Bernie Machen is full of crap, part two.

Mike Slive, shouldn’t Bernie Machen be the last guy you’ve got speaking out on the SEC’s position about the new postseason format?  After all, he did such a bang up job the last time he went on a playoff crusade.  Yet here he is again, telling us how it’s gonna be.

Florida President Bernie Machen said today the SEC won’t compromise on its position that the top four teams should be in a college football playoff, not a mixture of conference champions.

“We won’t compromise on that,” said Machen, chair of the SEC presidents and chancellors. “I think the public wants the top four. I think almost everybody wants the top four.”

As Andy Staples points out, Bernie’s public is likely to be different from Jim Delany’s public on what is wanted.

Whether the public wants the top four depends on where the public lives. If the public lives in Michigan, Ohio or Illinois, there is a good chance the public wants some sort of preference given to conference champs. At their meeting earlier this month, ACC athletic directors and coaches backed conference-champ priority even though Commissioner John Swofford had previously stated a desire for the top four. At the Big Ten meetings earlier this month, Commissioner Jim Delany voiced support for a “hybrid model” that would give preference to high ranked conference champions but would also make allowances in case one league had more than one elite team…

Matt Hinton (from his new CBS digs) notes something you could probably guess.  Based on the historical record, there’s very little practical difference in the results between the competing proposals.  Nevertheless, lines in the sand Must Be Drawn.  No compromise!

There’s no back up plan, either.

“I’ve thought about this: Suppose everybody says they’re going to do this (playoff) and one or two say we’re not going to do this,” said Machen, who is on the BCS oversight committee. “I don’t know what the next step is.”  [Emphasis added.]

Well, at least he’s thought about it.  Color me relieved.

Bernie Machen is a man who got lucky hiring a coach he happened to know from his previous school, a coach who went on to win two national championships at Florida.  Somehow that’s been parlayed into Machen being considered some sort of savant (not least of all by Machen himself) on the subject of a college football playoff.  He’s not.  Yet here we are.

I don’t know if this debate will devolve into a contest to see who’s got the biggest you-know-what, but if it does – and that certainly wouldn’t shock me – don’t be surprised at all if the plus-one is the last proposal standing.  And that Bernie will assure us it’s not a compromise.


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8 responses to “Bernie Machen is full of crap, part two.

  1. DawgDouche

    Are you saying Machen’s wrong? Do YOU want conf champs rather than the top 4? If you do, you’re a moron–it would only benefit the B1G etc. But as we all know, DWAGS & moron come hand-in-hand.

    McGarity & Foley both had hands in hiring Meyer–Machen had very little to do w/ that hire. Stop being a insecure, Gator-envying, small-penised DWAG–though we know that is very for you..


    • Thanks for the insults. They definitely strengthen your argument.

      Look at what Hinton posted. There’s very little difference in the results between either approach.

      That being said, the champs-only format doesn’t work for Notre Dame, which makes it DOA unless the Irish are prepared to join a conference.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Whether the playoff turns out to be a good thing or a bad thing, one thing seems certain: this really is all Alabama’s fault. If ‘Bama hadn’t ended up winning the BCS title game despite missing the SEC title game, there would never have been this much momentum to change the system.

    And as much as I’m an SEC guy, if we’re talking about such a small playoff, I’m completely in favor of conference champions only being eligible to get in. Sorry, but if you’ve got such a good team, you should be able to win your league. If you don’t, you’ve got nobody to blame but yourself.


    • Bob

      I pretty much agree. I am not totally against the non-champ option with 4 teams but generally would prefer champ vs champ. In last year’s scenario we could very easily have had the ridiculous situation in which LSU and Bama met with NEITHER winning the Conference title. Who knows what happens if two wide open touchdown passes are not dropped at the Georgia Dome. Thawould have been an absurd situation.

      For me, winning the SEC Title will alwazs remain prioritz #1. Anything else is icing on the cake


      • Bob

        Please excuse the typos. Am in Germany visiting relatives and old Army buddies and the damn German keyboard has the y and z flip flopped. 🙂


  3. JAX

    “Sky” died Wednesday. Garbin has a writeup. He was an interesting fellow.


  4. sniffer

    These are indeed heady times, if you’re apart of the elite, ruling class. It seems the university presidents are drunk with power. Waiting on the “let them eat cake” line anytime now.


  5. Scott

    If the new plan isn’t for the best 4 teams to have a playoff, then I prefer to keep the current system in place.