Meanwhile, in today’s episode of “I blame Bobo”…

Chris Brown mentioned something yesterday that led me to do a little research over at  It turns out that if you look at the yards per offensive play metric, Georgia has been consistently better than average during Bobo’s term as offensive coordinator.

Here’s how it breaks down, conference-wise, over the period 2007-2011 in conference play:

  • 2011 – 4th
  • 2010 – 3rd
  • 2009 – 1st (with Joe Cox!)
  • 2008 – 2nd
  • 2007 – 3rd

Last year’s average was the lowest of the period, but it was offset by running more plays than any other SEC team.  Overall, not too shabby.  And before some of you go there, here’s how Georgia’s ypp conference standings look over that same time for games against ranked opponents:

  • 2011 – 4th
  • 2010 – 5th
  • 2009 – 2nd
  • 2008 – 2nd
  • 2007 – 4th

No, that doesn’t make Bobo a certified genius.  But it suggests that he gets enough playcalling right for an offense to be able to move the ball consistently – provided little things like turnovers, special teams play and porous defensive support don’t get in the way.  I expect that for some of you, mileage may vary on this, though.  Have away at it in the comments.


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77 responses to “Meanwhile, in today’s episode of “I blame Bobo”…

  1. stoopnagle

    Bobo needs to quit coaching the qb to turn the ball over. No idea why he does that…

  2. Hogbody Spradlin

    Now, dovetail red zone efficiency into that.

  3. charlottedawg

    @ stoopnagle. Who evaluates, recruits, develops, and deploys our QBs? Therefore IF none of our QBs can avoid multipe costly turnovers how is that not a failure of the QB coach? I personally believe Bobo’s a competent Qb coach and OC but I tire of the meme that player mistakes (in the aggregate not individual players or plays) are somehow not the direct responsibilty of coaching. Or put it another way if heaven forbid Murray can’t stop throwing picks or fumbling and nobody on the bench is good enough to take care of the ball and direct the offense how is it possible to say Bobo’s done his job as an QB coach when he will at that point have failed to recruit and develop a single competent QB over the span of 4 years.

    • So, now Murray’s not competent? Oy.

    • Skepticdawg is that you?

      • Hilton Head Dawg

        No, it is not. However, he does have a point. This staff is blinded by the upside of Murray. He is capable of playing extremely well (he is the perfect blend of Stafford and Cox), yet equally capable of wetting the bed at any moment. It is extremely likely that we will suffer another season just like 2009 once Murray departs due to the lack of a quality QB (remember that 4-4 conference record? That was a bunch of fun).

        • Skeptic Dawg

          AthensHomerDawg and HiltonHeadDawg…the problem is simple. No one wants to see it nor does anyone want to mention it if they do see it. CMR is not willing to put his foot on another teams throat. The sole job of the offense is to score from the opening whistle to the final whistle. Just as the job of the defense is to prevent teams from scoring all day long The offense and defense are not a tandem. If CMR and Bobo viewed the offense in this manner there would be little issue. It is unrealistic to believe either side will be successful every attempt, but stop leaning on one side of the ball. And this is a major fault of Richt. Zero killer instinct = weak football teams. And that is what this program has become in the past 6 years.

        • Eeyoredawg is that you?😉
          I hear ya HHD! I was miserable after the usc game. Sky high after we beeach slapped the Barners. All of recruiting gurus had Murray as a great qb. He showed up and showed up off at the camps. Isn’t recruiting a crapshoot? Think LSU wished they had a qb with AM talent when they playedBama?

          • Hilton Head Dawg

            LSU did have their own version of Murray. It was in the form of two QB’s. One could throw pretty well (Lee) while the other had ok wheels (Jefferson). Lee proved he could create a backbreaking turnover like Murray and Jefferson would attempt to carry the entire team. Now we will all get to see what Zack is capable of. For his sake I hope the kids has a great year. But man, Dawg fans will pull their hair out wishing he were our QB!

            • We may wish Mett was our QB at the end of the year, but that point became moot when he decided that Valdosta and spring break would be a good mix.

              • Skeptic Dawg

                You are correct. I believe Richt made the best possible call for the team. Zack put himself in a bad spot. I do wish the kid well though. However, for the sake of the Dawgs, I hope he is simply awful.

                • Mayor of Dawgtown

                  I don’t want to be a dick (well maybe I do) but…Mett is now in the camp of the enemy. I hope he throws INTs every pass.

