Generalissimo Francisco Franco is still dead…

and the University of Georgia still has 2012 football tickets for sale to the general public.


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  1. DawgPhan

    I must say that I am really shocked that season tickets are still available. Oh well….this was a good year to either start getting season tickets or add on to your season tickets.

    • JDawg

      “this was a good year to either start getting season tickets or add on to your season tickets”

      That depends on how you look at it. I think the demand for season tickets (and tickets in general) will continue to go down.

      • WarD Eagle

        I agree. Especially with our seasons being quickly reduced to maybe 3-4 games anyone with a family wants trade for an entire precious Saturday. For you guys, it’s FU, USC*, AU, GT, Mizzou*, and maybe one West team. (*Either of these can quickly fall off the radar.)

        For AU, it’s the same thing. I’m still willing to travel to Auburn for UGA, UAT, LSU, and FU (once every second blue moon now). I will consider finding my way to TX for the Aggie game, but like Mizzou for you guys, there’s a novelty factor involved.

        From a monetary perspective, it seems to be a no-brainer. More games on TV, a playoff (more games against cupcakes), equals more money for the school.

        However, I think the brands are being diminished. Or, at least, brand loyalty.

      • Saint Johns Dawg

        Only if the team continues to underperform. This year’s a “wait and see” year on the tickets. If UGA wins the SEC demand will rise. Winning teams sell out. Period.

    • Joe Schmoe

      I’m I the only one who thinks that this has as much to do with Adams killing the game day experience as it does with the schedule? It used to be fun to go down to campus even when we were playing a crappy opponent because I could spend the whole weekend in Athens having a good time. It just doesn’t seem worth it when you can only tailgate for a few hours before the game. My perception as an alum is that the school is anti-tailgating and tries to make it as hard as possible to have a good time doing so. I really believe this is having an impact on ticket sales in addition to the weak schedule.

    • DawgPhan

      My tickets got much improved this year. awesome. knew it was a good year to add another season ticket and try and move. Moved from upper to lower level in the corner about 27 rows up.

      can’t wait to check out these seats for Buffalo.

  2. Bob

    Did you see the ad in the weekend AJC? Full up season tickets advertised. No, not the Nerds. But the Reptiles were advertising in a big ugly orange banner across the top of the sports section will Will pictured. And the fair city of Gainesville was asking for visitors to boot. We aren’t talking single season tickets or returned tickets, but rather full up season tickets to the Swamp.

    Either Jeremy Foley’s whimp scheduling is finally catching up or the Reptile Alumni are already weary of Muschamp.

  3. Marshall

    I wonder if McGarity is starting to get the memo. I mean, really, what else could explain it? Probably the most excitement the program has had since 2008, and they’ve still got tickets to move. It is a pretty weak home schedule, but I guess a good bit of that is out of their hands–UT sucking, Ole Miss being Ole Miss, Tech being Tech, etc. You’d have to think that having one decent OOC game would help, though.

    • Macallanlover

      “pretty weak home schedule” is being very gentle on your part. And, adding a really good OOC opponent wouldn’t change it a lot on a macro basis. When you add the hassle factor of parking, tailgating restrictions, smoking ban, lousy concession food, etc., it has become less consumer friendly.

      Don’t get me wrong, Athens on a great fall afternoon with the Dawgs at home will always be special, and my memories of that will never fade, but the increased competition for fans’ time with HD widescreens, the sickening cupcake games, 12:00 starts have definitely made it a harder sell. I agree with JDawg, I don’t see that changing going forward. Many of the posters here continue to renew because of the earlier memories, not the more recent years. That traditional loyalty factor will diminish over the coming years as people age and are not replaced by the current generation.

      • FisheriesDawg

        The smoking ban might be less consumer friendly for you, but for most people it makes the stadium more consumer friendly. There aren’t many people left, particularly ones with a college degree, who are still stupid enough to smoke. Even fewer are stupid enough to be so addicted that they have a difficult time making it through a football game without a cigarette.

