Standing in the shadows of Stafford?

I’m just curious here.   Has anyone who’s been critical of Aaron Murray’s performance in his first two seasons as Georgia’s starting quarterback asked this question“Is QB Aaron Murray Ready to Emerge from Matthew Stafford’s Shadow?”  I sure haven’t.

There’s little question that Stafford’s arm was the best to ever grace the Georgia program.  But statistically speaking, Matt’s first two seasons fall far behind Aaron’s.  And while it’s true that Georgia never lost a bowl game during Stafford’s career, Georgia never played in an SECCG, either.

My point here isn’t to denigrate either kid.  Both are DGDs in my book.  I just found this to be a strange criticism of Murray.  What you y’all think?


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58 responses to “Standing in the shadows of Stafford?

  1. Russ

    I blame Bobo.

    Actually, yes it’s a dumb comparison. Murray is his own man and has played well. He has areas he needs to improve in, just as Stafford had. However, to say Murray is playing in Stafford’s shadow is dumb. Everyone know Murray is playing in the considerable shadow of the Ginger Ninja!

  2. 81Dog

    The media love to compare this guy to that guy. Rub two QBs together and watch the fire start!!!!

    It’s an easy column/story/meme. Sure, it’s easy to look at AM and say “Compared to Stafford, he’s smaller, more mobile, weaker arm, different work ethic, blah blah blah blah blah.” QBs dont win or lose games by themselves. AM is a talented kid in his own right, he seems to be working hard to improve game to game and year to year, and if UGA can put the right pieces around him (especially on the OL), things will be fine.

    Maybe we should start a discussion about whether Stafford’s pic 6 versus Tech in 08 was more disasterous than AM’s wild fumble, returned for 6, versus S Carolina in 11. Maybe we should discuss whether Napoleon could have won the Battle of Waterloo if he had air support. It’s great to play “what if? What if Florida hadnt fired Zook? What if Herschel played his senior year? What if the NCAA found Cecil Newton’s paper trail with AU?” Ultimately, I’d rather look forward than backwards.

  3. Macallanlover

    In terms of ability, AM will probably always be in Stafford’s shadow, virtually everyone will (including all but 2-3 current NFL quarterbacks.) Murray may well accomplish more than Stafford did statistically at UGA, so it is questionable whether he is even in MS’s shadow at this point.

    Football is such a team game, driven by game situations as to what players are allowed to do that stats are simply not the best measure. Stafford had a better running game and didn’t have to carry the team on his arm as much, but benefited from defenses having to respect the run; so how do you measure that? Murry may throw for fewer yards and TDs but be more effective if UGA improves the running attack in 2012.

    Staff was projected as a 1st round draft pick in HS so he came to UGA as much for his sister being there as for the need to improve his skills, although he obviously respected CMR and Bobo’s track record with QBs. I think Murray came to UGA because Florida had Urbie as a coach and the offensive scheme at UGA, but primarily because he knew he needed the help to improve his skills at QB. With the success of Greene, Shock, Staff, and now Murray, Georgia should continue to be able to attract top high school quarterbacks for several years. Success breeds success.

  4. charlottedawg

    If Murray cuts down on the turnovers, He WILL win a championship or championships.

  5. shane#1

    Stafford met CMR at a QB camp at FSU when Matt was 13 and CMR had a rep for developing Heisman winning QBs. Stafford’s arm impressed Richt even then. Stafford was turned off by the arrogance displayed by the Texas coaches and was pretty much a slam dunk for Bobo and Richt.

  6. Keese

    I expect these during the summer doldrums

  7. Larry Tucker

    I believe if Murray would have had the running backs that Stafford had that things would be a lot different. If Stafford had had a Grantham Defense in 2008, we may have won a Chrystal Football. Our Offense needs a strong running game to be effective. Hopefully this year with all the running backs and this being Murray’s 3rd year starting, our offense will perform like we expect. With all that said, Murray needs to do a better job of protecting the ball. No need to take chances, just take the sack or throw it in the stands.

    • charlottedawg

      Tony Wilson holds onto that pass from Stafford and I feel like we could’ve beaten LSU in the Georgia Dome. But we’ll never know and we only have ourselves to blame, don’t wanna hear anything about the pollsters, ESPN, yada, yada, had we beaten a mediocre USC team we get our chance.

      • Russ

        If Mitchell holds onto the pass from Murray in the SECCG last year the game may have turned out differently but we’ll never know.

