Tot no longer.

Akron goes all in on a guy who looks more like a fully loaded baked potato now.

I have to confess I don’t get the Bowden mystique.  Does it all stem from an almost twenty-year old winning streak?  Because the only other noteworthy item on his resume is running a lower division home for SEC strays the past couple of years.


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  1. TennesseeDawg

    “Here, take this football before I eat it”

  2. “a fully loaded baked potato”

    Thanks for the laugh on a Tuesday morning.

  3. AthensHomerDawg

    $375,000/yr? That’s pretty sweet.

  4. Watchman

    What the heck is Michigan State doing playing AT Akron?

  5. Normaltown Mike

    Wow. Just wow.

    Tater tot was always a lil doughy, but he’s a full on fat ass now.

    Looks kinda like Corky from “Life Goes On” in a fat suit.

  6. WarD Eagle

    Please don’t make me defend any Bowden (especially when their recruiting and discipline might come into the discussion), but this isn’t the record of a know-nothing coach.

    As long as Charlie Weis is a head coach, there is room for Terry Bowden.

    • TB has a good offensive mind, but he’s a lousy recruiter (not to mention the rest of the baggage he carries). You saw what happened at Auburn as Dye’s recruits left the program.

    • Normaltown Mike

      Anybody that watched the 1995 Georgia-Auburn game can attest to the fact that Tater Tot knows how to toy with a dim wit.

    • Dog in Fla

      “As long as Charlie Weis is a head coach, there is room for Terry Bowden.”

      But if and only if Charlie vacates the room

      • Macallanlover

        There certainly aren’t many rooms that would accommodate both simultaneously. Neither of their current venues have that type of space in their facilities. But it would look like a world class sumo wrestling match if someone walked into a room with Cheetos or doughnuts.

    • Cojones

      Let’s see. He did arrange an Aub/FSU game before he left, but Tubbs had an SEC team pay an ACC team $1M to not play them. To me that was more egregious than any of Bowden’s mistakes.

      Can it with the fat jokes. If Terry wants to be called “Mr Two-Boobs”, then let him party hardy. He may be leaving them in his will as transplants (pick your recipient).

      • AthensHomerDawg

        Well it is preseason… folks are bored… easy target?

        • Cojones

          Yeah, but doesn’t Tressel still work for Youngstown St.? And what in hell is Craig James doing now, working with his son in a dark room? Cutting edge questions, my friend.🙂

  7. MGW

    So you’re saying you don’t like the guy?

  8. ScoutDawg

    Did you hear me? I said my last name was Bowden.


    Senator-I am a huge fan and read all of your posts–I know it is the off season and you search for stuff to write about-However I don’t get being mean for the sake of being mean-I have no Love for the Bowdens-just something tells me to let you know I think you are above this type of stuff-there is nothing for us to gain by bashing people.
    your loyal reader,
    Bruce Lauriault

    • Scott

      This isn’t the first time the Senator has picked on Terry.

      You are right that there is much to admire in daily posts on this site. The Senator does an amazing job.

      However, I have discovered that there are about 4 or 5 topics about which the Senator is completely irrational. Terry Bowden is on this list. Joe Paterno is another. At the other end of the spectrum, he has such a mancrush on Mike Leach that we have to endure the bi-weekly attacks on Craig James.🙂

      • As always, thank you for the blog praise. You’ll have to indulge me as I respond to your “completely irrational” tag, though.

        As far as Bowden goes, he’s a name and not much else. That’s why Akron, fresh off the classiest move by an athletic department in 2011, hired him. And the school has chosen to double down on this by embarking on a marketing campaign that’s little more than personality worship. I didn’t come up with the “Tater Tot” tag, but if Bowden’s willing to put himself front and center like this, IMO, he’s fair game. I notice that you don’t have a response to the questions at the end of my post, so maybe you can explain what’s irrational about it.

        I plead guilty on the Leach mancrush. I freely admit to having a soft spot for successful coaches who aren’t soulless robots. (FWIW, my Grantham mancrush is at least as big.) That being said, if you think my criticism of Craig James and ESPN is because Leach was the target, you haven’t read my comments carefully enough.

        Which brings us, speaking of mancrushes, to Joe Paterno. I haven’t written anything about JoePa in weeks – even with the Sandusky trial playing out in all its filthy glory – and hadn’t intended to, until this comment of yours appeared. Paterno is a coaching legend who did plenty of great things in his time at Penn State. But his legacy is deservedly tarnished because he was part of a Penn State administration that turned a blind eye to a serial pedophile. Paterno himself expressed regret that he didn’t do more. If you believe he was sincere in saying that, and I do, then how is it irrational to say that a man who was arguably the most powerful person on campus should bear a price for being part of the institution that enabled Sandusky to victimize kids over a period of years? If I’m irrational about that, I sure have a lot of company.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          “Alleged serial pedophile,” Counselor. If the jury comes back with a guilty verdict it then would become “proven serial pedophile.” Accuracy. Always strive for accuracy.🙂

        • Scott

          Ray Goff was a running backs coach before UGA hired him as a head coach. Mark Richt had only been an offensive coordinator at FSU- a program with so many stars athletes that any OC would have had success. There are dozens of hires every year with lesser resumes than Terry Bowden, yet you single him out for ridicule. Terry Bowden has been a head coach as several different programs with success at all of them, including Auburn. I think he is more than qualified for the Akron job.

          I do appreciate you laying off PSU, JoePa and Sandusky. That’s been nice.

      • Dog in Fla

        For Pete’s sake, Scott, it’s because Tater Tot – thanks to the Zip’s P.R. Department – and JoePa – thanks to Jerry* – are in the news so often “[a]nd if Mitt Romney becomes President his crazy-eyed sons, their docile and vaguely pretty wives and their cookie-cutter Children of the Corn offspring are going to be in the news always and it won’t be fun news like the drunken/whoring/intern-killing/actress-banging/messy-divorcing/bootlegging/drug-addicted/plane-crashing/crushed dreams Kennedy kind of fun news that America loves to slurp up like it was coated with high-fructose corn syrup and bacon.”


        • Cojones

          It sounds just as funny when you repeat it. Notice I didn’t say “plagiarize” because if the Senator ever sees that word from me, he will cut..

  10. Keese

    Thanks for the humor Senator. It made my morning….spewing coffee out of my nose while reading your comment and seeing the picture simultaneously. Well done

  11. George O'Leery

    Finally Friedgen shaved that awful mustache

  12. Aligator

    His name is Fatimus Prime!