      • Hogbody Spradlin

        No, it’s Thomas Brown.

  4. Cousin Eddie

    I thought Richt calls all the plays that work and Bobo calls all the draws on 3rd and 14 and the Carlton Thomas up the middle on 3rd and 5? If so how does Bobo get any credit for the positive numbers? At least that is what everyone tells me is what is going on on the sidelines.

  5. charlottedawg

    Back to the topic at hand, as far as yards per play I think it’s a meaningless stat. the scoreboard accounts for neither yards nor plays. And a single 80 yd td pass counts the same as 15 play td drive: 6 points. Here’s why I believe Bobo knows what he’s doing and 80-90% of the criticism lobbed at him is BS: UGA puts points on the board, that is the sole mission in life for an OC. From 11-08 we have averaged in pts a game against SEC teams 27, 29, 29, 27 which has been good enough for 4th, 3rd, 1st, and 3rd in the league respectively. Now the stat accounts for scores set up by Defense and Special teams and doesn’t account for the offense turning the ball over but it’s still a pretty good indicator that Bobo’s been A) consistent and B) doing pretty well relative to his peers. I’m not saying the guy’s perfect but it just annoys me to no end when people criticize the guy while completely ignoring the body of work

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      ‘Scuse me CD but aren’t you the same guy who in a post above on this very thread said that it was Bobo’s fault that Murray fumbles and throws too many INTs?

      • charlottedawg

        Allow me to clarify, what I’m stating in my first post is: in a HYPOTHETICAL situation where Murray regresses to the point where he’s costing us games with turnovers AND none of the other QBs can perform at a level where they’re not costing us games, then yes that would be a failure on the part of the position coach, in this case Bobo. That being said I don’t think that is the CURRENT Situation, in fact I think that on offense and at QB we’re doing above average even if there are things we need to improve on if we’re to become a championship caliber team, hence the sentiments in the second and third post. Hope that makes more sense.

  6. Otto

    UGA has the talent to be explosive and the offense is very boom or bust. UGA often can not sustain a drive with the game on the line unless Bobo knows he can go for it on 4th.

    • Hilton Head Dawg

      The lack of drives at times is due to lacking an offensive identity. In comparison to basketball, this team is very similar to Duke teams of late. The Blue Devils have talent by the truck load, yet at times Duke will go minutes on end without scoring a basket. Neither team has a go to formation and/or play. Without the 3 for Duke, or running game for the Dawgs, both are lost and appear clueless at times. Coach Richt and Bobo need to reevaluate what this is and move forward. Running more of the same plays in a quicker fashion equals a more rapid 3 and out. We were able to witness this first hand against quality D’s in 2012. And this is where Murray felt compelled to place the offense on his shoulders, often times leading to turnovers.

      • shane#1

        !. Duke is a very good team, but they have lacked a dominate man in the middle since Elton Brand. They tend to be thin and not as athletic as the best teams they play They shoot threes because if the other teams shut down their running game they can’t pound it inside. Duke has recruited some great guards but their best have been one and dones. 2. UGa runs a pro style offense that uses a lot of play action, so you are correct, if they can’t run they have a hard time scoring. That’s system, not Murray or Bobo. Ironic isn’t it, Duke needs the transition game to be their best because they lack power inside, Uga also needs the running game to score and last year their line wasn’t moving anyone inside. No reflection on Coach K, anyone that watched the Pan-Am games when he had Kevin Durant on the floor knows Coach K can coach a high profile athlete.

  7. Bobo gets a bad rap. He’s not a top-15 OC, but he’s in the top-30. Aaron Murray throwing back breaking picks, or an offensive line that can’t run block to save their lives is more worrisome that is Bobo’s game calls.

    • Greg

      A top 30 play caller is a problem when you want to win titles in by far the best conference in the country.

      I read somewhere that UGA is among the worst in the country in terms of sustained drives. This is a critical measure(ball control, keeping our own defense off the field) and it doesn’t surprise me at all that we are very poor in regard to that measure. If we don’t hit a big play, we aren’t going to score. You can say that “Bobo can’t play for the players”, but isn’t he also responsible for making sure that we have players on the O-line, at QB, etc who are capable of executing the game plan.

