And please be aware the school doesn’t have a refund policy.

Yeah, I’d say this is how you know you’ve got an attendance problem.

A Rice ticket office employee once summed up the meat of the issue when he spoke of summer season ticket sales.

“We rotated football players, especially the starters and youngsters who were well known, coming into the office and making calls to previous and prospective ticket holders,” he related. “By the late 1980s, the fan base was shrinking so much that we were caller [sic] the older season ticket holders first before they became too ill to attend the games.”


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5 responses to “And please be aware the school doesn’t have a refund policy.

  1. illhaveanother.... BEER

    Is this really worthy of this great blog? YAWN ZZZZZ SNOOZE ZZZZZ


  2. illhaveanother.... BEER

    DAMN i forgot first! hahaha i couldn’t resist


  3. Cojones

    That’s hilarious and poignant simultaneously. If my old butt can get to the game in fine fashion, I’ll go, but the day will come where I can’t make any game because the body won’t let me. But I’ll still drool and kick my feet slightly while watching UGA score on tv. Someone may still have to crook my fingers for the salute to FU, Aub and GT, but not for SC because Spurrier probably won’t be coaching there. By then I’ll probably have sets of lips tattooed on my ass with those teams’s names on them.