  8. Skeptic Dawg

    Stafford failed to win anything while at Georgia. Yes, he had a cannon for an arm. He also had zero touch. Murray has yet to win anything as well. We have documented Murray’s issues time and time again. The kid throws tons of TD’s but the TIMING of his turnovers is what is maddening. Murray still has to win a big game.

    • Dawgwalker07

      “Murray has yet to win anything as well.”

      Except the SEC East.

      • Skeptic Dawg

        South Carolina actually won the East last season, we merely backed into the championship game due to a weak schedule. Nothing was won, nor proven, on the field. Murray seems to wet his pants against top flight competition. He has two years left to prove me wrong.

        • Bubs

          “South Carolina actually won the East last season”

          Um, no, they didn’t. They lost to Auburn at home and later lost to Arkansas. That gave them 2 SEC losses to our 1. Hence, we won the SEC East.

          Winning our final 10 regular season games is far from backing into the championship game.

          If you want to make the argument that SC beat more teams from the East than we did that’s fine, because it’s true. But they did not win the SEC East.

          • Skeptic Dawg

            South Carolina did not lose to anyone from the East. Not sure how much better one can get than undefeated in their own division. That is how we backed into the championship game. As for those 10 W’s in a row, the likes of Ole Miss, Miss, State, Vandy (thanks to a tackle by our kicker) Kentucky, Tennessee (a train wreck of a team) and the worst Florida in the last 25 years. Not sure anyone should hang their hats on those wins. But, go ahead if it helps you sleep better at night. We saw first hand how the Dawgs stack up against quality teams (USC, BSU, LSU and MSU). Georgia’s biggest wins came against two 6-6 teams. Great year? If it helps you to sleep better at night, go right on thinking that.

            • SC lost – at home – to an Auburn team that Georgia beat by 38.

              So much for backing into anything.

              • Hilton Head Dawg

                And good for the Dawgs. However, that has nothing to do with the East.

                • Hilton Head Dawg

                  I tendto agree with Skeptic and Spurrier onthis issue.Cross divisional with unbalanced schedules really prove nothingin the divisional race.

                  • THE SCHEDULES WERE NOT UNBALANCED!!! I am so damn sick of that weak ass argument, jesus… get something else to harp on. USCe got lucky on two plays, if you agree with Spurrier, then agree with what he said in the locker room after the game– “they beat us tonight, we just got the breaks”. They played damn near the exact same schedule we did, and had they beaten Auburn who we beat by 1,000… they could have afforded the Arkansas loss. USCe no different than UGA in ’08 has absolutely NO ONE TO BLAME but themselves–period. They beat AU and they’re in the SEC-CG with 1 loss with a shot at a MNCG, but they didn’t… they lost to a shitty team. UGA lost to #8 & #9 in the regular season. USC dropped to a team outside the top 25… #quiturbitchin’

                    • Skeptic Davis

                      “They played damn near the exact same schedule we did…” The damn near part is pretty funny! Unbalanced = not the same for those that are slow (read Hal Welch).

                    • Mayor of Dawgtown

                      SD, if you really want to bake your noodle about this stuff compare the 2011 schedule that Bama played to the schedule that UGA played in 2011. Almost the same. The big differences: Bama played LSU twice and went 1-1 with them whereas UGA played LSU once (SECCG) and lost. UGA didn’t have to play Bama but Bama didn’t have to play UGA either. UGA didn’t play Arkansas but did play USCe. Bama played Arkansas but didn’t have to play USCe, a team that beat Bama the previous year. Also, UGA definitely played a much harder OOC schedule, losing to Boise whereas the only OOC team that Bama played with even a pulse was Penn State, with Bama winning all their OOC games.This schedule bitching will always be present until all SEC teams play each other in a round robin manner every season. That is the only real way to establish a true conference champion. The SECCG is nothing but a made for TV event so that the conference gets a lot of $$.

            • Mayor of Dawgtown

              This series of posts proves what I have always thought–Skeptic Dawg is really Steve Spurrier.

              • Macallanlover

                No, SD just has a negative, anti-UGA agenda. Never follows logical thinking, simply lobs in a few barbs designed to hurt UGA’s program. Spurrier is just what he says he is, I can respect that. He will meet you on a battle field and fight you man to man.

                SD will send suicide bombers in against your women and children while wearing Red and Black and pretending to be one of us. No respect for that.

