Bernie Machen is full of crap, part one.

I’m really getting tired of having my intelligence insulted.  Here’s what Florida’s president had to say yesterday about the brilliant job the conference is doing with its self-induced scheduling snafu:

“You can draw up other scenarios. But I’d say for right now that one (as 6-1-1) is fine,” Machen said. “Some people don’t like how we got the East-West divided up. Let’s see how it works. In the end, it’s one conference. Look at basketball. They’ve essentially put it all together.”

Oh, yeah, basketball scheduling.  That’s working out swimmingly.  The only plus to take out of it is that the presidents have some sense of foreboding about the mess they’ve made by agreeing to revisit the matter in three years.

These guys are provincial morons.  The only people more clueless are the fans who faithfully believe that these are the very same people who are going to come up with a sensible postseason arrangement to save college football.  To those, all I can say is you’ll get what you deserve.



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2 responses to “Bernie Machen is full of crap, part one.

  1. Go Dawgs!

    If you’ve got a lot of people watching you and you do something stupid like tripping and falling, what do you say? “I meant to do that!” Bullshit. But hey, anything to save face.

    Rushing into adding fucking Missouri and Texas A&M to what was already the nation’s most successful college sports conference by any measure just because we were jealous of bigger TV deals was as stupid as locking your keys in the car with the motor running.


  2. Mayor of Dawgtown

    When Slive adds 2 more next year what are you going to say then? 16 is in the bag, only a question of who and when.