“I always had these jobs where they were pretty desperate…”

I never know whether it’s worth the effort to link to something Spencer Hall posts, since I figure most of you are loyal EDSBS readers already.  (If not, you should be.)  But on the odd chance that some of you haven’t seen it, make sure you catch his interview with Hal Mumme.  It’s an entertaining read.

There’s only one topic Hall didn’t touch on that I wish he had.  For obvious reasons, I’d love to hear Mumme try to justify his now infamous vote for Hawaii at number one in the final regular season 2007 Coaches Poll.



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6 responses to ““I always had these jobs where they were pretty desperate…”

  1. Phil Collins, Alamo memorabilia collector. Who knew?


  2. AthensHomerDawg

    Nice find Bluto. I had no idea he had cancer. It was something my best friend went through. They can operate on that piece of equipment through your belly button now. Less invasive. I can’t imagine punching the clock while going through all that. Takes a certain kind of courage to face the day after that “15 minute sunburn”. And Joe Lee Dunn is still coaching! How bout that? I think that coach would blitz you every down! Was he coaching at Ole Miss when Bobo got hurt?


  3. Cojones

    His honesty and personality makes you want to know the guy. He’s living life by his own standards and thought. A Renaissance man in any other world. Screw all the crap that makes him not fit neatly into our CFB thinking. He is great for the stodgy part of this usually conservatively-played sport.

    He probably would fess up that his exuberance for Hawaii’s QB led him to err in judgement in the eyes of the CFB Nation, but I doubt he thinks it was a mistake or an attempt to influence polls drastically. I’ll bet he feels it was diluted out from an outlier vote by the insipid inbred voting of the BiG 10 coaches.

    Good interview with a man of his own mind. I too thought a great deal of LaVell Edwards and watched the BYU teams whenever possible. He has stretched that CFB offensive thinking to progeny representing good teams that are fun to watch. The fact that he admires Paul from GT for continually running ground plays just speaks to Coach Mumme’s independent way of looking at things. I find him delightful as Leach’s mentor. Vive le diffrence.