      Finally, you Bobo lovers always go back to “average” points per game stats for our offense. Well, how are those stats when we play “quality” opposition…you know, the teams we lose to regularly? How about a measure for “net” offensive points, including direct points given up by the offense and others indirectly given up by 3 and outs and resulting poor field position? How many points did our D score directly or indirectly by giving the O excellent field position? How many SUSTAINED(let’s say 8 plays or more) drives did we have vs BSU, SCar, LSU and MSU? Very few. This is what happens when you have a top 30 O-coordinator(I personally think that’s a stretch) and a top 5 D-coordinator. Grantham won’t be agreeable to carrying Bobo for much longer.

      • I read somewhere that UGA is among the worst in the country in terms of sustained drives.

        Georgia finished ninth in number of plays run and was middle of the pack (41st) in third down conversion percentage. Maybe you can explain how that fits in with your narrative.

        • Greg

          In the games we played versus teams worth a crap(0-4 vs top 25 teams), our offensive had 63 possessions. Out of those, only 5 were for 8 plays or more and only ONE of those “sustained” drives resulted in any points. Against BSU, 10 of 14 drives were 4 plays or less. Against SC, we had 2 sustained drives out of 16 possessions. One was 8 plays for 13 yards and a turnover on downs. Against LSU, we had 15 possessions. Our longest drive was on the last possession of the game down 42-10. Only other ones of 8 plays or more were 8 for 24 and 8 for 25. Against Michigan State, we had 18 possessions(including OT). We had only one possession of more than 6 plays the entire game. That one was 8 plays for 49 yards and ended in a turnover on downs. In OT, we had 3 possessions for a net of 2 yards.

          As long as folks are happy beating the average teams most of the time and killing the dregs(to make the stats look better) to win 8-9 games per year, then Bobo is your guy. Just don’t expect him to do anything when it matters most.

          • Some of that’s good stuff, but your mention of MSU gets to my pet peeve about Bobo. Simply put, MSU wasn’t going to let Georgia run extended drives. The Spartans overloaded fronts and run blitzed frequently. That and a questionable secondary left them vulnerable to the deep ball and Bobo, bless his heart, killed them on a couple of max-protect, two-receiver route long pass calls in the first half. And then… nothing for the better part of two quarters until Georgia needed to score, when he went back to it and killed MSU again.

            He knows what will work. For some reason, he just can’t bring himself to stay with it until the other side proves it can be stopped.

            • He knows what will work. For some reason, he just can’t bring himself to stay with it until the other side proves it can be stopped.

              This is one the legitimate criticism of Bobo.

              • paul

                One thing the Old Ball Coach is known for is running the same play over and over and over again until you stop it. I’ve seen him run the same play three times in a row. And it worked every time. I have no idea why other coaches are loathe to do the same. Bobo is not alone in this boat (See? I’m not blaming Bobo). I say if works keep doing it. Regardless of what your name is.

                • I’ve long contended that the OBC is the best playcaller I’ve ever seen for that exact reason. Until he started tinkering with the zone read after Lattimore showed up, his offensive scheme was simply the same base 5-6 plays run out of numerous formations. Sometimes KISS really is the best method.

              • From an offensive standpoint, I sometimes feel like I am watching a different football game than CMR & CMB are calling.

            • The other other Doug


          • AlphaDawg

            Just Damn!

          • In the games we played versus teams worth a crap(0-4 vs top 25 teams)

            Auburn and Georgia Tech were both ranked in the Top 25 when we played them. How do those games line up with your narrative?

            You think there might be a reason that there was a struggle for sustained drives against those four teams you mention? Each team except Boise finished in the top 11 in total defense last year (Boise was #43).

            I’m going to let you, and everybody else that continues with this “Bobo sucked against top 25 teams” meme, in on a little secret when you get the Bobo bitching cranked up next season when Georgia doesn’t just march over every team it faces like a bunch of 10 year olds. Those schools also pay competitive salaries to good coaches and give scholarships to elite recruits. The fact that people continue to harp on not blowing up the stat sheet and scoreboard against some of the top defenses in the country continually blows my mind.

            • Hill Dawg

              Audit, you understand it. Many don’t and they have never been able to even think about the words “offensive line”.

              • I don’t get why this is so hard to understand. Bobby Petrino is a damned offensive genius, but look how his offenses fared against Alabama and LSU the last few years compared to what he did to the “average” teams.

                If you want to criticize Bobo for not taking what the defense gives him, not recruiting enough OL, or for continuously outsmarting himself, I’m honestly all ears and agree with you.

                However, once you delve into the “his stats suck against the best defenses therefore he’s awful” argument, my head feels like it’s about to explode with the illogical position one must take to come to that conclusion. They wouldn’t be the top defenses in the country if every offensive genius they played were lighting them up.

