Tuesday morning buffet

Kibbles and bits:

  • If I grok Phil Steele, Florida will surprise this season because some second-year coaches have kicked righteous ass.
  • Stay classy, young Gator.
  • If you’re gonna be a Tennessee football blogger, you might as well embrace sarcasm.
  • In his mailbag opener, ESPN‘s Ed Aschoff manages to riff off a dumb question with an even dumber SEC speed, baby! answer.
  • If you’re interested, ESPN posts some SEC title odds.  (Georgia’s are third best.)
  • Mmmm, cupcakes“The SEC has 14 teams each playing four non-conference games, so that’s a total of 56 matchups. We have the SEC projected to be favored in 51 of those 56 games by an average of a whopping 23.8 points.”
  • Shakin the Southland‘s DrB puts on a run blocking clinic.


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12 responses to “Tuesday morning buffet

  1. Mackie

    There were a few things I was surprised about in Steele’s preview this year. FSU as a National Championship winner was probably the most shocking, but his analysis of the SEC East seemed 1/2-assed. Knocking on UGA because of the experience we lost on the O-Line without acknowledging (and this could just be me) that our O-Line play last year was VERY POOR. Sure our starters this year are gonna be green, but I don’t see a huge dropoff coming talent-wise because it seemed like we couldn’t stop anybody from blowing us up.

    Also, if I’m not mistaken the Gators have to work in a new OC after the Charlie Weiss experiment went over like a lead balloon. I’d be higher on them next year once our schedule changes, but right now I see them as a 2 (maybe 3) loss team minimum.

    That’s just my thoughts, not like people are lining up and down the street waiting for my opinion on SEC football.


  2. Reptillicide

    LOL @ Steele… I see how he does it now. If I pick FIVE “surprise teams,” I’m sure to be able to say that I was right next year, too.


  3. Bob

    Are we really surprised by Aschoff? After all he went to the school that gave us Corrine Brown.


  4. Gravidy

    Steele’s reasoning for picking UF is based heavily on players being in year two of the system. That is true on defense, and that unit is getting a lot of preseason love. But is it true on offense? I don’t see how.


  5. charlottedawg

    I wouldn’t be surprised if the gators were good this year. they have a good defense (#8 nationally in total defense) and a lot of second year coaches especially former defensive head coaches have kicked ass in year two after meh first years (saban, stoops). Frankly if Georgia wants to take the next step it needs to embrace the fact that it will need to consistently beat good gator teams to get to Atlanta. You cannot be a national power if you constantly lose to someone in your own division.