Stanley Jackson’s “no education experience” – what’s good enough for Ohio State is good enough for Ohio.

Ohio Governor John Kasich is not exactly Mr. Popularity with his constituents these days.  So what better way to shore up support than calling in a former Buckeye quarterback to become a part of his administration?

Alas, as is often the case in such matters, the devil’s in the details.


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53 responses to “Stanley Jackson’s “no education experience” – what’s good enough for Ohio State is good enough for Ohio.

  1. Dog in Fla

    Art, who is already more familiar than Stanley with one of the three branches of government, thinks this is so unfair

  2. Castleberry

    This brings to mind your epic runaway post of the summer where the question was raised about how coaches might relate to a kid with a completely different perspective. When the Gator player was update about being asked by a GM whether three kids out of wedlock might impact him as a player.

    Maybe someone with a perspective outside of the education establishment could help? If he’s a popular OSU player, political bonus for Kasich. No?

    And if Kasich was a Dem everyone on the debate would switch sides and argue the other way…

    • Dog in Fla

      Good point. Gov. Rick Scott should appoint Janoris Jenkins to the Florida Board of Education

      • Normaltown Mike

        Maybe UT could bring in Travis Henry.

      • Darrron Rovelll

        It would be a good gig for Janoris because you know if you work for Scott or you are FL legislator/elected official – you don’t have to pee in a cup.

      • Cojones

        DIF, quit giving the lowlifes ideas. My friends in Fl say that he uses a truck in an advertisement about what he has done for Education in Fl. The ad is paid for by state funds. He has devastated the future of Education in that state and it’s beginning to become apparent early. He has touted his veto of limiting classroom size as saving money by not having to hire more teachers.

        Careful or the GOP will begin using Scott and Kasich in an ad for supporting the uneducated.

    • adam

      “And if Kasich was a Dem everyone on the debate would switch sides and argue the other way…”

      That’s incredibly frustrating to read. And so very, very untrue. I’m probably as liberal (if not more so) than anyone else who reads/comments on this blog. Appointing a man with absolutely no credentials isn’t a partisan issue. Clearly Ohio’s governor is an idiot who doesn’t actually care about education. The letter by his name isn’t relevant at all here. Any intelligent person could see that this is a stupid move. Don’t make it about political parties.

  3. Bulldog Joe

    Put Terrelle Pryor in charge of the Ohio Arts Council, Jim Tressel in charge of Information Technology, and Art Schlichter in charge of the Ohio Lottery and you have a winning team.

  4. ScoutDawg

    Damn, comments on FIRE today.

  5. reddog

    If he had a degree it would be great. The problem now with education is to many are on the board and not enough businessmen. The fox should not guard the henhouse.

  6. Hogbody Spradlin

    Oh, an unqualified government appointee. Dog bites man. Ho hum.

    ‘Politics is the art of getting power without merit.’
    P.J. O’Rourke

  7. AthensHomerDawg

    Seems like a brother just can’t catch a break. Might make an AD some day… who knows.

  8. Always Someone Else's Fault

    Amazing. Political Ops can dig up dirt on guys from 30 years ago in college – but they can’t vet a political appointee? The President of the School That Does Not Exist which happens to have the same address as his house takes the cake.

    More evidence for my operating theory that our political and corporate cultures now seek out and reward mediocrity. Preferably someone tall, with an affable and bland air. If female, straight out of a 1980s detergent commercial.

  9. Corey

    It’s almost as bad as appointing our secretary of the treasury, Timmy Geithner, a man who blamed turbotax for his tax fraud…

    almost as bad as…allowing a community organizer and political hack with no spine to become our President.

    Keep up with the football talk, Senator. You’re much more interesting with that…

    • Stoopnagle


      • Corey

        I just couldn’t leave the political punditry alone. Nice vocabulary word, the internet is amazing isn’t it.

    • Hey! Political hackery and patronizing advice in one comment – impressive.

      Apparently my mockery has offended someone’s delicate Limbaughian sensibilities. Eh, keep your hopes up, Corey. Maybe the Marxist Kenyan usurper (I won’t use his name out of deference to you) will give me some appropriate material soon. He’s due on the playoffs, right?

      • Corey

        Offended no! I enjoy your work tremendously. It is about all I have to look forward to until Sept. And as for me, I’m libertarian in my political mindset (I’m a man, I’m forty…). I can think for myself without parroting a standard talking point. I just hate for you to be among the blinded sheep that belong to the American Bar Association. I know that’s a huge generalization, and that it’s not true for everyone in that profession. But when you bring up Limbaugh, it is a weak minded and limp wristed way to counter your argument.

