Friday morning buffet

Nourishment to wrap up the working week:

  • Less than eight months into his job, the NCAA enforcement director has decided he’s had enough.
  • Bruce Feldman lists his ten schools with the easiest 2012 nonconference schedules.  Yep, Georgia makes an appearance.
  • The best thing I can say about the composition of the BCS Presidential Oversight Committee is that Michael Adams doesn’t serve on it.
  • For all that have complained about the Pac-12’s strength of schedule numbers, Bill Connelly’s got his breakdown of the conference for you right here.
  • Some great double talk from Grant Teaff“This isn’t something that we have happily done,” said Teaff, referring to the poll being part of the BCS formula the previous 14 years. “We’ve done it because the commissioners wanted us to and the coaches wanted to be part of the selection process and that’s the only reason we’ve done it. There’s no other reason.”   So they’ve wanted it, but they’re not happy about it?  They can’t kill the Coaches Poll fast enough.
  • Expect to hear more of this talk as the new postseason regime settles in.
  • Bryan McClendon on this year’s group of running backs:  “Probably as far as pure talent-base, probably the most talented that I’ve had in my room ever.”
  • Randy Edsall defending himself is everything you’d expect it to be.
  • “Jeff Sagarin won’t care,” said Jerry Palm, BCS analyst. “He doesn’t need the BCS, the BCS needs him.”


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16 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Dog in Fla

    “NCAA enforcement director has decided he’s had enough.”

    Director formerly known as a scab picks new line of work. Julie Roe Lach, come on down!

  2. Go Dawgs!

    The ease of our nonconference schedule is McGarity’s fault, obviously. However, Georgia Tech must also shoulder some of the blame.

  3. SidVicious

    McClendon is a funny guy, I assume he was joking.

    Most talent group ever? They have less than 5 rushing td’s combined.


    On the easy schedule?

    Was AD McGarity wrong this year or last year? Last year he scheduled Boise, a top 5 team, resulted in a loss, this year, a bunch of cupcakes, he was wrong once, can’t be right in scheduling top 5 teams, and cupcakes.

    • He’s been the RB coach since 2009. Which group of his would you say is/was the most talented?

      • Sandman

        No doubt, Crowell had 5 td’s, Malcome 0, Samuel 1, the Ealey/King/Samuel trio had 3 back returning 12 td’s after 2009, Ealey alone was more productive than the entire backfield last year, I think Ealey had 11 td’s in 2011…This is not returning a lot of rushing touchdown productivity in 2012, to understate the glaring obvious.

  4. Sandman

    Ealey had 11 td’s in 2010 I think. He was by far the most productive guy we’ve had in a while (Ealey had more td’s in 2010 than the entire backfield combined in 2011). And he was the man in the 4th quarter, at bout 6 ypc. Crowell had 1 td in his last 7 games.

  5. shane#1

    Ealey was a very talented back. However, there are four and maybe five really talented backs in the backfield now. So, on a pure talent basis, not talking about production, just strength and speed, this may be the most talented backfield in UGA history. Except, when Herschel was back there by himself.

    • I don’t know if I’d go that far. Dooley had some backfields in the mid-80’s that were flat-out loaded.

      • shane#1

        True, true, but those mid-eightys backfields never equaled Hershel by himself. I don’t remember any NCs or Heismans from that period. This is the deepest and most talented backfield ion my memory. My dad started taking me to games when Wally Butts was coaching, so I have watched some UGA football in my time. The closest I can come would be when Thomas Brown, Lump, and Ware were all healthy, but none of them had the speed that these guys have.

        • Cojones

          What about Hearst and the MVP of the Denver Super Bowl win? Weren’t they in the same backfield?

          • shane#1

            Yes, but the Super Bowl MVP didn’t really blossom until he was at Denver. I really can’t wait to see Gurley play. He may be the most talented of all. 220lbs, 4.5 speed, and an AAU hurdler. That is one hell of an athlete. If you have seen any videos of him in that All American game you know what I mean. The you have Crowell and Marshall with speed to spare and Malcom to pound ’em, and it looked like Samuel was finally coming around at the UF game before getting hurt. That is one very deep and very talented backfield right there.

  6. Always Someone Else's Fault

    USC, Oregon, Stanford all top 10 – that’s as good as the P12 possibly gets. Last year was their high water mark. Who in that conference ended up with a tougher SOS than Georgia, a team that avoided Arkansas, Alabama, and LSU last year? UCLA and Colorado.

    It’s a conference that never looks half as good in the rear view mirror as it does in the pre-season crystal ball. Face it – it’s 9 programs somewhere between Vandy and Kentucky in terms of competitiveness, 10 when Stanford reverts to being Stanford.

  7. Governor Milledge

    I’m pretty excited about our stable of RBs too…

    However, I’m just waiting for the agitation of “why aren’t we seeing Marshall/Gurley” during the season, and the discussion goes back to the ol’ “they need to become better blockers” before seeing serious PT on the field


    I think Henderson and Worley were a great 1-2 punch–but we are really deep now with these guys–hope we can open some holes for them