After wading through Kevin Scarbinsky’s fellating of Nick Saban, I wonder if college football shouldn’t save us all a lot of time and trouble and just set up a four-team playoff to determine Alabama’s opponent in the title game.


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  1. timphd

    Folks in Alabama do their hero worship better than anyone else I know.

  2. Scorpio Jones, III

    I will pass on reading Scarbinsky…I know what it says. Unfortunately it may very well be Bama and three others for a while to come.

  3. Puffdawg

    This is usually the point things come crashing down. What do the Meyer Florida dynasty, the Davis Miami dynasty, the Carroll USC dynasty, the Tressell OSU dynasty, and the Saban LSU dynasty all have in common? They all ended (or went up in flames) soon after an article similar to this was written.

    I don’t wish anyone ill, but it’s EXTREMELY hard to maintain the level Alabama is at right now. Something will happen: Saban will leave, Saban will get burned out, a scandal will break, something.

    • Bryant Denny

      Therefore, I say enjoy it while I can.🙂

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      PD, you are probably too young to remember this but on election night 1972 after Nixon had trounced the Democratic nominee roughly 65%-35% and everybody on TV was kissing Nixon’s ass David Brinkley said something somewhat similar to what you just said and…..Watergate surfaced a few months later. I don’t know exactly what it is but there is something rotten going on in Tuscaloosa. It just hasn’t shown up yet.

  4. Go Dawgs!

    I can’t believe he’s a paid columnist. His paranoia and delusion is more befitting a fan blog. He thinks the SEC gave other teams bye weeks before Alabama because they wanted to stop Saban? Does he not realize that the league has benefitted greatly from having teams in the national championship picture and is more likely to *prop up* the championship contenders? A “Stop Saban” conspiracy? What a fucking joke.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If anything the opposite has been true.

      • Cojones

        Quite frankly, I would object if EVERY SEC opponent set their bye week just prior to playing us as they did to Bama. Concern was given around the conference regarding those coincidences. FU and UGA (sometimes) set their bye week at just before Jax. Practising for two weeks for an opponent is decidedly an advantage. If all our scheduled opponents did that, I would howl to high heaven.

        Didn’t Slive say that won’t happen again?

  5. Bob

    I get it. Nick Saban is an outstanding football coach. Very likely he is the best coach in CFB today. They have won two of the last three mythical National Championships.

    His teams have won the SEC West 2 times in 5 years. His teams have won 1 SEC title in 5 years, although they have been favored to win it in each of the past 3 years. If things go according to the prognasticators, he will lose out to LSU again this year.

    Last year he was blessed to have been selected to play for the BCS title, even though they were unable to win the SEC West all the while playing two tough conference games, both at home and going 1-1.

    Please spare me the hero worship. On the field Alabama has been very, very good. But 1 SEC title in 5 years, when favored to win it for the last three years does not equate to sainthood.

    • Bryant Denny

      You make some very interesting points, but in these crazy times we live in, two national championships in three years trumps one SEC title in five. Every single time.

      • Bob

        Absolutely it does. The point is, that teams are voted into the BCS title game. Teams earn their way into conference championship games.

        • Bryant Denny

          I think I blogged about your point some time after the BCS game.

          Had he not won the 2011 title, I do wonder if some of my brothers and sisters would’ve started howling about one SEC championship in five.

          • Bob

            And I understand that, in this day and age. He is the best coach in the SEC and probably the nation. But sometimes, we lose a bit of perspective. He has done a great job…but within the SEC, it is not exactly Bryant or even Spurrier like, yet.

  6. JasonC

    I’m not sure he is that stupid (as I think he has published at least 1-2 decent articles before), but the problem is there are Bama fans that stupid and it just encourages them.

  7. Bryant Denny

    For the record, Bama fans don’t need Scarbinsky’s help with our paranoia and delusion.

    There may be some of us that lap up whatever Scarbinsky is peddling, but I don’t think I personally know a single Bama fan that likes his work.

    He may be jumping on the bandwagon now or whatever, but he’s worked hard to earn a reputation among Alabama fans. Therefore, I don’t give two hoots about what he writes. Good or bad.

  8. Charles

    I loved growing up in Alabama, and Birmingham is one of my favorite places to have lived (Birmingham is not only beautiful, but it also has a stellar restaurant scene). But, when Alabama righted the ship in 2008 (THE GREATEST 11 POINT WEEYIN EVER, PAAWWWWLLL!!!111!!!111!!!), I saw otherwise “normal” people turn into obnoxious assholes almost overnight. Football was inserted into EVERY context: work, dinner parties, church. It was relentless. Couldn’t escape it. The passion that Warren St. John writes books about isn’t confined to game days. Scarbinsky, Pawl, et al. understand that. They know their audience.

    I drove a bunch of my classmates over to Tuscaloosa last August to help with tornado recovery/cleanup for a weekend. You can bet that football sure as hell didn’t come up much then.

  9. Objective Bama Fan

    Scarbo will sing Bama’s praises one day, and then will be an Auburn apologist the next. He is trying his best to help his dying paper. Therefore, he doesn’t want to offend anyone.

    However, he is correct about Saban. When he came to Bama he awoke a sleeping giant. We finally got a coach that obsesses over college football as much as the fans do. It won’t last forever, but I am enjoying the ride while it lasts.

  10. JasonC

    OBF & BD,
    Thanks for refreshingly grounded comments from your fan base. Every fan base has their idiots (we certainly do), but I appreciate your responses.