            • 81Dog

              dude, you’re giving negaholics a bad name. Learn how to count. We had one more SEC win than the Chicks. Learn how to read. The SEC rules are pretty clear that the team with the best SEC record wins the division. Sorry if the actual facts dont fit your narrative. Everyone is entitled to his own opinion, but not his own facts. Pout all you like. We won the East in 2011.

        • South Carolina actually won the East last season…

          Funny, I didn’t see them when I was in the Dome watching the last SECCG.

          • Keese

            I don’t always agree with skeptic but in this case he’s right. SEC east is not a damn title. UGA made the game as the 3rd best record in SEC only because of division we’re in. USC had the best East record

            • Title, shmitle. Georgia won the East and played in the SECCG. All the Spurrier-like parsing of how the Dawgs finished 7-1 last season won’t change that.

            • Macallanlover

              I don’t think anyone is suggesting rings or parades for winning the East, but for someone to continually throw cold water on EVERY single thing UGA and Richt specifically gets praise for deserves no support from you. I feel we should celebrate each victory, and enough of those victories lead to the East title, so that is worth celebrating as well. As we all know, winning the East, which we did, is the ONLY way to win the SEC title. We tried tying for it in 2007, and that didn’t give us a shot so winning itm which we did, is always an accomplishment. You can say that isn’t enough, but you cannot say it doesn’t count, it is a significant goal to have each season.

              • Todd

                Seems lately that the SEC East title = tallest midget. You got to beat the basturd in T-Town and the funny hat wearing yankee in the bayou. Not losing to the bridesmaid of the slow 10 and UCF doesn’t hurt either. Georgia’s fanbase is getting more and more like USCe. Celebrating the nothings and refusing to talk about the failures. “wait til next year” and talking about Vandy’s coach get you nowhere..
                When Georgia doesn’t look like a baby seal getting clubbed by an Eskimo during an SECCG, then we will have something. Our conversations seem to be about Vandy, USCe, a down Fla, or a dumpster fire in Knoxville. By worrying about the mid tier teams, Georgia has become one.

                • no, we are living in a moment. It’s funny how Boise can “only beat who they play”, but that argument doesn’t apply to UGA. It’s funny how no one cared or complained at all when UGA played Bama, LSU, AU from the West in ’08 (while USC & UF had cake-walks) but suddenly when the schedule gave UGA a break everyone goes nuts. Get a life. It’s not rocket science, UGA had a couple bad years, talent level was lower, defense sucked and the record finally reflected it (ask Urban how hard it is to recruit another #1 QB while you have a Stafford or Tebow on campus). So we take a little pleasure in winning the east and playing in the SEC CG, so what. Are we delusional? No, we didn’t expect to hang with LSU all night, especially with Crowell in the shape he was in. But there is nothing wrong with being proud of the GIANT step back toward relevancy that they took last year and expecting even better things this year. You guys looks for cracks to exploit in the armor, I’m convinced you aren’t really UGA fans. But if you are, then you must simply be the most miserable people in the world. Last year was fun–especially compared to the last two. We know what we saw, Boise beat us… we just weren’t ready yet. Carolina got very very lucky–even the OBC said that. LSU had more horses and MSU capitalized once both our NGs were on the sideline…. again, not rocket science and nothing that can’t be improved upon this season. This is a DAMN solid team coming back this year and I’m not prediction a BCS Title–yet but I do expect some big big things in the next two seasons from these guys.

                  • Skeptic Davis

                    I find you flat out funny! Now you are comparing Georgia to a top flight mid-level program. Nice job! I hope you post more often!

                  • Todd

                    You make your own luck. Ingram and Murray beat Georgia. What Ingram did wasn’t luck, it was being a damn beast that can change a game by himself. Boise on national tv no less. ” we didn’t expect hang with LSU all night”???? Why not?
                    MSU didn’t let Georgia score much in the 2nd half, but that didn’t have anything to do with JJ and KG on the sidelines.
                    I am surrounded by Carolina fans everyday and see the way they act. Georgia fans are no different if they think Georgia is ready for primetime big boy football. Getting closer, but they can’t ball with the hosses. Big time teams play D and can run the b

