I was prepared to mock this… until I thought about it for a minute.

Imagine what it might be like for a postseason format that opened the door for many more teams.

Georgia Tech coach Paul Johnson, who won national titles as coach at Georgia Southern in 1999 and 2000, would prefer something closer to the I-AA playoffs.

“I would add more teams and I would make it the conference champions (get in),” Johnson said.

The number Johnson would favor is 16.

“I don’t know if it will happen or not,” he said. “I think it could be very feasible, it could be done. It’s not going to happen for a while, but it could happen.”

From Paul Johnson’s selfish perspective, that makes perfect sense.  With his offense, Georgia Tech makes an ideal Cinderella and the compressed period of a playoff schedule would significantly lessen his concern over opponents having too much time to prepare defending the triple option.

If Tech snuck into a postseason field of sixteen, could it win a national title?  Unlikely.  Could it pull an upset or two along the way, though?  Sure.  Is that your idea of settling it on the field?  You tell me.


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23 responses to “Buzzerella

  1. Go Dawgs!

    Paul Johnson is still living off of the afterglow of 45-42 and the ACC Championship*. It doesn’t take much to keep Yellow Jackets happy. He knows that if he pulled a win or two in a national tournament every couple of years, not only would his job be permanently safe, but he’d also be in line to have the stadium renamed Dodd-Johnson Stadium.

  2. Derek

    He could be the Paul Westhead of the gridiron under that playoff system. Would that be a good thing? It would kill the sport dead. Which is why it won’t happen.

  3. Castleberry

    Is that my idea of settling it on the field? Only if they beat Florida.

  4. Rebar

    Not with their defense!

  5. Macallanlover

    Johnson is a small thinker who should have remained in the minor leagues. 16 teams doesn’t work in the bigs (even though he is just half way up the ladder on North Avenue.) because you have more than 300 fans that travel to games and the logistics require some time for tens of thousands to make arrangements. Not ready for the big time, maybe that is why he is at Tek.

    • Play the quarters and semis on the campuses of the higher seeded teams and you reduce travel concerns significantly.

      • adam

        I would actually enjoy a 6 or 12 team playoff. The main reason is that I’d like to see some really great match-ups. The kind of the thing that the current system discourages, actually. I’ve enjoyed LSU-WVU and Bama playing Penn State and all that. I don’t just want to see middle of the road teams from one conference facing the conference elite either. I would rather us have played Oklahoma or Texas than Okie State a few years ago. I would love a home and home with FSU or Michigan. That’s why I want a playoff.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          8 or 16 would have to be the number–I do not support that..

        • Always Someone Else's Fault

          My opinion: an 8 team playoff short-circuits the quality regular season match-ups we currently get between conferences. An 8 team playoff is more likely to make conferences scheduling islands, because it magnifies the cost of losing a conference game.

          Right now, you have to be 1 of 2 nationwide. You have to roll the dice. That’s why we see Georgia-Boise State, LSU-Oregon, and Alabama-Michigan. But in an 8 team format, you just have to win all your conference games. Who outside the SEC is going to schedule Georgia, adding that much more workload on their staff and players, instead of a scrimmage game to get ready for conference play?

          I’m not against quality match-ups. I just prefer a higher quantity of them in the regular season, and I think the current system actually does a better job encouraging risks than people realize. Scheduling could be better across the board right now, but economic concerns push those down-scheduling buttons, not fear of getting excluded from the BCS championship game.

          • Cojones

            I don’t quite agree with your knock on 8 teams. You come up with “scheduling islands” and losing a conference game scheduled from what you begin as “My opinion..”. I fail to see the logic and the reasoning.

            When 8 teams are in the playoff, borne from 8 bowl game matchups to validate their being there, you lose the arguments that downplay a playoff and you get interest in another part of college football, The Playoffs. If UGA is among those teams (and I believe they are), we would get weekly pleasure out of beating the best to become the first true NCs. We get many more chances than what is afforded by ESPN downgrading at season’s end where we get Dawgpolled downward while other teams like Tech get Dawgpolled upward. Eight validated teams playing would take care of that crap. After the polling fiasco last year from the medias, we should be wary. They created (especially ESPN) a false comparison strength between LSU/Bama that made all other teams appear unwashed. People were conferring strengths and players far above even the SEC such that they outdistanced everything in everyone’s minds. Pure hype, no matter the outcome of our game with LSU. You argue the second half, I’ll take the first to show you they could have been had. It has placed those two teams on a level that makes many tremble and hype their coaches beyond logical reasoning. Pome de Rue! We don’t need any more “plus-ones”, “final four from nothing”, etc.

            Let’s play it off on the field and stop chewing the concept up.

            • Always Someone Else's Fault

              So your opinions are somehow more logical and reasonable because you fail to admit that they are indeed just your opinions?

              Football Outsiders, who I think generally provide a highly competent product with real integrity in their methodologies, had Alabama and LSU lapping the field on most of their metrics last season – and that’s exactly what my 40 years experience watching ÇFB saw on the field when those teams played.

              I honestly don’t give a crap about making the next Alabama jump through an extra hoop or nine to give their trophy more validity or rival fanbases “closure.” I know how people in broadcast and academic administrations think, and I am quite comfortable in my opinion that an 8 team playoff will strip most of the fun out of the regular season – which is based on experiences far too numerous to detail here.