        We would be better off with Obama focusing on the new playoff system rather pissing on the Constitution? I guess will find out tomorrow, huh?

        • First off, I’m not a member of the ABA. Second, my post wasn’t partisan. It was about a politician looking foolish, in a way that had at least a tangential relationship to college football. So I don’t get the point to your Obama references at all.

        • Always Someone Else's Fault

          Corey’s thinking:

          “I’m smart. My reasons are rational. Therefore, anyone who doesn’t think just like me must be stupid or corrupt. The notion that a different set of experiences or reasoning might be valid is impossible. I don’t listen. I just blare.”

          Seriously, Corey, give the self-righteous arrogance a rest.

          • Corey

            Dude, you totally got me! I’m the one blaring, but meanwhile you can read my thoughts and discern my convictions… So who’s arrogant? I think both sides are corrupt and would just like the light to shine on both sides. But thanks for at least saying I’m smart….

            • Always Someone Else's Fault

              “I can think for myself without parroting a standard talking point. I just hate for you to be among the blinded sheep…”

              Are you saying the motivation behind those sentiments is somehow opaque? Seems rather obvious to me, but it is a limited sample. If you have a explanation for those insults that lies within a reasonable framework, I’m all ears.

              • Corey

                It was a reply to the Senator’s comment about Limbaugh. Thanks for the question I’ll be here all day giving out samples. Btw, EVERYTHING is obvious to you. It’s just us little people who need to grow up to realize that government has our best interests at heart, right.

                • Always Someone Else's Fault

                  Oh please. Now you bring out the persecution complex by the “elites.” And you accuse the Senator of parroting?

                  “Limbaughian.” I think the Senator nailed it.

                  • Corey

                    I think…well you already know what I think, right? But I think you’ve been shown to be a shallow minded little lib. You throw out racial overtones at me, and it proves you’ve lost the argument. If you don’t think there are federalism vs. state’s rights issues in this country, then you simply don’t have a clue. Keep trying, you’re pretty entertaining….

      • Always Someone Else's Fault

        Just put an Obama sign up in my yard today. I’m convinced his reelection is the only thing capable of wrenching the Republican Party back into the real world.

        • Doubtful. If Romney loses, the true believers will just blame it on him not being a real conservative.

          • Always Someone Else's Fault

            Perhaps. But at some point the headlong rush to political purity is going to take the republican Party straight over a cliff. I’m just praying that plunge doesn’t take the rest of the country along with it.

            • Corey

              We’re headed off a financial cliff if you haven’t noticed. With your boy leading the way.

              • Following the lead of extreme deficit spending GOPs like Bush 2, and the infallible almighty Reagan.

              • Always Someone Else's Fault

                Of the 16 trillion in current national debt, 12 of it falls directly at the feet of Reagan, Bush, and Bush. I’m happy to see you at the Debt Outrage Party, but you’re about 25 years late. And yes, I am highly suspicious of people who didn’t give a crap about the debt issue until we had a Black Man in the White House.

                The debt issue is simple: we need to cut spending and raise taxes. It’s going to take both. One candidate admits that. The other can’t. The one who can admit it has my support. And yes, that means I will pay more in taxes.

                • Corey

                  President Obama’s last three budgets (proposed, because we actually don’t use a real budget since the Dems have taken the Senate) have received 0 votes, that’s right no votes from either Dems or Repubs because of his unwillingness to cut spending and fix our entitlement programs. So you’re voting for someone with no coherent plan to make life better for anyone in this country. Perhaps you’ve heard of the Ryan plan, one that has been voted on by the House that addresses most of these current issues. Yet no action from the Senate. Also, the Simpson/Bowles commission proposed exactly what you say would be the correct fix, but no leadership from President Obama.

                  You bring up race as a good liberal would. Here’s the fact without racial hyperbole..which would do us all good thank you. Debt as quoted by “the debt will have increased by more dollars in obama’s first four years than it did in george w. bush’s entire eight-year tenure, when it rose by $4.9 trillion. the rise under obama would then be the biggest dollar increase for any president in u.s. history.” So it’s the rapid trend and the fallout if we have to pay higher interest rates to repay the debt longterm that really scare me. Or it could just be that he’s black…you apparently read minds. Why don’t you tell me?!

                  You are very aptly named….
                  We can keep going at this or you can simply give up the racial and sarcastic comments. Either way, I’m game. Bring it…

                  • Perhaps you’ve heard of the Ryan plan, one that has been voted on by the House that addresses most of these current issues. Yet no action from the Senate. Also, the Simpson/Bowles commission proposed exactly what you say would be the correct fix, but no leadership from President Obama.