                    • SD, point is you dudes will make whatever argument fits your need to be negative at whatever point… I said a lot more than that so (in fact didn’t compare UGS to BSU at all– compared schedule commentary)–you kinda helped solidify my point. I don’t post often because I end up in endless circles with people like yourself who didn’t listen to mama when she said “if you ain’t got nothing nice to say…” Todd… what Ingram did was make one play, a great play no less–or wait–did he make a great play or did the 3 dawgs who missed him blow assignments? See here again, you can twist any statement of fact to support almost anything you want. USC made 3 plays that separated that game–on the other 120 or so they were beat and they know it. I live in Clemson, and they along with Carolina fans read and hear you guys whining and they say we’re starting to sound like UF fans, never happy… but that’s what happens when fair weather fans show up to the party who don’t remember that the game is cyclical, always has been and won’t ever change. Why didn’t we expect to hang with LSU??? Did you watch the season? They had 4 running backs all of whom could have started over our 1 that couldn’t even walk that night. Two very good QB’s, a better defense than ours with perhaps the 2 best defensive players in the country. You can’t possibly say in one sense that you expected us to hang then, but that those of us who like where we’re going now are wrong… that doesn’t ad up dude? And you’re right that KG & JJ sitting had nothing to do with our offense, but the real problem was their offense scored at will on long drives in the second half–AFTER JJ separated the shoulder on the int. He stays in I think we were good to go. Remember, they scored to take the lead late– our offense could afford to park it if not for the D failing late. The horses are definitely still a step or two ahead of us at this moment, one can’t argue that but we’re trending back. But the schedule argument is why I jumped on this thread, it’s weak and overall it’s BS. And anyone who argues it is just looking for something to pick at whilest they’re bored or stupid… one of the two.

                    • todd

                      Hal, don’t close it to respnses. Especially after saying Ingram made one good play. He scored two TDs and he is a DL and one was a fake punt. One play here or there, you sound like a Carolina fan when KO Simpson proved why he was a DB instead of a WR when David Greene hit him in the chest a few times. On the list of greatness that is LSU, the same LSU that was manhandled by Alabama in the MNC.
                      “our offense could afford to park it ” This says it all. Winning team don’t “park it”
                      “USC made 3 plays that separated that game” SHIT MAN! most games can be seperated by one damn play.
                      Clemson fans? F@#$ Clemson..hold on WV just scored again.
                      “who don’t remember that the game is cyclical” What is cyclical about not winning a MNC in 32 years? I know I know it was just a couple plays and some missed assignments.

                      Remember this, good teams get beat but they don’t get beatdown.

        • charlottedawg

          South Carolina actually won the East last season.

          Uh, no. You can’t artibtrarily change how a data set is calcluated because the data set doesn’t jive with your agenda. 7-1 > 6-2. Georgia won the East. Period. To say that USC should’ve won the East because only games against Eastern Division opponents should count holds as much water as saying Georgia really had an 8-0 SEC record because gift tds and special teams miscues shouldn’t count so really we blew out USC at home so really we were undefeated in the SEC regular season. Both premises are absurd. You can criticize the team but this statement is Activist Annie type revisioning in order to push an agenda.

  9. BackC

    In 2007 & 2008, Stafford never threw more than 1 interception per game against ranked teams.

    And Stafford went 3-1 in 2007, and 1-3 in 2008 against ranked teams.

    4-4 against ranked teams.

    Murray has thrown multiple interceptions against ranked teams that I’ve lost count.

    And Murray went 0-5 in 2010, and 0-4 in 2011 against ranked teams.

    Plus, Stafford’s best finish was to get his team to #2 in the nation, Murray’s best has been #19.

    That’s some of the differences in the two.

    • Bubs

      Both Auburn and Tech were ranked in 2011. How many times do I have to bring that up to kill this “Murray hasn’t beaten a ranked team” crap?

      • IveyLeaguer

        But they weren’t ranked at the end of the year.

        Sure, we had something to do with that, giving both Auburn and Tech one of their losses. And they were ranked late, which further confuses the matter. Had we played, and beaten, both of them early, it would look a little different.

        A team can be ranked #1 for half a season or more, and then lose several games, even 3 or 4. We’ve seen that many times. If you were first to beat them, did you beat the best team in the country? Probably not. Not even on that day, if they have multiple losses at the end of the year.

        The fact is a team has 12 games to play, and only when that schedule has been played do you know for certain how good that team really was. And whether or not they should be ranked. And where.

        So I don’t have a problem with saying Murray hasn’t beaten a ranked team. Were Tech and Auburn really good teams last year, among the best 25 in the country. No. The REAL ranking comes at the end of the year.

