What Nick Saban wants…

Nick Saban wanted Dont’a Hightower to play in this year’s Senior Bowl.

Dont’a Hightower could not play in this year’s Senior Bowl because he hadn’t exhausted his college eligibility.  That’s the rule.

The new director of the Senior Bowl also serves as an Alabama radio analyst.

I think you can guess where the rest of this story is headed.



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11 responses to “What Nick Saban wants…

  1. Spreerex

    Pretty surprised to hear he was still only a junior, actually. Still, I guess the whole “has graduated” thing could just write itself–nobody should be forced to go to graduate school!


  2. Skeeter

    Nick Saban has time for $h*t like this?


  3. Seems like a reasonable compromise. If they’re a senior academically, meaning they’ve been there for four years, then I don’t see a problem with it.


    • Heathbar09

      There is no problem with the change, it’s the way they went about doing it. Pretty much under Nick Saban’s “blessing.”


  4. JAX

    Nick Saban and AL football are a bubble. Good shorting opportunity.


  5. hahahaha. If you’re not at the top, nowhere to go but up,