          • Hackerdog

            The crux of the “sustained drives” criticism seems to be that it’s better to score slowly than to score quickly. I’m not sure that’s true.

  8. paul

    Move along folks. No one to blame. Move along.

    • Not sure I’d say that. Richt’s hiring of Martinez was pretty blame worthy if you ask me. Silly turnovers by the players (they are, after all, the ones on the field) are also pretty blame worthy. Lax recruiting on the offensive line is another area to look to. The problem most people have is they want it to be easy. They want one person to blame because that makes it black and white with little grey. Sadly that’s not how it works.

      • Im sure Georgia Southern felt pretty goofy at the end of their HC hire. Who knew?

      • paul

        Parrish, as a former “I blame Bobo” acolyte on this site I finally relented last fall and agreed never again to blame Bobo for anything. Hence my comment above. Your points are well taken.

  9. WFdawg

    Thanks for the info, Senator. Anyone know how the offense compared in the years Richt called the plays (2001-2006, I believe)?

    • Dave

      The offense has been more productive in almost every way,. Bobo takes more risk than Richt ever did. The one area not as good: turnovers – due to a combination of David Greene vs. Joe Cox.

  10. Heywood Jablome...

    We’ve never had probs under Bobo moving the ball between the 20’s… It’s the play callin’ in that last stinkin’ 20 yards that seem bad to me. We go into a shell offensively once we get in FG range. I have no facts to back it up, just MHO…😉

    • Again…when you can’t run the ball, getting from the 20 to the end zone is really tough. This year will hopefully be different as the RBs are actually competent, but the OL is still an issue, and a great RB still needs a good OL.

    • BCDawg97

      I’d agree. And I wonder whether this is where Richt whispers in Bobo’s ear – don’t mess it up. We’ll never know for sure, but I definitely think this is the “situational playcalling”

      • And I wonder whether this is where Richt whispers in Bobo’s ear – don’t mess it up.

        I wish Richt had reminded himself of that before the first overtime of the Outback Bowl.

    • There’s some truth to it. Last year, ypp inside the opponents’ 20 was lower than at any other place on the field. Some of that is the result of more short yardage situations on the goal line, no doubt, but, still…

      Here’s an unexpected stat from last year, though. Know how many interceptions Georgia threw in the opponents’ red zone? Zero.

  11. BCDawg97

    This debate reminds me of the part in Major League where the fans are arguing about the trajectory of the ball on a home run.

    Look, Bobo defenders (and I’m probably one) have to admit he could still use some polishing – I’d say the meme of “situational playcalling.” And why have no other programs come after him? And before you say “well the ones we haven’t heard” – if he was in high demand, you’d hear about it. East Directional State making an inquiry that never gets reported doesn’t count. Talk to me when a big boy school asks and that makes the news). Bobo haters have to admit that he does put up good stats (of which Senator has posted plenty of evidence for). Especially compared to Richt, who we complained forever about needing to give up the playcalling.

    But the bottomline? Richt’s not getting rid of him, nor making any changes. So, “Who gives a shit? It’s gone.”

    • The ATH

      Well said

    • Slaw Dawg

      “Situational playcalling” is indeed it. Altho I’m in the camp that thinks criticisms of Bobo are too harsh, I do think there are too many “situations” in which we know, they know, everybody knows, what the play call is gonna be, and that it’s not a high percentage play call, and we go ahead and do it anyway. Unfortunately, much of that seems to be in the red zone.

      Sorta the mirror image to what happened with much greater frequency with Martinez. As when early in one of our eventual losses in K’ville, it was 3d and longish and I turned to a groaning Vol fan and said “don’t worry, your QB will just toss something short over the middle and get the first down,” which, of course, is what happened. I swear, I just wanted to go home.

      Makes it that much more fun to see Grantham’s D!

  12. Macallanlover

    Just another play calling versus execution discussion. We don’t really care about the play call, just the results. I would certainly love more diversity in our offensive scheme but if we pick up the 1st down in the Red Zone, or when we are trying to run the clock out, I don’t really care if we hand the ball off on a dive play, or fake the dive and throw a completion. Let’s face it, the player’s execution of their assignments, and the call by the DC, play a much bigger role in the success of the call than what any OC sends in.

    Give me a line that can move the defensive front back consistently and I can look like a genius in critical situations. And any designated “genius OC” can look like a fool if just one guy misses his assignment, or drops the ball.

