Friday morning buffet

Yeah, you made it.  Today’s buffet, no surprise, features plenty of playoff seasoning.

  • Heismanpundit gets mocked here on occasion, but I don’t see anything wrong with his post decrying the creeping NFL-ization of college football.
  • Here’s a preview of the Georgia-Florida game from the Gator perspective.  Somebody hasn’t heard of Artie Lynch.
  • Is there more to winning football games than running the ball, stopping the run and being on the plus side of giveaway-takeaways?
  • Hopefully you’re not this naive, but if you’re still wondering who’s really driving the conference expansion bus, let Chuck Neinas clue you in“Our television partners agreed that the only new member that would enhance the Big 12 value for television was Notre Dame.”
  • Mark Richt is okay with a four-team playoff.
  • You can have a four-team playoff with deserving teams, or you can have a four-team playoff with Big Ten participation.  But evidently you can’t have both.
  • Ivan Maisel has two reasons why that 12-year playoff time commitment may not be as strong as they’re trying to make it sound:  “You have to think that the need for more money will arise in that time. And after a few years of team No. 5 screaming about being left out, the need to quell controversy will arise, too.”
  • Gus Malzahn grabs another former SEC running back.
  • Mack Brown thinks the new playoff money is another good reason for increasing player stipends.


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7 responses to “Friday morning buffet

  1. Puffdawg

    And Jay Rome will be a RSFr, not a true Fr.


  2. simpl_matter

    The Big Ten needs a tissue.


  3. Bob

    Dwyer, Oku and Crowell in the same backfield. Wishbone, here we come. 😉


  4. Beard Dawg

    “If Crowell truly has matured he can become one of the best backs in the country”
    Yeah, not so much.


  5. Mike

    The good Senator writes;

    “Somebody hasn’t heard of Artie Lynch.”

    Indeed. How could he possibly overlook those two career receptions over a three year period? After all, they were for a total of 17 yards, so the average per catch is eye popping!

    (Yes, I am aware the good Senator was probably writing that with tongue firmly planted in his cheek.)