“I really felt like we bonded in a big way – Coach Grantham and me.”

Scout’s Fletcher Page has an interesting piece on how Grantham goes about pitching the program to recruits.

Outside linebacker is the Swiss Army knife of Grantham’s defense –

In his two seasons with the Bulldogs, Grantham has had success with the strong and big-bodied Justin Houston and the athletic and fluid-moving Jarvis Jones.

He’s recruited players at the position that seem best suited for pass-rushing: Ray Drew (who eventually moved to defensive end), Jordan Jenkins, Josh Dawson and James Deloach.

He’s also scooped up versatile, athletic-types that possess coverage skills and don’t necessarily fit a certain mold: Ramik Wilson, Josh Harvey-Clemons and Leonard Floyd.

– and he makes that sell to recruits.

The sales pitch has been simple – yet masterfully calculated. If you can play, no matter your strength, Grantham will find a way to employ you. And he’s been hitting it off with recruits in the film room by being both optimistic and brutally honest.

Also, if I’m DeMarcus Ware, I think it’s time to start asking about royalty checks.



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11 responses to ““I really felt like we bonded in a big way – Coach Grantham and me.”

  1. Rebar

    Coach Grantham has been paying dividends since his hire, long may he run!


  2. Skeptic Dawg

    Yeah, it is always a positive sign when the #1 overall recruit, who just happens to live in your backyard, tells you no. Now the coaches can set their sights on the less talented players more likely to sign with Georgia. Undersigning in 2012 to load up on the in-state talent in 2013 is working out beautifully.


    • Dude, you’re trying too hard.


    • Ray

      It’s getting really old. If this is how you are then I assume you have never been married or are divorced. Of course, people like you usually prey on women who are mental fragile or basket cases and point out every flaw they have so they think are not good enough to find a better man. I am to the point where I am just going to skip reading your comments when I see your name. It must really suck having your life…never being happy and finding some fault in everything around you but never yourself. I pray that you find peace and happiness because this is no way to go through life. No offense but……Go Dawgs!


      • The Lone Stranger

        You mean ‘Dumb, Fat, and Stupid’ isn’t the only way to roll?! Long may you run, Sir Flounder.


    • If an individual is a true fan of any team he or she just need to support your team. That individual cannot base his support for his team based on what recruits did or will do come Feb. Nobody’s fan base should feel miserable based on these recruits.


    • Daveschoolstoejam

      Cause our defense has been horrible since Grantham got here huh? I guess it’s always a guarantee for 5 star recruits to be world beaters? There have been plenty of 3 stars in college football that surpass the bigheaded 5 stars when properly coached. Grantham is the one to do just that. Are you that guy that sits behind me grumbling about me standing up and also calling what plays should’ve been called? Go Dawgs!


  3. TheBigBruiser

    Fletcher missed big on his article on why Grantham’s a good recruiter.

    1 big skill set is needed for Grantham’s OLB:
    A) pass rusher
    B) pass coverage

    Grantham recruits guys who have the extremely specific traits to do 1 of those exceptionally well. It’s not like he’s taking 4′ 5” guys who run a 5.5 40 yard dash, and trying to turn them into OLB’s.

    Grantham’s effectiveness as a recruiter isn’t based on trying to fit squares into holes, it’s based on:
    1- his track record at getting great results with his lb’s
    2- very carefully selecting olb’s who are the perfect fit for the 3-4, then explaining to them why he thinks they’re the perfect fit.

    Fletcher makes Grantham sound like a smooth talking fake, who tells any recruit with talent he’s a great fit for OLB, and in reality, Grantham comes acorss to prospects as authentic, genuine, honest (even about their faults), and sincere.


  4. BrettDawg

    How about a mention on the recruitment status of the player who gave that quote? His name is Davin Bellamy, and from all acounts I have read/heard, he is (well, was.. lol) a heavy Vanderbilt lean.. I guess thats another battle that James Franklin should run from against Grantham. Sounds like the Vandy leaning recruit has acquired quite a bit of respect for our DC.


  5. mike

    Great LB play is the key to any great 3-4 D. Sprinkle in an above average DT (jenkins) and all you need is one shut down (swan) corner and 1 above average SS (williams). In this scheme you need 4 superstrong LBs instead of the 5 star DEs, DTs, SS and corners. That’s exactly how BAMA does it and does it with deadly effectiveness. In this scheme, we need Foster more than we needed Kemdiche. We need every 4-5 star LB we can find no matter where they are.