  13. Will Trane

    Amazing stats! But what do they mean? Nothing.
    Over that period of time how did the Dawgs rank nationally and in the SEC?
    I will wait to the first couple of games on what Murray will be as a top SEC QB. He is just to inconsistent for me.
    “Buck” Buxton. Congratulations to you on an outstanding high school athletic career, playing on a AA baseball state championship team, and selection as the # 2 pick in the 2012 MLB amateur draft. Awesome swing and makeup. Easy to see why Perno wanted you. Now many SEC teams are in the super regionals?
    What will the 2012 – 2013 season hold for the men’s big three in Athens? Hopefully not the same old finishes.
    Bobo. How does CMR put up with you? See if you can put some running game in that playbook before August gets here and have the Dawgs at the top of D1 in offensive categories.

  14. olddawg63

    “Bear” once said when asked about his playcalling, “a play that works is a good play. A play that doesn’t, is a bad play.” There are a lot of things taking place during a game that we as fans are not privy to. Even though, we feel that we know the game plan. After all, we don’t miss a snap during the season. Football is the ultimate team sort. All cylinders need to be working. Or, when the other team isn’t hitting on all cylinders, you take advantage. Other teams are giving schoarships, too. We set our expectations high, then blame someone. I am not a Bobo apologist. However, the boy was a good QB and has done pretty well as the OC. When the offense suffers because of Bobo, Richt needs to replace him. We, as fans, need to support Georgia. Bobo is a huge part of Georgia.

  15. OV

    One thing about Bobo I did like in 2011 was, if the team held opponents to 30 points or less, we won all 10 games, 10-0. When we let opposing teams score more than 32, we lost, 0-4. So offensive ball protection, special teams and defense needs to hold teams to under 30.

    But Bobo stinks at:
    interceptions, sacks, run schemes, pass pro schemes, etc.

  16. OV

    LSU hovers between 6th-8th in SEC against ranked teams in ypp. Yet, because of their other phases of the game (rush, defense, special teams), they win a lot of games.

    So I don’t think it’s an important stat for teams that are good in those other phases, but for a Georgia, with no rush game, no special teams, porous red zone defense, it’s a key stat.

  17. derek ross

    Consistantly is the opposite of Bobo. Sure Georgia can score points, but going 3 and out two times before scoring on a 2 play drive isn’t how championship football is played.

  18. Krautdawg

    Two things here. First, I’d like to see how good Bobo looks when equipped with decent special teams. Meyer’s 2007/2008 UF offenses weren’t that great from their own 20, but they didn’t need to be. Either Brandon James had set them up with a short field, or Chas Henry had pinned the other team inside its own 10 and forced a punt to the 50. Imagine Bobo with that setup and Murray, Gurley, Crowell, King & Mitchell and I think he suddenly appears competent.

    Second, after watching Alabama’s regular season games, McElwain’s playcalling wasn’t more imaginative than Bobo’s. Run right, run a sweep, then 3rd & 4 — and at this point everyone knew Bama was going to (a) run off-tackle, (b) swing pass to the back, or (c) throw a screen. But Bama had 2 guards, 2 tackles, a center, & Trent Richardson; whereas Bobo had a center, 4 guards (3 of which covered their assignments), and an average of .5 running backs. While it’s ironic that Saban had better personnel to run Richt’s system, it doesn’t change the fact that in some situations, the odds were simply against Bobo calling a play that could work.

  19. charlottedawg

    Krautdawg, your second paragraph touched on my chief gripe with the coaching staff: player development and execution. Most of the conversation talks about playcalling which i think accounts for about 10% of our success or failure. I think it’s much more important to have players who know, are capable of, and execute their assignments, every down, every game and avoid big mental mistakes. Bama does this consistently UGA does not. It’s a coaching problem and it goes beyond Bobo. It doesn’t really matter what play he calls if he and the offensive coaches haven’t recruited and developed the right guys and drilled the players to the point they (the players) can execute the gameplan in their sleep. If the coaches take care of that Bobo will suddenly look a lot smarter as a play caller.

    • Krautdawg

      Can’t argue with you there, Charlotte. I’d actually argue that Richt & Bobo are much better offensive schemers than Bama’s guys — IF we catch our passes, we score more TDs on LSU in a quarter than Bama does in 8. That’s the difference though: we dropped our passes.

