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Reader poll: DC bang for the buck

Grantham got a raise.  In the rarefied atmosphere of what SEC defensive coordinators make, his $825,000 per year isn’t that outrageous.  Per Chris Low,

Grantham, entering his third season on the Bulldogs’ staff, becomes the fourth highest-paid defensive coordinator in the SEC. LSU’s John Chavis has agreed to a new three-year deal that will pay him an average of $1.1 million per year. He’ll make $900,000 in 2012, $1.1 million in 2013 and $1.3 million in 2014. Alabama’s Kirby Smart received a raise following the 2011 season that took him to $950,000 annually, while first-year Auburn defensive coordinator Brian VanGorder is making $850,000 per year.

Right behind that bunch, I believe, is Tennessee’s Sal Sunseri, at $800,000/year.  It’s his first stint as a defensive coordinator at the FBS level.

Okay, here’s the fun part.  Here’s how those schools finished in total defense last year:

  • Alabama, 1st
  • LSU, 2nd
  • Georgia, 5th
  • Tennessee, 27th
  • Auburn, 80th

By the way, Florida’s Dan Quinn is paid $500,000 annually.  Last year’s Gator defense finished eighth in total defense.

If you’re smelling a reader poll coming, you guessed right.  Which of these six schools gets the most for its money from its DC this season?



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We didn’t invent the chicken sandwich, just the chicken sandwich as playoff metaphor.

It just goes to show you that you never know where an innocent blog post will take you.

You can find the latest SEC blogger to take offense at BHGP‘s Chick-fil-A diss at At The Valley Shook.

I don’t much care about My Conference Can Beat Up Your Conference arguments. Every conference has things they are good at. The ACC and Big East are great basketball conferences, the Pac-12 dominates any sport that people don’t much want to watch and they are our equals at baseball, the Big 12 is good at whatever the hell Texas feels like being good at this year, and the Big Ten is good at being arrogant and looking down on the rest of us. But I don’t get my rocks off by pretending to be happy about Alabama winning anything, ever.

But once you start making fun of Chick-Fil-A? Oh, I’m in.

BHGP starts off its playoff rant with an opening salvo against Southern food. Is that really the way you want to play this? A Midwesterner is gonna run smack on food? Southern food is a legitimate cuisine, Midwestern food is something too depressing to contemplate. When I want advice on how much Miracle Whip to put on my bologna on white bread sandwich, I’ll call a Big Ten fan, but not until then.

See, that’s how crappy midwestern food is. Iowa can even screw up a Chick-Fil-A sandwich.

I’ve never been there, so I’ll have to take his word on that.

Meanwhile, Brian Cook tries to thread the culinary needle, so to speak, with this Solomonic observation:

Position paper: Chick Fil’A. As the Big Ten-SEC blogger fight drags on into a sixth decade, positions must be taken. Here is one on Chick Fil’A: it’s not as good as Southerners claim, especially displaced Southerners, but it is a cut above competing chicken sandwiches from other fast food joints. I’m sorry if this has caused anyone to snap in disappointment in either direction.


I know the next step that needs to be taken in the Great Chicken Debate:  somebody needs to ask Delany what his opinion of the Chick-fil-A sandwich is at the next Big Ten presser.

He’ll probably respond by asking if they serve it at the Rose Bowl.


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Extensions! Get ‘yer contract extentions!

My first thought upon reading the news about Mark Richt’s new deal was it took you people six months to come up with that?  There’s nothing groundbreaking and evidently salary wasn’t an issue.  The press has jumped all over the fact that Richt no longer has a buyout penalty to pay if he chooses to leave Athens before the contract expires, but McGarity was quick to point out it isn’t a provision of much significance.

“I think people are gonna twist it and say whatever they want to about it. But I’m just telling you the truth. I’m telling you how it is between Mark and myself,” McGarity sad. “There’s no monkey business here.”


“I think it’s Greg’s philosophy on the contract,” Richt said. “It’s not something that I was asking for. It was something that he suggested and I said that would be fine. I think the bottom line for me, gosh, I think I’ve been here long enough for everybody to understand … that Georgia’s my home. Georgia’s where I want to be. Georgia’s the only job I want.”

The man’s only been saying that since the ink was drying on the contract he signed with Dooley.  Isn’t it about time we all took him at his word on it?  Time to move on, folks.

No, the more interesting development was the surprise announcement by the High Chancellor that McGarity was also getting a contract extension (and a raise).

“He’s had two years here now,”He’s had two years here now,” UGA president Michael Adams said. “He’s shown extraordinary leadership. He’s widely respected already among the other A.D.s in the conference…”

Wow.  “Extraordinary”.  Who’s the man responsible for bringing this paragon of excellence to the University of Georgia?  Not Vince Dooley, that’s for sure.

This being Michael Adams, a little horn tooting on a pleasant occasion isn’t enough.  There has to be some subtle muscle flexing tossed in the mix.  So if I’m Mark Richt, I’m wondering what I should read from this particular tea leaf:

“I just felt it was important for the benefit of the athletic association and the university that we get him locked in at a time that was slightly longer than the head football coach. And that would well position the university for any changes that might happen in the future.”

Adams departs in 2013, so the impact of this, whatever that might be, is likely to occur long after he’s gone.  But it’s curious that management feels the need to position McGarity in this way with Richt.  And you wonder if this is simply a parting gift that Adams has bestowed on his AD, or if McGarity asked for it.  Either way, it suggests that the school wants an edge with its head football coach.


UPDATE:  Chris Low’s take on Richt’s new deal is worth a look.

McGarity said he didn’t see “anything negative here at all” regarding Richt’s new contract, which now runs through 2016.

I wouldn’t call it negative, either. To me, it’s more reality.

And that reality is that McGarity and the Georgia administration simply aren’t ready to throw a lot of guaranteed money at Richt right now because they don’t want to be stuck with a pricey buyout if they decide two years from now that Richt isn’t the answer long term.

Reasonable minds can differ on whether that’s a good approach or a bad one, but I think Low is on target there.


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