“Coach Reynolds is one of the best coaches in the south, and he tolerates no foolishness on the gridiron.”

Great, great post at the blog from the Athens-Clarke County Library Heritage Room – an Athens Banner article published on this very day in 1901 took a preseason look at Georgia’s chances in the upcoming season.  (It was definitely a sunshine pumper of a piece, as the Dawgs finished that season 1-5-2.)  I especially love that line “He has written urging that athletics be kept pure from politics”.  Sorry, but you lost that battle, Coach.

Still, it’s good to see that, Internet or not, college football fans were grasping for info to get through the offseason months then as we are now.

It makes you wonder what the Phil Steele equivalent was back then.



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11 responses to ““Coach Reynolds is one of the best coaches in the south, and he tolerates no foolishness on the gridiron.”

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Back in those days, Georgia’s partisans would stand outside a heating vent near the football locker room where they would overhear parts of conversations which would fuel to rumor mill. They called it “the Dog Vent.”


  2. TL

    Even then, Greg McGarity’s influence was presaged: “Good Schedule arranged by manager Hirsch for next fall”. Perhaps the Ol’ Ball Coach was complaining in utero about that too.


  3. paul

    Not so sure McGarity would be pleased with only one home game on the schedule.


    • Theresa

      There were 2 home games: Clemson and Davidson; Davidson just didn’t get any coverage in the Athens papers. Neutral location games were most common for a long time, with contingents of fans traveling with the teams in decorated railroad cars to places where there were parks large enough for the game and fans.

      I’d say it was a more glamorous time, but the closest Georgia had to a mascot at the time was the goat brought over from Lucy Cobb.


  4. X-Dawg

    The only victory was against S. Carolina. Historical irony?


  5. DC Dawg

    There was always and always will be Phil Steele!


  6. Bulldog Joe

    The Athens paper didn’t say how many players were arrested and suspended after that “party til dawn”.

    I’ll bet the Constitution had it.