  10. fishook dawg

    I agree with Larry Tucker on his comment. If Stafford had Grantham’s defense, he would have won some kind of Championship. Personally. I don’t think Murray won an eastern division championship. I think that was won by the defense in spite of Murray’s turnovers. If Murray is doing to remain our starting QB in spite of his constant turnovers, let’s hope the running backs help pick up the slack.

  11. Cojones

    They are both talented. Staff has the arm. Aaron has the guts.

    Who in hell do some of you think you are, nitpicking our QB with your lack of knowledge?

    • Hilton Head Dawg

      I think most fans want to see less turnovers from Murray. He plays hard, stays out of trouble and appears to be a standup kid. His major issue is the backbreaking turnover. Reduce that number, or even the timing, and the sky it the limit for Murray. As for Stafford, no one rooted more for that guy than I did. He had all of the tools (minus touch at times), but he played on a team with zero defense. He should be remembered as a DGD.

    • Todd

      “Guts”? Really? I have this same conversation with my dad. He talks about kids who want to go to Georgia and bleed Red and Black. True, I agree but what about Joe Cox or Joe T III? The ginger loved Georgia like no other and Joe T III is a triple legacy. The knock on Stafford was heart, real caring about winning, and bleeding Red and Black. Murray loves Georgia, but he pisses himself in crucial spots.

      So I ask this question to all of you. If Joe T, Joe Cox, Stafford, and Murray were on the same team and available, who would you start? Screw stats. You all have seen them all play. Who would you play? We aren’t in the arena, but lets play like we know. No question in my mind, I play Stafford. When it all shakes out, people will realize how BIG that night in south Georgia was to the program. What if Mett had stayed in Athens for spring break. Being tall doesn’t hurt you in the Pro style offense. Greene, Stafford, and Mett were 6’4″ or better. Ginger was 5’9″ and I don’t think Murray is 6′. Sure they are listed bigger, but Murray isn’t 6’2″.

  12. DCB Dawg

    They both stand in David Greene’s shadow.

  13. William The Dawg

    So many people playing the “if” game. Fact is that UGA won the SEC East last year, not South Carolina. The record book will not have a side note explaining South Carolina should have won the East but an easy schedule allowed Georgia to win it.
    Now back to the topic, Aaron Murray will put up great stats at UGA and hopefully win alot of football games. The biggest difference I see in the two are in their eyes. With a game on the line, Stafford seemed so much more relaxed and confident, spilling over to the rest of the offense. Murray looks so nervous and unsure that he makes ME nervous. Hopefully as he matures that confidence will increase and so will the wins. GO DAWGS!

    • Todd

      I can tell if Murray has what he wants or doesn’t just by his eyes. No poker face. Don’t you just love the hurry up to the line and wait? The OL is in their stance for way too long because of Murray’s nerves.

  14. Juicer

    I some some big differences between the 2 guys.

    1- Turnovers in big games
    Stafford averaged @1 turnover per game, Murray 2.
    2- Bowl win %
    Stafford 100%, Murray 0%
    3- Win % vs. teams that finish top 25
    Stafford 50%, Murray 0%
    4- Highest final team ranking in AP Poll
    Stafford top 3, Murray top 20

  15. Mike Cooley

    I am so tired of whiney ass little fruit snacks like “Skeptic Dawg” that think it it makes them appear smarter or more in the know than everyone else when they pick every single nit and find a black mark on EVERY good thing the Dawgs accomplish. I’m not sure if it is their way of shielding themselves from disappointment or if they think they’ll look “realistic” of things go wrong.

    Jeez, shut the hell up and either root for the team or don’t. Other fanbases mock us to no end because we have so many fans like that. These are the people that leave the games early if things aren’t going our way. These are the people that stand next to you at games and make everybody in that section want to punch them, like Randy Quaid in Major League II, finding something wrong with everyhting and yelling stuff about Bobo all game long while talking about how much better the opposition is.

    The Disney Dawgs are annoying but guys like Skeptic Dawg are much, much worse. They serve absolutely no purpose and do zero for the program in their association with it. I wish all those guys would go jump on the Alabama bandwagon.