        • Macallanlover

          Speaking of “stupid”, the ban in the stadium was as idiotic as the one outside, stupid. That has nothing to do with smoking, it has to do with controlling other people’s lives/behavior (as with a certain NYC mayor’s attempts to remove salt from tables in restaurants, or ban soft drinks in large sizes. Of course that type of mindless intrusion doesn’t bother a fool like you.) And, no one said they had “difficulty” making it through aa game. There is a 20 minute intermission where I choose to smoke a cigar as part of my enjoyment of life, and I do so outside the fricking stadium’s seating area. I don’t really care to succumb to folks like you, or the control nazis who attempt to regulate what I choose to do in life. You don’t seem very well versed on the subject so I won’t waste any more time on your personal preferences for how others should live their lives. I can assure you I am more offended by people like you than vice versa.

          • Anon

            My enjoyment of life doesn’t infringe on the public’s nostrils. Yours does.
            Also, the stadium is not a “public” facility. You are bound by the rules set forth on your entry ticket.

            The poor, simple mind of an addict.

            • Macallanlover

              Sorry, apparently that all went right over your head. Your trite, 40 year old attempt at cleverness is not only sad in its simplicity, it is used in the wrong context. The conversation is on two primary points: 1. Sanford now does not have an area where smokers can go to be away from others. That has nothing to do with your nostrils, it has to do with controlling behavior. Forget that there are many annoying things others do around me when I attend a game, smokers are not even allowed, in the open air away from others to light up if they choose. That is simply rude, and poor customer service. Just wait until they ban cursing, bad breath, loud voices, children who may cry or make loud noises, wear too much cheap perfume, etc. It is all the same, except that this particular activity takes place in a cordoned area where no one who doesn’t smoke is subjected to the, oh my god, atrocity of someone behaving legally and civilly. Even you should see this is an unreasonable position. It is nothing but an attempt to control an adult’s behavior, and not just an adult, a customer. People who treat customers badly eventually lose their business. 2. Do not use words like addict to discuss things you don’t understand. When it comes to this subject you are a total novice, don’t show your ignorance just because you have seen the term misused on national TV. Just your way to call names, another immature action by a true simple mind.

              What is this about abiding by the terms of the ticket? I do, when I go, which isn’t much any more for all the reasons I listed so what is your point? I can, and do follow the rules. I just choose to vote with my feet, and have. I don’t let others regulate my life. I also don’t wear a seat belt all the time. That is also my choice to not follow great uncle’s mandates of how I should behave. I also don’t floss twice every day. This could go on and on, some people just lay down and let others run them over. You can play the role of sheep if you would like, but save your criticism for someone that breaks the rules, or imposes more and moreregulation.

              As for the childish nostril infringement comment, you exhale dangerous fumes every time you breathe, your car puts deadly fumes in the air, as does your grill at cookouts, all of which are harmful to humans when breathed in an area where they cannot be dispersed adequately. Smoke from a cigar/cigarette has no measurable effect on others, even in a closed environment, much less in an open area. But I get that non-smokers don’t like the smell on their clothes so I don’t mind getting up and segregating myself from them. If only the control freaks were as courteous.

              • FisheriesDawg

                Hey, I’d be fine if they had a smoking corral like you see in the airports at Sanford. As long as I’m not having to be around your smoke, it doesn’t matter one bit to me what you do to your lungs. You can go shoot up heroin in there for all I care. I’m not going to promise that I won’t let your smoking interfere with my judgement of your intelligence, but it sounds like you don’t really care about that anyway.

                Fwiw, I’m not as uninformed as you claim I am. I watched my grandfather and an uncle both have their larynxes removed (they had to use mechanical voice boxes to talk) and ultimately die from lung cancer. That sort of thing has a burning impact into one’s view of such an activity.

  4. Russ

    I guess those cupcakes weren’t as tasty as Greg thought.

  5. Spence

    I donated for the first time and cannot wait to get my tix. But I did it because I knew demand was so low and I could get in cheap.

    Amazing that just a few years ago the Cutoff was 10k.

    • Yeah, I figured it was going to be another rough year for ticket sales (last year was my first year as a season ticket holder) so I went ahead and upped my donation to get two more tickets for my sister and bro-in-law. I’m not sure if I’ll regret this decision in a few years of the McGarity-ization of our home schedule, but I can always just stop donating and scalp the games I want to. Next year’s conference home schedule should be pretty awesome and we’ll get Clemson/GA Tech in 2014. 2015 will likely be the make or break deal for me and whether I choose to keep going.

