Things are not always what they seem.

As you read articles comparing the size of the Big Ten’s and SEC’s johnsons revenue distributions, it’s worth keeping John Pennington’s caveat in mind.


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5 responses to “Things are not always what they seem.

  1. Heywood Jablome...

    What would UGA’s tier 3 earnings consist of?? Only things I can think of is the pay subscription to Georgiaxtra on & maybe the one pay per view football game every year…


  2. Ubiquitous GA Alum

    Wonder how much of this is Tier3? Coache’s shows are part of the deal …

    “The University of Georgia Athletic Association has in principle reached a comprehensive eight-year agreement valued at $92.8 million with ISP Sports to serve as the exclusive multi-media rights marketer beginning July 1, 2009 …”


  3. WBE_Jerry

    I have yet to see any concrete figure for any school other than Florida, somewhere, that suggests that the SEC’s third-tier rights is a revenue bonanza that in any way changes the fundamental reality of the B1G/SEC money race.

    Should I have at least mentioned that issue in passing in my post? Yeah. But even if it’s there’s enough wiggle room that you could call it comparing Galas to Granny Smiths, it’s still qualifies as an apples-to-apples comparison in my book.