      To me, Saban seems to be more attuned than Richt has been to the fundamentals required for Richt’s system to work: depth creation, O-line fundamentals, every-play focus, and protecting the ball. This means that we might get a big play or two, whereas Bama’s “big play” is that 8-minute drive in the 4th quarter.

  20. IveyLeaguer

    LOL. Stats ….

    Ya know, it’s just hard to believe the number of people who seem pleased with our overall offense the last 5 years. And playcalling, while poor in segments here and there, has never been the main problem.

    Tell ya what … Bobo is no longer a kid learning on the job. Further, he is now out of excuses and so are those who make excuses for him. Bobo has all the pieces now, so we’ll see what he can do with them.
    Yes, our OL is still a question mark, but came out of Spring looking as good as any line we’ve had under Richt except 2002 and maybe one other. They should be fine.

    We’ll see, once and for all, if Mike Bobo has the ability to coach up up his offense to do all the little things that make an offense effective. And do them consistently. Without the overall effect of shooting yourself in the foot, beating yourself.

    Imagine that. When crunch time comes, an offense that actually makes the other guy blink. We’ll see.

    • Yes, our OL is still a question mark, but came out of Spring looking as good as any line we’ve had under Richt except 2002 and maybe one other. They should be fine.

      Whoa. Helluva prediction there, given that we haven’t likely seen the final edition of the o-line for this season yet. I like your optimism, though. As my mom used to say, from your lips to God’s ears.

      • AthensHomerDawg

        “As my mom used to say, from your lips to God’s ears.” That was a nice reminder of my mother-in-law. What a great lady…she was like a second mom to me.

      • IveyLeaguer

        Good saying, never heard that .. I like that a lot. 🙂

        Blutarsky: “Whoa. Helluva prediction there, given that we haven’t likely seen the final edition of the o-line for this season yet. I like your optimism, though.”

        Just posting what I see, like I always do. Wish there had been more good stuff to post about the last 5 years, because I like posting good stuff. I’ll be glad when we’re completely out of this down cycle we’ve been in for so long now.

        But I do like what I’ve seen from the OL, especially in the Spring Game. There’s a long way to go, but we’ve maxed out so far and gotten the most out of what time we had. We’re definitely on track, and that’s a big change. And that gives us a good chance. With the new S&C stuff for OL this summer, that’s only going to improve us all the more. We should be quicker, faster, stronger, more explosive, with better stamina (which really matters when you’re guys are well-coached and can play).

        There’s been a lot of optimism most every year about the OL but never from me. But I’m happy right now because I think this could turn out to be a solid group.

  21. AusDawg85

    Mike Bobo is a Damn Good Dawg and decent coordinator. As long as CMR is head coach and CMB does not make any grievous errors, we will likely see this tandem for years to come. I do not, however, believe CMB is HC in waiting nor should be.

    The University of Georgia is capable of finding and hiring an OC who can get even more out of the amazing talent we are able to consistently recruit to the program. That does not mean MNC’s, but it would make us more consistently dominant in the East, more competitive with the best of the West and in post-season play. Want proof? We found Todd Grantham.

    Fire Bobo now? No…not gonna happen anyway. But take resume’s and keep a short list? God, I certainly hope so.

  22. Scott

    We had the best passing offense in the SEC according to CFBstats (basically tied with Arkansas in passing). However, we were 9th in rushing in both yards per carry and rushing touchdowns.

    But despite our lack of success rushing, UGA had more rushing plays than any team in the conference. My problem with Bobo is that he insists on calling rushing plays that are not working –for the sake of “balance.” We waste plays rushing and find ourselves having to convert third down to sustain drives.

    • Scott

      We averaged 9.5 yards per attempt when passing on 1st down, 16 yards per completion, and a whopping 19 td passes on 1st down, which led the SEC by leaps and bounds (Ark was second with 7 td passes).

      Yet we rushed 61% of the time on 1st down,

  23. Scott


    37 td passes last year, but only 1 td pass on 2nd down the entire season!

    We are terrible in both rushing and passing on 2nd down. Its almost like we rest on that play.

    We had great passing numbers overall, but if you isolate 2nd down, we were near the bottom.

    169 passing rating on 1st down.
    106 passing rating on 2nd down.
    144 passing rating on 3rd down.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      This phenomenon is, in part, caused by the fact that Bobo always (not most of the time–ALWAYS) runs on second down if the team passed on first down and the pass was incomplete.

  24. doofusdawg

    If it’s all about execution then just throw long every play.