      • JDawg

        Not sure I would call Missouri/South Carolina/Kentucky/Auburn a pretty awesome home schedule.

        • Right now we have 6 home games (only two non-con cupcakes at home with Clemson/Tech on the road) scheduled and we’ll be the “away” team in Jax. Assuming we get that 7th home game, it will be against one of the West teams not from the state of Mississippi. I’d say that one of LSU/Bama/A&M/Arkansas will certainly make the awesome factor jump YMMV, of course.

          • JDawg

            There won’t be a 7th home game. We’ll have the 4 I listed plus 2 cupcakes.

            We’ll be playing Tennessee, Vandy, and a team from the west on the road. And the Florida game will be in Jax of course.

            • shane#1

              Anytime USCe and AU show up I wanna go! Au has been our rival forever and South Cakalacky is always close.

  6. AthensHomerDawg

    So the Vandy crowd doesn’t want to road trip to Athens to see their beloved upstart Commodores clash with the Dawgs between the hedges. Not much love there for the brash up and coming new coach huh? You think they might suspect that Georgia is gonna “whip stitches”* on them in Dawg Town?

    *whip stitches- To dominate in any given field, to unleash an unholy amount of ass kicking. Used like as an adjective, like cool or sweet, or a verb like kicking ass or owning.
    ex. Coach Todd Damn Gramtham is gonna whip stiches on Franky this year!
    Yeah our DC! And at sometime during that game Coach Erk will be smiling down with a big ole grin on his face and exclaiming ” Yeah baby, that’s what I’m talking about……. now make ’em remember it.”

  7. DawgPhan

    For me on a saturday, parking is free and plenty of it, tailgating rocks, and getting to see games between the hedges is always fun. A noon kick off means that I get to hit Cali n Titos or Little Italy for dinner before heading home.

    I also suspect that a lot of the ticket sales issues have to do with the economy. I knew tons of new money people in the first half of the decade that loved to talk about their skybox and 6-8 club level tickets. Now they just have 4 club level tickets. Most of the new money came from housing. Only anecdotal tough…no data to support.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      “Most of the new money came from housing. Only anecdotal tough…no data to support.”
      Both new and old my friend. We used to joke about the out town developers coming to our turf and whoring up the market. Nobody is laughing now. I watched a friends 90,000 dollar lots in an Oconee Co. subdivision get sold for 15 a pop this spring. I may be in North Dakota this fall wearing three hats….. and I have friends that envy me. You do what you do. I got sons that will continue their education with advanced degrees and I will be damned if I let them get hung with that kind of debt!

      Costa Rica will still be there when they get done.
      just sayin’

  8. John

    Shhhh. Don’t mention Cali ‘n’ Titos. It’s already crowded enough. I miss the days of 2007 before everyone found out about it.

  9. Z-Dawg

    I feel that my situation is related to the current and impending decline of season ticket values. I got out in 2007 and between getting started in a career, marriage, and buying a house, last year was the first time season tickets were really a possibility for us. We have several friends that have season tickets and were aware of the initial and yearly contribution requirements.

    We decided to scalp for each game in 2011 and see how it worked out and determine whether we would make the contribution this year. We never bought anything worse than middle deck tickets (except Boise) and spent less than $1100 total for two tickets to each home game for the season including Boise & FL.

    Boise was $160 for awful seats. For USC we were 10 rows up in the endzone $180 for the pair. Auburn was $250 for 45 yard line 6 rows up on visitor side (awesome game to be right behind Trooper Taylor!). FL was $180 for midway up in the endzone (not ideal). The other games were all less than $80 for a pair.

    My main question to everyone is that other than just having the disposable income to make a contribution to the University, which I would love to be able to do, how do I justify making the initial contribution for guaranteed seats that will be awful when I can scalp for less money and get better seats? I think several of my peers are in a similar situation so I would love some opinions from the more seasoned fans.

    • Beer Money

      If you got in last year and/or this year, your seats shouldn’t have been too awful, depending on your donation.

