Don’t cry for me, Knoxville.

If you don’t mind my butting in here, the wrong question is being asked and answered in this post.  What you should be asking is this:  over the past four years, has there been a more pathetic fan base than Tennessee’s?

No offense, but after all, you’re the folks who stood with Mike Hamilton as he canned Fulmer the year after giving him a major compensation bump, cheered him on for hiring a carpetbagger like Junior, worshiped every dick move of Kiffin’s as if he were reinventing the art of coaching and stood there with a shocked look on your collective faces when the Laner abandoned you for the job everyone thought he was after in the first place.

And as a topper, you let the guy who got you into the mess bring in as the next head coach a guy with a losing record in a mid-major conference whose major claims to fame were being the son of a successful SEC head coach and working for Nick Saban.

So now you’re looking for sympathy?  Hmm.  At least you have your health, I guess… er, as long as we’re not talking about your program’s academic health, that is.


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20 responses to “Don’t cry for me, Knoxville.

  1. Burt

    After reading some of the comments from that post I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that considers Clay Travis the douchiest douche in all of douchedom.


  2. HVL Dawg

    I’m hoping it gets worse. Remember they are building their new football facilities right now.

    I’m kinda hoping that when it gets finished the hot and cold water pipes will be backwards (I’m assuming they will be installing plumbing), the air conditioning will not work, they’ll have a structural problem in their swimming pool, and the roof will leak.


  3. Heywood Jablome...

    Nothing sucks like a big orange…


  4. T. Boone Pickens

    They really need to fire the AD who is responsible for all this…er…wait….


  5. Andrew

    Well put. Haven’t met a more agreesive fan base.


  6. There is certainly an enjoyable level of schadenfreude. I guess Tennessee fans missed the whole “you made your bed, now sleep in it” lesson your parents are supposed to teach you about consequences.


  7. godawg

    Truer woods have never been spoken Senator…but still…OUCH!


  8. Go Dawgs!

    This will be the only time in my life that I will ever defend any Vols. I have to disagree with the point that the entire Volunteer fanbase embraced all of the douchebag moves made by Lane Kiffin. I know several Vol boosters here in the northwest Georgia area who never embraced Lane. They felt embarrassed by his antics and were quite conflicted as they tried to embrace the way the program was choosing to go forward. Of course, they did celebrate Lane’s moral victories (the narrow loss to Florida) and his actual victories (they did enjoy beating our pants off), but on the whole I think they were a bit relieved that he was gone when he left. Of course, they were quite unhappy with the state of the program post-Kiffin… and I’ll agree with every other point made here. They’re insufferable.


    • Cojones

      Yeah, but they missed his hotty wife. James Franklin can’t even wave at her any more.


    • Macallanlover

      While true that SOME UT fans were wise enough to realize what a train wreck Junior was, but let’s not pretend the vast majority swayed to his every beat. Even when he dissed their blessed traditions they accepted his insults and defended his indefensible positions. I think the Senator’s comments are dead on.

      Some of the more balanced, rational TN fans tell me that over a dozen Vol players, including Bray, would have been academically ineligible had TN gotten a bowl bid last year. Some privately wonder about the lack of effort against Kentucky thinking they would rather have thrown the game than face the embarrassment of that many players missing a nationally televised game. Bray is also a concern for other “issues”, but I have heard he may have gotten past them now. Never know with him, he is another Kiffin head case.


  9. Nevermind the fact that a program with Tennessee’s resources never stays down for too long. They’ll be back, even if it takes a few years. You want to talk struggles, talk to an Ole Miss or a Vanderbilt.


  10. russell

    cojones , thats funny , but i miss her too. Maybe Kiffen will be hired by Franklin someday.


  11. Ed Kilgore

    No question the Vols are no better than dead even in what Phil Steele might call the reap/sow ratio (RSR). Seems they’ve forgotten all the money and “history” were built against the backdrop of a poor recruiting landscape and rapidly improving competition. While programs go up and down, some with a better fundamental environment will never stay down long. UT might. They can’t really afford a long bout of stupidity plus bad luck.


  12. Objective Bama Fan

    I almost feel sorry for them. Almost….. Then I think about how C. Travis was such a Kiffen apologist; always defending him no matter how stupid and arrogant he was.


  13. Red Clay Hound

    Rocky Flop indeed.