One coach’s perspective can be another’s pain in the ass.

I wonder if Brian VanGorder knows he signed up for this.

Q: Do you, as a head coach, say, ‘This is what I believe in and, you, as the coordinator this is what I want’ as opposed to saying ‘we need to run play X or play Y’?

A: “My role is to conceptually build what I think wins. That’s why I hire the guys I hire because they’re going to believe in the same things I believe in. That’s where it starts. Week to week, we always have a plan and we’re on the same page. I don’t call the games, but I’m certainly involved with suggestions at different times and can give a bird’s eye view sometimes. I’ve been a coordinator. I can say, ‘Coach, just beware that you’ve blitzed four times in a row.’ I see things that I think can be very helpful because I’ve been in that spot. Or ‘we’ve played so much base defense, we’ve got to get aggressive on this down.’ That’s where I feel like I can give a perspective.”

But at least Chizik’s gonna help a brotha out by having the offense huddle more, so there’s that.



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5 responses to “One coach’s perspective can be another’s pain in the ass.

  1. hodgie

    Something tells me BVGs personality doesn’t tend to be one that takes suggestion well.


  2. shane#1

    Shooting off campus at Auburn, I have heard that at least one football player was killed. Auburn Police Chief is supposed to give a report at 12 eastern.


  3. Rebar

    Personally, I think Van Gorder is going to get what he deserves; I never understood his stance on our team when he left. Couldn’t get his way so he took his ball and left.


  4. charlottedawg

    I’m sure there’s merits to either approach look at Saban and Smart, but am i the only one who gets the impression Grantham gets carte blanche on defense and Richt just leaves him alone?


    • James Stephenson

      Of course he does. You think Saban sits in on Offensive meetings. Hell no. He does hire guys who are conservative to run the offense, but he just leaves them alone.