      Said it on here and say it again…anybody who is dropping, not buying now because “this yur’s skedule suuuucks” is not thinking long-term. As was pointed out earlier, the next two years should be significantly better and if the playoff/BCS model requires SOS to be be a key 9which i am hoping it does), not only will the SEC eventually have to move to 9 SEC games, we’ll probably start seeing better OOC teams too.

      I wouldn’t mind seeing us put together a round robin home-home schedule with the ACC or Big 12. Play one of those teams every year and rotate through the conference for the next two decades plus.

  10. Lrgk9

    Z – you are on the tracks dude. Been doing it that way since ’98.

  11. DawgPhan

    How much did you really save though. A pair of season tickets if a grand and the BSU tickets were around $120 or something like that…so maybe you saved $100-$200? is it worth it to not have tickets in hand for each game. certainly last season wasnt the most high demand tickets.

    To me, it is worth the tax deduction, good feeling for supporting athletics, knowing that I have tickets in hand, and knowing where my seats are…

    If you spent more than a couple of hours getting tickets total during the season you probably didnt come out ahead.

    • Z-Dawg

      Is there not a minimum lifetime contribution to secure tickets on top of the annual contribution? Even if there isn’t I would never qualify for away tickets so those would have been another $340 on top of my $980 total for 6 home games all in the top of the 600 level. With the quality of these home schedules I would much rather drink my $200 and have better seats than give to athletics as a show of support for more cupcakes.

      • DawgPhan

        So probably no minimum points this season or last. If you gave $250 then you got tickets. For you 2 season tickets would mean a $500 donation and season tickets were like $550 or something. The 600 level tickets are not sold as season tickets…you would get 300 you might be at the top of the 300 deck, but definitely not in the 600 level.

        For me, putting in the leg work for $200 probably isnt worth it. I like putting the little sticker on my car and getting the tax deduction.

        • Z-Dawg

          I actually enjoy the scalping process but do appreciate you correcting me on the contribution and 600 level.

  12. Haywood Jablome

    Will somebody please buy the damn seats so I won’t keep on getting bombarded with emails from the AA on Mondays

    • Dog in Fla

      I spent a lot of money on liquor, fast women and fast cars. The rest I just squandered. So count me out.

  13. Class A

    So I have 8 season tix on the front row, upper deck, 38-42 yard line. Had them for years with over $75K in LTD. Excellent seats and I pay a lot each year to get parking pass, 8 Florida tickets and this year I get 4 tix each to Missouri and Auburn. I am fully authorized to say that I am pretty aggravated with this year’s home schedule. And another thing, with the university’s admissions standards, the base will start to go down when folks like me quit going. why you ask? A lot of the students today just don’t give a sheet, I saw it first hand last week at freshman orientation.

  14. Bubs

    No one is going to be complaining about the weak OOC games and weak home schedules if we bring home a National Championship. No one.

    • rbcdawg

      Wanna bet?

      I’d be happy about the championship but that wouldn’t change the fact that the value of getting season tickets just isn’t there.

    • Macallanlover

      See? Chasing an imaginary,voted on title can certainly cause you to lose all touch with reality. Everyone would still be overpaying, except more, if that happened for the watered down product we are being served. It might translate into a few more sales, but it won’t last. Over the spring you will look at the schedule and realize you could buy great seats to the 1 good home game, and great seats, plus travel, to the best road game and still spend less and see all the quality the schedule offers most years.

      I know, I know, it’s giving one for the Gipper and all the warm feelings but I feel like fans are being raped by the ADs and Presidents. Just tired of being a sheep, but God Bless you man. Dawgs are a special part of all of our lives, and I have certainly over paid on things in my life.

      • mostly we over paid for sex but that’s a different blog

      • DawgPhan

        raped is a little harsh….6-7 football games for $80/each isnt that bad. concert tickets are around that much and football beats most bands these days.

        • Macallanlover

          True, and I seriously overpay for many of my passions at times. It isn’t the amount of money, it is the arrogance of telling us to our face that we are going to be hosed, and like it, that aggravates me most. That and knowing there are better options available.

  15. Just Chuck

    I remember, even back in the Goff years, any excuse to get back to Athens made me happy. That’s still true. I would like a better schedule but the biggest problem I have with the cupcakes is the early start times.