. Clemson built their program on the press it created in the state of GA. They need GA talent to win, without it the ACC titles have been hard to get.. At the same time UGA/Clemson was one of the most fun games of the year.


  5. Slaw Dawg

    Coach Richt just keeps saying and doing those things that will leave him a legend for Dawg fans. He knows the Truth: you don’t choose between your rivals. You simply play them. Asking a true Dawg fan whether it’s better to beat UF, AU or GT is like asking Stonewall Jackson if he’d rather attack McClellan, Burnside or Hooker.


  6. aristoggle

    I grew up around old-timers who remember “The Drought” in the ’50’s, I was at the game Thanksgiving night in ’71 when Andy Johnson drove the field and Jimmy Poulos jumped over the pile to cross the goal-line for the winning score in the final minute … Belue to Arnold, “Athens cops do what Georgia can’t, Stop Dewberry.,” Reggie Ball.

    To Hell with Tech. Leave ’em on the schedule in perpetuity, and kick their asses regularly. Good Old Fashioned Hate!

    Oh, and keep Auburn, too.


  7. Cojones

    Boy, I’ll bet that Richt saw a slow pitch question and took his big bat out. Spoken like a competitor. Why would he want to give up the only team he has beaten 9 times going on 10 in his 11 yrs at the helm? And it’s beginning to look like our fun time is starting with another big win over Auburn.

    Sic’em Dawgs!