Friday morning buffet

Just like George Costanza, the buffet is back, baby!

  • Sonny Dykes doesn’t think Ole Miss and Mississippi State have better players than his Louisiana Tech team.
  • Here’s something I did not know:  in 1989, the American Football Coaches Wives Association was created to provide “camaraderie, support, information and service.”
  • Patrick Garbin points out something I think most of us suspected – Phil Steele isn’t that hot a predictor of how teams fare nationally.  (Although Steele’s been better on calling the SEC East’s pecking order.)
  • I’d love to hear Jimmy Sexton explain the difference between college and pro coaches contracts.
  • Sometimes, I wonder if I’m missing something.
  • “No offense,” he said, “but this will be perfect for the bathroom.”  I’m not sure if that’s a metaphor for something, but it probably ought to be.
  • Here’s a follow up on that story about the Memphis player who’s overcome reading challenges to be on the verge of earning a degree.
  • Mark Emmert isn’t worried about a “splintering of the NCAA”.  Blissful ignorance or informed opinion?  You tell me.
  • TAMU’s Kevin Sumlin talks about transitioning to the big, bad, fast SEC.
  • Brian Fremeau thinks three teams in the SEC East have a shot at a national title this season.
  • How do schools pay for improvements to their athletic facilities?  Kristi Dosh counts the ways.


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8 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Lrgk9

    Details about contracts early in the morning.

    Only from a Lawyer !


  2. Joe

    in 1989, the American Football Coaches Wives Association was created to provide “camaraderie, support, information and service.”

    Maybe it is TIME for the American Football Coaches Girlfriends Association?

    created to provide “biker rallies, push-up support, extortion information and legal services.”


  3. Bulldog Joe

    The Vols were the surprise team of the SEC last year, too.

    Surprised of just how bad they were.


  4. Cojones

    Senator, your Cojones Award Trophy will be slightly delayed. Asked the wife to review the model and she opined that they didn’t stretch far enough down if they represented mine( it already looks like two lemon figs attached to a limb by a large wad of bubble gum stretched downward nearly two feet). She also said they weren’t as brown in coloration as the next door neighbors’s, the postman’s and two Forest Rangers’s.

    I’ll be busy trying to get the color right before shipment.


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    Best buffet post in a while, Senator.

    Sumlin sounds like he’s a winner.