Musical palate cleanser: Listen, mister…

Ray Davies doing “The Letter”.  What could not be freakin’ awesome about that?  (And don’t miss Robyn Hitchcock’s accompaniment on hair dryer at about the 1:45 mark.)

Bonus track from the same show:


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8 responses to “Musical palate cleanser: Listen, mister…

  1. Tommy

    Very nice. I caught Ray at an Austin City Limits taping a few months ago, but I missed the Third concert with Mike Mills et al during SXSW.

  2. DawgVegas

    Man, I sure wish I could’ve gone to that. Love Big Star, Mr. Davies, Mitch Easter, M Mills, etc. That would’ve been a perfect show for me.

    Thanks for posting this Senator, as always.

  3. Well Sir… and I may not agree very often but upon the greatness that is Big Star we do in-fact Concur.

    • Atta boy, CC. I knew I liked ‘ya.😉

      • shane#1

        Thanks Senator, my good friend Spooner Oldham co-wrote “The Letter” with Dan Penn. They were old time Muscle Shoals Al. boys. Spooner has performed with the likes of CSN&Y and DBT.

        • shane#1

          Not trying to name drop there, but old Spooner has labored long hand hard in the vineyards of rock and roll and I don’t think he has gotten the recognition he deserves.

          • NRBQ

            Lotta guys in that category. Like Duck Dunn, who passed recently. Known to every musician, but few in the public.

  4. Keese

    Didn’t Buck Owens, Archie Campbell and Grampa Jones join them on the Renegades tour across the US?