Buy Alabamian.

Nick Saban is now dispensing economic wisdom.

University of Alabama football coach Nick Saban will appear in a new Chamber of Commerce of West Alabama commercial that begins airing this week.

In the 30-second spot that will air on TV via WVUA, Charter and Comcast cable and on local radio stations, Saban says that the quickest way to rebuild a local economy enduring an economic recession and a devastating natural disaster is to shop locally.

Too bad he doesn’t follow his own advice when it comes to recruiting.


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9 responses to “Buy Alabamian.

  1. Scorpio Jones, III

    Good one Senator, nothing like a belly laugh on a slow Saturday morning in June.

  2. Blinding Whiff

    Looks like Bama was wrong again. The “buy local” meme of the Left of us is the antithesis of “trade” which is the essense of economic activity. Productivity increase is the path to recovery and the engine of economic expansion.

  3. Dawg Fan

    Coach Sick Satan = SCUM
    Coach Sick Satan = SCUM
    Coach Sick Satan = SCUM

    Tweak your knee and he leaves you twisting in the wind

  4. I believe everything Saban says…

  5. Mayor of Dawgtown

    Well…this time Saban is right. Buy local and support your own state. That’s just one of the reasons that having the WLOCP in Jax every year doesn’t really make a lot of sense–particularly in a recession. Yeah, let’s all of us Georgians get together and help the State of Florida’s economy.

  6. Sanford Bound

    Will they be able to buy mobile homes made in another state?