“In the SEC, there’s football season and there’s recruiting.”

I did a double take when I saw this, but Rodney Garner has spent half his life as an SEC coach.  I wonder how many others can say that.


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  1. Go Dawgs!

    He’s the best thing Jim Donnan ever did for Georgia and one of the best things Mark Richt has ever done was keeping him happy. A lot of message board people like to try to throw off on his abilities as a coach, but I think he’s done a helluva good job for Georgia both on the field and in the recruiting wars. I’m thankful that he’s been happy to be a part of Mark Richt’s staff and has been content to wait in Athens for the right coordinator or head coaching job to come along instead of hopping around making lateral moves. He’s been a Georgia Bulldog for more than a decade now, and I have to say that I think he’s a Damn Good Dawg.


    • There’s always been the oft-rumored situation that the original discord between BVG and Mark Richt was that BVG wanted to fire Garner and Richt refused to allow it. There’s also always been the rumblings that the reason Garner wasn’t fired is that he supposedly knows where any UGA skeletons are hidden.

      Obviously, that’s all hearsay – but there are certainly rumblings as to why Garner is still employed in Athens asides from his coaching/recruiting abilities.


      • Saint Johns Dawg

        Those rumors about Garner knowing about “skeletons” are likely BS. If he knew about stuff he was uncomfortable with, he’s had plenty of chances to leave … but he has stayed.


        • Fuelk2

          Who said he was uncomfortable?


        • Normaltown Mike

          “Those rumors about Garner knowing about “skeletons” are likely BS.”

          Yeah, if he had some skeletons, he’d leave the coaching staff and take a position in the AA in some indecipherable capacity where he doesn’t have to do anything and makes a nice salary.

          Maybe Director of Locker Room Aerodynamics or Athletic Apparel Exchange Coordinator.

          Read through your media guide and you’ll find em.


  2. Rodney likes to eat chicken wings.


  3. Slaw Dawg

    “I thought we were rich.” That’s wonderful! Sounds like he was and has been “rich” in the things that matter. But just like me, he puts his daughter in a private school! What were we thinking, Coach? Life in the good ol’ days, picking wild blackberries and plums and making boxes into slides–yeah, that “was a good lifestyle” indeed!


  4. Debby Balcer

    I am impressed by his character. I hope he stays in Athens for a long time.