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I can’t decide what to title this post.

Per Chris Low:

Aaron Murray, Georgia: Entering his junior season, Murray has thrown for more than 3,000 yards in each of his first two seasons. He also has 59 touchdown passes to his credit. If he hits the 3,000-yard mark again in 2012, he would become the first SEC player in history to throw for 3,000 yards in three consecutive seasons. Peyton Manning didn’t do that, and neither did Danny Wuerffel, Eli Manning, David Greene or Couch.

So what do you think?  “Something else to pin on Bobo”?  “Mason would have done it, too”?  “Yeah, but how much of that was against ranked teams”?



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“Coach Reynolds is one of the best coaches in the south, and he tolerates no foolishness on the gridiron.”

Great, great post at the blog from the Athens-Clarke County Library Heritage Room – an Athens Banner article published on this very day in 1901 took a preseason look at Georgia’s chances in the upcoming season.  (It was definitely a sunshine pumper of a piece, as the Dawgs finished that season 1-5-2.)  I especially love that line “He has written urging that athletics be kept pure from politics”.  Sorry, but you lost that battle, Coach.

Still, it’s good to see that, Internet or not, college football fans were grasping for info to get through the offseason months then as we are now.

It makes you wonder what the Phil Steele equivalent was back then.


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Merritt Hall, come on down.

Meet Georgia’s new first-string fullback.

Georgia put out a preseason depth chart today during its appearance at the Pigskin Preview gathering of state college football programs.

The biggest surprise is walk-on Merritt Hall listed as the first-team fullback. The 5-foot-11, 216-pound redshirt freshman from the Wesleyan School is listed ahead of Richard Samuel and Zander Ogletree.

“Merritt had a great spring,” coach Mark Richt said. “He learned what to do and he was striking people with a lot of enthusiasm. He would have earned the right to be the starter at the end of spring so we put it on the board that way.

Richt called fullback “a very high-contact position. Guys got to be very tough to do that. Richard Samuel certainly has gotten some reps at fullback and a guy that could do. Of course we’ve got Zander who has been playing the fullback position.”

It’s not like Richt hasn’t gone that way before.  And maybe it’ll hold up, although 216 pounds seems a little light at the position.  But I sure am curious to see what Quayvon Hicks brings to the mix in a few months.


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SEC SOS, baby.

Sure, Georgia is taking its share of crap over this year’s schedule.  But if you take a look at this preseason strength of schedule ranking, which is based on averaging the preseason rankings listed here, you’ll find that the Dawgs still manage a stronger SOS than “Recent Accolades: Sun Bowl Berth” Georgia Tech.  And that’s even with the #34 Jackets facing off against #9 Georgia.

When you get down to it, Tech isn’t playing the likes of Alabama, Arkansas or LSU either.


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And then I go and spoil it all by saying something stupid like…

Nothing like blowing a good point about how leaving schools to assemble portions of their football schedules is a valid argument about unfairness and the D-1 postseason by writing this:

What makes the NFL playoff bracket work is what a new college system will need: integrity.

Last year, while the college game fussed over the worthiness of LSU’s opponent in the BCS title game — Alabama or Oklahoma State — there was nary a protest when the sixth-seeded New York Giants won the Super Bowl, or when the Denver Broncos at 8-8 make the playoffs as a division champion.

“Nary a protest”?  Seriously?

I think I’m starting to get an allergic reaction to the use of the word integrity in the context of how sports organizations choose to separate the public from its money.


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“Be careful what you wish for.”

Dennis Dodd has glommed onto what Jim Delany’s been after ever since Karl Benson got uppity with him.

Considering that TCU is now in the Big 12, no current non-BCS school has finished in that top four which figures to be the cutoff for the playoff beginning in 2014.

The growing realization is that access to the sport’s new postseason will be worse for the have-nots. Worse, meaning the six power conferences are now down to five, at most, thanks to Big East realignment. Worse for those suddenly finding themselves outside of what is increasingly being referred to as the Big Four: Big 12, SEC, Pac-12, Big Ten. Teams from those leagues have won championships in 16 of the past 18 years.

Worse, meaning thanks to realignment two of those five schools — TCU and Utah — have moved up to power conferences.

Worse, in that it looks like for the first time since 1994, Notre Dame won’t have at least de facto automatic access to a major bowl. Four years before the BCS was born, the Irish got into the 1994 Fiesta Bowl at 6-4-1. No more it would seem. Unless something drastic happens, Notre Dame is going to have the same access to the playoff as … Army.

Good luck figuring this all out before the June 26 BCS presidential oversight committee meeting in Washington, D.C. That meeting could produce a playoff model — but don’t hold your breath.

“If they walk out of there and they only agree to a top-four playoff,” said one source familiar with the discussions. “The [overall] access point is going to be worse.”

In essence, there were will more, weaker non-BCS schools in future despite the assumed quality developed by the elimination of automatic qualifying conferences…

In the land of the no-longer AQ status, the teams with drawing power are kings.  Craig Thompson knew that, which is why he pushed so hard to have his Mountain West Conference attain AQ status.  Problem is, the facts on the ground have abandoned him and his quest.

And if Dodd is correct on the math – “Without signing a document, the split between the haves and have-nots has gone from 66-54 (current BCS/non-BCS structure) to 46-64 (Big Four/everyone else)” – we’re going to see a mad scramble among individual schools outside the Big Four to grab one of the (presumably) eighteen spots that will be available as the upper part of D-1 evolves towards some sort of superconference arrangement.  You can look at FSU as the canary in the coal mine as to that.

Somewhere, Jim Delany is trying to keep that smirk off his face.


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What Nick Saban wants…

Nick Saban wanted Dont’a Hightower to play in this year’s Senior Bowl.

Dont’a Hightower could not play in this year’s Senior Bowl because he hadn’t exhausted his college eligibility.  That’s the rule.

The new director of the Senior Bowl also serves as an Alabama radio analyst.

I think you can guess where the rest of this story is headed.


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A total lack of self-awareness can be a beautiful thing.

“Walk-on. How is possible to get public intoxication in Athens, isn’t that the entire downtown?”

“Downtown Athens is fun. I don’t blame him at all for wanting to go.  That said… You have to be really dumb to be picked up for public intoxication in Athens.”

“Yeah, much easier to get charged in Athens for public intoxication than Atlanta. That’s how the Athens cops make their money.”

“Been out in Atlanta and Athens hundreds of times. Can think of five different friends that got locked up in Athens for some petty stuff. Can’t think of anyone ever getting locked up in Atlanta.”

If the above sounds like any number of message board threads you’ve seen over the years, you’re probably right.

In this case, it’s the setting that makes it special.

And you know that as soon as the next Georgia player gets nicked for some minor nonsense, these same geniuses will be back on the Hive, yelling “thUga” at the top of their lungs.


UPDATE:  By the way, if a Tech fan starts to give you a hard time about transsexual hooking by a Goethe expert, you have my permission to hit back with this.


UPDATE #2:  Hey, look!  The AJ-C finally showed up.


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