Cocktail Party unilateral disarmament

Can’t say I understand the reasoning behind this decision, although I guess I understand now why it hasn’t been adopted as league policy before.

You think Nick Saban is going to pass up the opportunity to do so at the Chick-fil-A… ah, never mind.  No way.


UPDATE:  You want a reason?  Okay, Greg McGarity’s got one for you.

“It’s very difficult to do that on the road, as far as personnel and tickets involved,” McGarity said. “Right now, it’s such a difficult ticket for that game, and you would need in the neighborhood of 500-600 tickets for recruits that you would have to free up. Obviously, those seats would have to be good seats.

Georgia gets approximately 40,000 tickets for the game, and has sold out its allotment for the last 20 years.

“Who do you take those recruiting tickets from? You’re not going to take your top boosters and bump them,” McGarity said. “That’s a lot of tickets. And what’s the final number? All of sudden, if you have [a top recruit] come in and you can’t accommodate them, what do you tell them? There’s just more flexibility when you’re at home, and you already have your support staff and amenities in place on your campus.

“I don’t think either institution is in a position right now to go down that road.”

Translation:  it’s too much hard work.


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12 responses to “Cocktail Party unilateral disarmament

  1. Spike

    I don’t get it. What would be beneficial about this to either school?


  2. This decision is just plain stupid.


  3. Mark

    I wonder if “hosting” means “official visits”. I can understand why you would not want to use an official visit to Jax. But if “hosting” includes unofficial visits, I am not sure what the logic behind it is.



    Because only the “home” team could bring recruits. That would be a huge recruiting advantage to the “home” team in Jax for that year’s recruiting. It would be different if both teams could have recruits but that’s not what the SEC adopted.


    • That doesn’t make any sense to me. Georgia is a home team in Athens for a number of games every year. Does that mean it shouldn’t get the same recruiting advantage there over, say, South Carolina, when both schools are chasing the same kid?

      Besides, it evens out in the wash the following year, right?


      • Mayor of Dawgtown

        When contacted and asked to comment UGA’s Claude Felton stated that neither teams’ coaching staffs wanted the other team to be able to see exactly which players were being recruited and, more importantly, have access to those recruits. “Those asshole will try to poach our kids if they get a chance!” stated a clearly agitated Felton. “The SEC’s decision changing that rule was just plain stupid.”


      • Andrew

        Why not let both teams host since its a neutral site? Is that another policy we could have been outvoted on?


  5. stoopnagle

    Again, it’s Bama’s league. We’re just happy to be here.


  6. Chuck

    I think it’s a gator trick. They’re gonna say they won’t use it and do it anyway. Dang sorry gators, you can’t trust ’em, iyam.


  7. Go Dawgs!

    Money talks, recruiting walks. When you’re selling 40K seats to the game, they don’t want to take away 500 seats from the paying alums.