The SEC needs to appoint a Director of Excuses.


It is a sad day for this Georgia fan to acknowledge that when it comes to scheduling, the ACC has bigger cojones than does the SEC.

I have a prediction for you:  watch for a major push to come from a bunch of conferences that don’t have “Southeastern” in their names to include a strength of scheduling component in the soon-to-be playoff eligibility formula.

Can’t wait to hear the SEC’s excuse for opposing that.


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33 responses to “The SEC needs to appoint a Director of Excuses.

  1. Billy Mumphrey

    How funny. I live in Lexington, KY and have been ribbing UK fans who have been saying they wouldn’t want a 9 game SEC slate because of the Louisville rivalry. What a bullshit excuse.

  2. I started to mention the “RPI” component in the other thread…I think a strength of schedule factor makes some sense and will take care of your cupcake problem.

  3. Will (the other one)

    And somehow the decent Pac-10/12 teams could play 9 conference games AND fly across the country to whip up on Arkansas or Auburn (like USC did) or risk it all in a neutral site game like Oregon (who also played Mississippi State home-and-home).

    Of course the problem is, we keep seeing sellouts for SEC School vs. Div-1A dregs payed $800K to get their ass kicked.

    • Always Someone Else's Fault

      One stadium seats 50,000. The other seats 100,000. Guess which team is more anal about keeping home games.

      Honestly, what did Oregon accomplish by getting stomped by LSU last year? The P12 had one win as a conference against a quality OOC opponent last year to show for all of their scheduling cojones – and Kiffin almost lost to Minnesota to open the season. Minnesota.

      The whole scheduling thing is nonsense, IMO. Tempest in a tea-pot. I don’t get it. It means something to the season-ticket holder, but not as much as they like to complain – and nearly as much as everyone else makes it out to be.

      • FisheriesDawg

        This season ticket-holder didn’t renew this year but another conference home game probably would have been enough to put me over the top.

      • Cojones

        All of you had better be glad I didn’t revisit yesterday what with all the liberal usage of my name. It’s enough to make one a contrarian and you don’t want that on this blog.

      • Bob

        I don’t think anything about the scheduling concern is nonsense. It sucks, simple as that.

  4. Scott

    I am happy we are sticking with an 8 game schedule. Bama and Auburn play 4 directional schools every year, and we get GT home and away. It was not fair to GA, FLA, and SC.

    • JayBird

      Scott..I agree with the 8 game schedule. But you are wrong about Bama and Auburn…the last 4 years, Bama had ’08 Clemson, ’09 Va Tech, ’10 Penn St, ’11 Penn St. Auburn had ’08 West Virginia, ’09 West Virginia, ’10 Clemson, ’11 Clemson. I’d say those teams are comparable to Ga Tech.

      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        Well last year UGA played Boise and still played Tech. In ’09 UGA opened the season at Okie State and still played Tech.

      • David

        You think Bama would continue scheduling like that with a 9 game SEC slate? Of course not. And UGA, USC and Florida will still schedule their rivals and have 2 cupcakes while everyone else would have 3. It makes a difference.

        • JayBird

          agreed..But Scott was making a dig at Alabama and Auburn playing “4 directional schools every year.” That statement is incorrect.

          • Bob

            It is technically incorrect. But in reality, the SEC West has traditionally scheduled weak OOC competition. Without counting Tech, Georgia would have scheduled more BCS Level OOC opponents than almost every team in the West since the conference expanded in 92.

  5. Rocket Dawg

    It’s embarrassing as a conference, and for the University of Georgia. There is no reason at all not to have a 6-1-2 rotation and play 9 conference games. Our home schedule had been shit for going on 3 seasons and will continue to be in the future as long as we play East Bunghole Tech 3 x a year. If there are not significant upgrades to the home schedule this will be my last year as a season ticket holder.

  6. Jim

    Last time I checked, GT isn’t too much tougher than a cupcake…

  7. Adam

    I agree. Coming from a Michigan fan, I’m upset we aren’t playing a home and home against Alabama instead of in Dallas. I mean…I’d rather visit Tuscaloosa on a football Saturday than go to crap ass Dallas, the hometown of terrible generic suburbia and Office Space.

    What I don’t understand is why these ADs can’t hire a decent accountant. You can play a home and home, just adjust ticket prices for the years you don’t have that extra home game to make up for the shortage in revenue. If you’re worried about ticket sales for years without the home game, tie that year’s ticket packages (many options – seating priority, 2 year packages, etc.) into the year with the big non-con draw and HELLO happy fans and balance sheet. The Pac-12 already schedules good non-cons to draw fans to their home games because they typically have less rabid fans than the SEC or Big Ten.

    College football fans’ demand for tickets in the SEC and Big Ten is fairly inelastic. Raising prices $30-40 in years with one less home game won’t destroy ticket sales, especially if you tell your fans the reason is you’re planning to schedule great games.

    • Good point. I’d pay more.

      Unfortunately, that only addresses half the problem. The other: Coaches love cupcakes.

      • Cojones

        Think the SOS added to the computer polls will create enough inequity in some coaches minds that cupcakes will be rethunk? Probably not short too many in the stands, so that won’t turn their minds.

  8. Gaknar

    Why not cut a deal with the ACC so that everyone has a cross-conference rival and then go to 9 conference games?