Vegas digs Georgia’s schedule.

The Golden Nugget is posting odds on 111 college football games today.  You can see the list here (h/t Kegs ‘N Eggs).  Georgia appears in five of those games and is the favorite in all of them, including South Carolina (favored by 2.5) and Florida (favored by 4.5).

By the way, I love this note:  “You’ll also see more Pac-12 games on the board because of the frequent visitors Las Vegas gets from neighbor state California.”  Check out the spreads listed for Southern Cal and you’ll see how frequent Vegas thinks its California visitors are.


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8 responses to “Vegas digs Georgia’s schedule.

  1. Rick

    Only 3 against Mizzou? Oh, dear. This season looks awfully promising, but it sure could get off to a disappointing start.


  2. JAX

    I just love those USC cheerleaders and their sweaters.


  3. cube

    Not sure I understand your point about USC point spreads…


  4. Mayor of Dawgtown

    LSU is favored in every listed game, too.


  5. 79dawg

    All I can say is, I watched the 2005 SEC Championship game from the book in Caesar’s Palace, and it 90% of the people there were Southern Cal bettors/fans. They were impressed by the enthusiasm the 5 or 6 of us Dawg fans showed though!


  6. Macallanlover

    Nothing unusual at all about the USC spreads, the line is designed to be neutral, equal dollars on each end. It is adjusted until it finds that balance so the “house” is guaranteed to win. That is why local bookies have to inflate the numbers of the local favorite, or “lay off” some of the risk with a bookie from a different geography to protect himself. The local where I lived the last several years did not do that, preferring to take a gamble by allowing his books to be “out of balance”. Never understood that, but I liked the guy and appreciated his courage. He and I were often on the wrong side of a bet together, it always hurt him more as I am not that heavy of a bettor, but it was fun to have a “partner” as I flamed out.