Now he tells me.

In his review of Florida’s offense, Year2 gets off a nice one-liner:

The problems were obvious. John Brantley was tasked with being a starting quarterback in the SEC (he’s not).

And never was, despite the blind faith in Corch’s magic.


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  1. Mayor of Dawgtown

    They left out one: Muschamp is now being tasked with being a head coach in the SEC (he’s not).


  2. Merk

    I thought Brantley was the only reason they won half their games. Though I guess if they think Brantley was not a SEC QB…then what does that say about their other QBs. Weis sat them to play a cripple Brantley.


    • Mike

      I think it says the other QBs were true freshman. It takes a rare talent for a true freshman to be a successful full time SEC QB


  3. gastr1

    I think the lack of someone better than Brantley post-savior is a big reason Corch got “sick” and left for tOSU. Wouldn’t to start losing to the other SEC teams…best to move on to less-demanding pastures.


  4. 81Dog

    wasnt it just a few years ago that Florida fans were bragging that Brantley was, at worst, the third best QB in the SEC (Tebow was first, I forget who could have been second)?

    It took UGA fans a few years to realize the Herschel era was over. It took us a few years to realize Spurrier had flipped the script on us in Jacksonville. Maybe we’re in the middle of the script flipping back our way on the Gators, and it wont be obvious except in retrospect.


    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Correctomundo 81. It’ll be 10 years from now when we can all look back and see with crystal clarity the worm turning. Right now we’re in the middle of it and it is still obscure. Still, if the Dawgs can prevail this year we will be 3-3 for the last 6 and on a 2 game winning streak. That’s parity for sure, heading toward superiority.


  5. Ginny

    I literally remember Gator fans putting “Brantley” and “Heisman” in the same sentence. So funny to look back on now.


  6. Bulldog Joe

    Legacy JB IV = Legacy JT III (but with no Matthew Stafford waiting in the wings).


  7. Always Someone Else's Fault

    I cannot believe people left out the best part: Gator fans who did not want Tebow to come back for his senior year so that Florida could unleash the Brantley and all that speed at WR. Seriously. It was an actual argument.


  8. JN

    “Of course there’s a difference between conservative offense and bad offense, and the latter is what we’ve all been watching out of Gainesville the past few years. Even the 13-1 team from 2009 doesn’t look all that special when you restrict the stats to just conference play. That side of the ball in Gainesville just hasn’t been the same since Dan Mullen and Percy Harvin left town after 2008”.

    You might as well strike though “Dan Mullen and” in the last sentence. I think Mullen is a very good offensive mind to the point that going into last year I told anyone who asked that Mullen was in my top 3 to replace Richt if Richt were to lose his job after last season. But Harvin…he was just special…made the other 10 on the field immensely better just by lining up at his position. The 09 offense at UF would have been better w/ Mullen at the helm, but Harvin and Addazio (sp?) would have been, simply put…way way mo betta!


  9. Mike

    I think his best quote was his final quote;

    “Muschamp may be the guy ultimately in charge, but the team’s success will not be determined by his area of expertise.”

    Indeed. Muschamp probably thought he hit a home run when he convinced Weis to come aboard last year. He thought he could turn the offense completely over to an experienced single caller and QB mentor. Neither proved to be the case and Muschamp was in no position to take the reins in mid-season. Rumors are that Weis was quietly asked to find employment elsewhere.

    The old adage of “fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me” is relevant for the Gator Offense this year. I will believe that the Gator offense can become “Mighty” once again only when I see it.