“Everything is still on the table.”

Don’t tell me you’re surprised by this.  The idea that the commissioners, who hit the brick wall that we saw coming, are now going to turn this over to the presidents for resolution is high comedy.  Bernie can always use another opportunity to threaten the Big Ten on exactly how it’s gonna be.

I must say that Andy Staples’ faith is touching.

The commissioners will meet again next week in Chicago. That meeting probably will unfold in a fashion similar to Wednesday’s conclave. Barring a miracle, don’t expect any grand pronouncements or puffs of smoke next week, either. At some point this summer, the commissioners and university presidents will put their heads together, hammer out an agreement and push the sport forward.

If you have any doubts, simply repeat after me.

They aren’t that stupid.

Hey, stop laughing.  He’s serious… I think.  And if by “that stupid”, he means they won’t walk away from bidding out the title game, he’s also right.  As to the rest, well, yeah, they are.

And while we’re on the topic of stupid, I think it best to just leave this alone.


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8 responses to ““Everything is still on the table.”

  1. Lrgk9

    Any Forrest Gump Quotes come to mind?


  2. Gravidy

    Damn, Senator, you linked to a debate between Smith and Bayless?? That’s a sorry thing to do to your faithful followers. Thank goodness I saw the caption before the video finished loading…


  3. Cojones

    Color me stupid. I agree with Bayless; – that we should start now with 4 teams and I agree with Smith; – that only 8 teams will satisfy the word “playoff”.


    • shane#1

      Cojones, You my friend have a great future in politics! You have the rare ability to take both sides in a debate. I see you in Congress my friend! Think about it, one term and you get free medical, free postage, and your salary for the rest of your life! I volunteer to be your Chief of Staff, for a mere pittance. Don’t worry about the money, I will be your fund raiser and I will handle those nasty rich people for you, because I like you. Just leave everything to me.


      • Cojones

        Then I forgot to put in the part where I dislike both somewhat and don’t watch them. When the Senator thinks those two are too stupid and should best be left alone, who else will rise to the bait? I’ll show him who’s too stupid!