Who leaves an extra $500 million on the table?

Back in April when Seth Emerson interviewed me about the postseason changes coming, he asked me a good question:  if the commissioners and presidents vote in a new deal which raises much more money that the BCS does, why would they wait until 2014 to start it?  Sure, there are some daunting logistics involved, but for that kind of money, I’d definitely roll up my sleeves and get cracking.

I guess what I’m saying is that I wouldn’t be surprised to hear an announcement in the next few months that the timetable for the four-team playoff was being moved forward.



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13 responses to “Who leaves an extra $500 million on the table?

  1. Go Dawgs!

    I fully expect Georgia to end up getting screwed by this process, one way or another. Either we’ll be in a situation at the end of the season where we would have been one of the four teams in a playoff if only the playoff had started this year, or they’ll move it up and do a shoddy job and Georgia will be left out somehow but would have been in the BCS game. Call me paranoid, but I’ve become used to how things seem to work where UGA is concerned. I’m still disappointed that Georgia didn’t get to play for a title in 2002.


    • Gravidy

      OK…you’re paranoid. But that doesn’t mean I don’t hear what your saying. 😦


    • Dawgfan Will

      And the real pisser is that if we’d gone undefeated that year, we still would have been overlooked for Ohio State and Miami because we hadn’t been a major player for a while, and winning the SEC didn’t carry the clout then that it does now. That said, I share your belief that some way or another, Georgia will get screwed by this.


    • paul

      It seems to me that the most probable way for us to get screwed in the next few years is on the strength of schedule component. Which means we will be getting screwed by our own guy.


  2. Gravidy

    Senator, I m pretty sure the conferences and schools are eager to start receiving that money. But I’m not so sure the networks are eager to start spending it. And I’m pretty darn sure the bowls are not in any hurry to become less relevant more quickly. I guess they could be convinced to accelerate the decline of their importance if someone were to spread some money on their bruised egos, though.


  3. What fresh hell is this?

    Wouldn’t the current WWL TV contract be a problem?


    • Dog in Fla

      There’s a conspiracy by el Presidente Carebear to lull us to sleep with cheap gas and college football play-offs while he takes our guns away.


      • Cojones

        And I had no idea that he had advocated 8 teams until now. Something else for the GOP to sink it’s teeth into: Blame Obama for the “slippery slope” before Nov.; now that his “manipulated” gas prices, Immigration and “Obamacare” can no longer be paraded about on a stick.

        How is your gov today, DIF, looking for ways not to accept mandated insurance? By now he should be perceived as on the Big Loser’s List and ready for recall. I forgot. The dedicated ignorants don’t vote by issues, although it sounds like he has gone from “Great” Scott to Scott Toilet Paper in a few months.


  4. Always Someone Else's Fault

    It’s interesting. IF ESPN were willing to pay an additional X for the format next year only (because the CFB conferences want multiple bidders on the 2014-20whatever deal), then I could see the possibility. But I expect that the SEC and the B12 would want their new regular season deals signed, sealed and delivered prior to crossing that bridge.


  5. Cojones

    Sure, why not try to get the new playoff inserted by 2013 or anytime before McGarity can change the OOC schedule. That’s part of Delaney’s game isn’t it? Hasn’t anyone put together the OOC schedule by Big10 and PAC12 this year and the insistence that oponent grading be a part of the selection process? That’s your land mine waiting to go off when they push the schedule up.

    “Too late to change McGarity? Too bad. Wait a couple of years and you can get into the game again.”

    Message to Delany: If you only knew how your fixation on the Rose Bowl/BiG10 setup has already led to lower viewership over the last few SEC-relevant years, you would cry in your beer instead of playing Finagaling Football. Hell, I no longer watch the pretty parade after having watched how hard people worked for years to pull off one year’s parade. Even with a good fellow manager, beer-drinking buddy and sports enthusiast now on your RB Committee.

    Hal, I’ll drink a Sammy Smith with you next time I’m in So Pas at The Brothers Three. Let me know when they have your black butt in one of the Official’s Parade cars and I might watch the Parade again. You would think that since you are/were the first and only black member of that lemon-colored white group, you would have been there already.