                    Anyone who can write that while insisting he thinks “both sides are corrupt and would just like the light to shine on both sides” is either kidding himself or all of us.

                    The Ryan plan doesn’t reduce the federal debt for decades and no Republican supported SB. So please spare us your righteous indignation.

                    • Corey

                      Neither did any Democrat, that’s the problem. No one has the spine to take on these issues. So again, what’s up with the righteous indignation comments. What, you can’t look from the other side either! From Bloomberg and the Huffington Post: “the Ryan would bring the deficit to 1.25 percent of GDP by 2023” Seems like a winner to me, and it gets rid off many tax breaks so you and I can clearly know what we will pay in taxes.

                      And you will not be spared anything as long as you keep coming up with these pitiful retorts. I’ve got to counter you and “Always Someone Else’s Fault” until you can give me some facts to support your arguments. All he has to say is I’m racial or ignorant (or both). That isn’t going to cut it.

                    • Tell me about all the tax breaks the Ryan plan gets rid of and be specific, please. Ryan sure hasn’t.

                      Also, I was talking federal debt, not the annual budget deficit. Big difference.

                  • Always Someone Else's Fault

                    My name references most people who post on the Internet – very quick to point fingers, haven’t looked in a mirror in decades. This blog is surprisingly low on those. Kind of you to make an appearance and remind me why I contribute here instead of elsewhere.

                    I’ve been following the national debt, budget deficit, and trade deficit issues since 1983, when I did a project on them my sophomore year in high school. It’s a bipartisan mess of bipartisan making – and the Ryan Plan is exactly the sort of symbolic but empty gesturing that got us to $16 trillion in debt. I’ve been a Republican all my life, and I’m willing to admit that it bears at least 51% of the blame for the current debt mess and that it’s currently impeding the most effective solutions. The last two presidents in my lifetime to balance a budget: Clinton and Carter. As a Republican, I find that embarrassing.

                    I haven’t insulted anyone on this board for their political views, because I respect plenty of people with differing opinions. I addressed you because you didn’t even bother to extend the same sort of respect – not because you oppose Obama (plenty of very good reasons on that one) or think Ryan has a solution (much more dubious, but you’re entitled to your opinion).

                    • Corey

                      there was a famous takeover of the House by the Newt-led Republicans that led to a balanced budget while Clinton was in office. Remember that?

                • Hackerdog

                  Don’t forget, as Democrats often do, the unfunded liabilities of entitlements. Between Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and Obamacare, we’re talking in the neighborhood of $100 trillion. You actually think it’s possible to raise $100 trillion in taxes?

                  • Corey

                    Ryan’s proposal is vague, I grant you that. But wouldn’t you be when your plan cannot pass while President Obama is in power, and the dems filmed commercials of a look-alike shoving grandma over a cliff after you were specific enough regarding medicare changes you propose. Here is the outline of what he proposes: “… the plan only vaguely offers up ways to pay for these tax reductions. “Chairman Ryan claims that his budget would fully offset the cost of his proposed tax cuts by closing tax expenditures (tax credits, deductions, and other preferences) for high-income households.”

                    What specifically has Obama done to ensure that our entitlement programs remain for us and our children? And be specific,please? Our political system wacks you over the head if you offer up specific cuts, hence Obama’s need to form commission after worthless commission because he can’t be seen as offending any of his base. You ask great questions of the republicans; why not hold the democrats just as accountable?

                    What bothers me about your logic is that you find examples sporadically in the news and filter them to support your preset opinion. Everyone does it, but your platform is substantial. I just for once, wanted to call you out. Be the devil’s advocate… Let’s just all be willing to discuss this without throwing in garbage like race, sexism, etc.

                  • Corey

                    Does not our federal deficit add to the existing federal debt? Thanks, just checking. It’s addition…your honor.

        • Hackerdog

          I agree. If you don’t like the kitchen wall paper, the best thing to do is burn the house down.

          • Always Someone Else's Fault

            You see wrinkled wallpaper, I see a cracked foundation. At this moment in political time, I prefer Obama in charge of the executive branch and a consortium of Republicans running Congress. And I suspect that’s where we will be come the first Wed in Nov.

            • Hackerdog

              Regardless of your chosen metaphor, the solution to problems is almost never to make them worse. Obama makes no bones about wanting to spend significantly more than Republicans. And you believe he’s the man to put in charge of lowering spending? That’s just cognitive dissonance.

  10. Crash Course

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but is it not true that Don Leeburn is a college dropout?