              • Cojones

                My point was for us to get away from the “my opinion” being the rule for reason. I value your opinion higher than most on this blog, but an opinion of what might happen from you vs my opinion of what won’t happen is equally matched. I was in the stands at Sanford years before many on here, but that does nothing for my points of view as to what will or won’t happen. You may be a much better student of the game, but the game demographics in the future are a matter of each one’s opinion. I’m trying to get fans to open their minds when considering, not stack each’s opinion vs the next. No one wins in that scenario. I’m trying to prevent stuffing opinions from a select few into the box and calling it a day.

                I base my opinion upon reasoning (much that can be attacked), but at least by attacking those reasons, we all learn. We don’t dismiss it with a meaningless, but threatening posture to some, that a slippery slope will ensue that will arrive at a bad-feeling number. I’m stating that we should drive for the number many of you already say we will arrive to without the self-fulfilling prophecy and fuzzy thinking. All playoff numbers have been viewed as a slippery slope by those who didn’t want a playoff. We should use other playoffs as models of what we don’t want, not compare that they will also become what we get by fiat once we begin to get a playoff in D-1 college football.

                By taking the 8-team playoff from the table, we shortcircuit valuable thought that should be discussed now, not after we are totally dissatisfied with “+One”, “Plus Two”, “4-team playoff”, etc. You predict it will keep sliding. Of course it will! Because you know that there are bad things in those makeups. I’m saying we should reduce the angst by trying to hit the reasoned target at the git-go. Eight teams reduces a great deal of the argument against a playoff simply by understanding the reasons to head for it initially. People are using words and reasons introduced against this argument over a period of time, nevermind that they were never defended by reason. We have now arrived at a playoff. I’m not saying the 8-team model is the correct one, only that we arrived at that conclusion long ago in the argument by would-be sears telling us just how this is all going to happen. “Slippery slope” is not a reasoning, it’s a predictor.

      • eagledawg94

        FCS plays at home until the championship. Interesting that they went to 20 teams. Why not 64?

        Oh, and the FCS isn’t based on higher seed – teams bid to host the playoff games. Wouldn’t that be interesting….

      • Macallanlover

        I agree the opening round (mid-December) games should be played in the 4 highest seeds’ home field because only home stadium procedures could react that quickly after the conference championship games are played. I think visiting teams should get the usual 5-8K allotment. After that, I think the next two games would be held at top bowl sites with usual ticket allotments. That would give fans two weeks to make arrangements, four for those who are confident. I don’t like another home field advantage in the 2nd round, plus there are some bad weather sites not conducive to top quality football. I definitely feel the championship game should be be in a dome in the center of the country (San Antonio, Houston, Dallas, St. Louis, Indy) with both participating teams guaranteed 20-25K tickets. Cities wanting to bid on the game should have to guarantee hotel rooms are set aside.

        • Cojones

          I agree, except I’d give even tickets to each side wherever the games are played. If the visiting team doesn’t need as many, put the rest for sale at the gate the day before the game. And some of you better not make me run over your foot with my chair.

          • Cojones

            I don’t have a chair now, but put those tickets up for grabs and I’m getting one.

          • Macallanlover

            I don’t think the time frame would allow the 50/50 split. The opening round in mid-December would only work as an extension of the season ticket holders and the current ticket sales in place within the Athletic Department. I feel the visiting team could easily guarantee the 5-8K tickets for visiting teams and distribute them quickly. There is no way to sell, and distribute, 40K+ tickets in less than a week even if that many fans could realign their schedules and make travel arrangements.

            • Cojones

              I agree partially. I see no reason not to try and emulate the GA/FU seating matchup that I think adds more piss to the vinegar. I’d love to match our fans against tOSU, Mich and other applauders from the PAC-12 head-to-head with a ground-pounder game, SEC style, whether it’s in Sanford or Mich stadium. We could teach them boiled peanuts and good beerdrinking while trying their local breweries. Then we could kick their ass into next week.

              Those tickets not wanted by the competition would be gobbled up inside 6 hrs placement on Ticketron. You would have between Wed and Sat to make reservations or throw a tent in your car/plane baggage. I would venture to say that arrangements could be made that could assure butts in the seats inside a week of a championship game. This would be a whole ‘nother ball game and can’t be equated with bowl ripoffs. It is my opinion that it also would correct many bowl allegiances in favor of the schools. Funny how proposed competition has a way of doing that.

              There’s still the devil in the details. What cities bidding for the CFCG venue would be geographically displaced for championship games? If USC and UGA ended up there, where is a location that is not disinfranchising for distance to travel? The Big10 has always claimed that they traveled well, therefore their continued presence in the Rose Bowl makes them profitable, never mind the population figures for So Ca area alone. I’d like to see the Big10 alum count for the years they have played in that game and we haven’t. Other details like beer at the stadium , etc would be of the utmost importance in deciding the venue. Having attended the Sun Bowl because of it’s convenience to what I was doing when UGA beat Arizona there, other longest college football travels have been for other reasons. I think that affects more fans than those great UGA fans who make the pilgrimage each year, no matter the venue.

  6. Bulldog Joe

    After the annual loss to Georgia, their chances of making the sixteen team fish-fry are remote at best.

  7. shane#1

    Another teaser title Senator. I thought maybe a Tech flag boy had been arrested in Athens, I don’t know, maybe a drive by slapping? 16 teams will not be a big help to Tech, not with VT and the recruiting they are doing at FSU and playing UGa every year.