    • Skeptic Dawg

      I believe that this program is stuck in park, and has been for the past 6 years. I hold Mark Richt responsible for this. Over the past 6 seasons the Dawgs have lost an average of 4 games a year. That is average football, at best. It is, and has been, time for Richt to leave. He is simply not capable of leading this program. After 11 season we know what we will get from this guy. Richt is not the only one capable of delivering top rated recruiting class year after year in Athens. The AD and board have zero faith in the man, evidence by Richt’s new contract. What more do you need to see? We are seeing a lack of attendance in Sanford Stadium, a drop in season tickets and a decline in funds. This is what average football gets you. I simply want and expect more. You should as well.

      • 81Dog

        we’ll miss you when you transfer your allegiance to a place where the W/L record meets your expectations. Dont let the door hit you on the ass on your way out.

  16. Juicer

    5. Sacks
    Murray got sacked 25 times in 2010, 33 in 2011.
    Stafford kept his sack totals to under 15 per season.
    6. Pick 6’s
    Murray threw 6 int’s returned for td’s in 2011, Stafford 1
    7. Fumbles
    Murray fumbles when he scrambles, Stafford fumbled 4x less

    In other words, Murray has a 2-3x more negative plays than Stafford (sacks, interceptions), 50-100% lerss wins in big games, and 4-6x more catastrophic errors (piuck 6’s, fumbles) than Stafford.

    Murray is with or better than Stafford on td’s, and yards.

    Murray needs to cut mistakes by 2-4x and play more conservatively in big games by trusting his coaches, teammates and defense and running backs.

  17. FRED

    Murray has yet to prove he can win the big one just like coach

  18. Snake Plisskin

    If Murray or Stafford had played for Miles or Saban; how many NC rings would they be wearing…all three coaches are in the top 5 in recruiting classes every year, yet 2 of the 3 coaches put together potential championship teams on a consistent basis, the other is always fixing a piece of the team (OL the past few years, defense is fixed, kicking game is up in the year, team character is a work in progress/look at the DB’s and those who have been kicked off the team, running game-fix the OL first)…there’s always something that isn’t quite right with CMR’s teams…does he have a four year plan, or does he just wing it from year to year…aren’t you all getting tired of the “Wait until next year” that permeates through a CMR led team…Snake out

    • Todd

      EXACTLY Snake!. Mike Cooley said other schools make fun of our fanbase because of people like Skeptic dawg. Maybe, but people make fun of Georgia thinking they are top tier when they aren’t close. There is an elephant in the room. The end of the bowl game play calling should have put the nail in the coffin for Disney’s. I still remember Mich. St. bowl game with Stafford, Moreno, and AJ Green. 2 minutes and 2 TOs to go in the 1st half of a meaningless bowl and Richt decides to kill the clock. How many times do you see Grantham running down the sidelines to tell Richt something in a critical spot.
      Early on it was the OL talent, then it was Willie-Mart defense. Fact is Joe T and Joe Cox should have never happened at Georgia. I’ll give you one in a transition year, but damn man. Now, I see where Richt said Andrews looked good at center. I am not in the arena, but Andrews didn’t look good. Sure he was going against very good talent, but he will see that on a weekly basis or at least against ranked teams. OL is still a mess and people are depending on Theus to come in and save the day. Why? Expecting a freshman to start at tackle in the SEC is crazy. Devin Taylor or Clowney will dominate him or most tackles in college.
      Richt doesn’t create an attitude in his teams. The kind that wants to humilate teams on national tv and put games away. His conservative attitude and play calling bleeds over into the attitude of the team.

      Again, I ask the question. How many times has a Mark Richt coached Georgia team beaten a team that had more talent than Georgia? To me, that is what a good coach does. Lately, his teams get ass raped by superior teams and allow inferior teams to “keep hangin’ around” until some bad shit happens.

  19. Bulldog Joe

    If Georgia can develop a running game for Murray like Stafford had with Knowshon and Thomas Brown, then we can compare.

  20. Jason

    Murray needs to be a game manager. By which I mean a quarterback who does not necessarily have to put the team on his back but a QB who does not cause his team to lose. A smart player. It’s time to win it all especially with all the resources/players available year after year.

    • Snake Plisskin

      Murray wasn’t brought to UGA to be a game manager…ever watch film on him from HS…there is no way CMR was looking for a GAME MANAGER…if they wanted a game manager, they would have gotten Buck Belue part II to hand the ball off to Herschel Walker part II…oh wait, UGA doesn’t have HW part II, nor do they have an OL that can open holes enough to keep the defense honest…imagine how good Murray can be where the defense doesn’t have their ears pinned back and 8 guys in the box on EVERY SINGLE PLAY…Snake out