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GTP housekeeping follow up

I thank everyone for the feedback I received about whether I should start commenter registration.  It was a close call for me – the votes were for, but the passion I got in a number of emails was against – and I’ve decided to leave things as they are for now.

That being said, if I get the sense that it’s getting worse, I reserve the right to change my mind.  And I won’t put it up for your thoughts the next time.

If I can just take a minute to reiterate what this is and isn’t about, I’d appreciate your patience.  I have no desire to censor anyone’s opinion and I think if you’re fair-minded about that, you’ll acknowledge that the comments section at GTP is pretty free wheeling.  But you’re all guests here, and just like I wouldn’t expect you to walk into someone’s house you’ve been invited to and take a dump on the rug, I hope you’d have enough respect for everyone else here not to behave badly.

I’ve nuked people from the site for three reasons.  None of them were because of certain opinions being expressed.

  1. Sockpuppetry.  I understand the psychology, but it’s still weird to me that someone posts under one pseudonym to give another pseudonym fake support.  Also, on a related front, I’ve nuked one commenter for trying to pass himself off as another blogger.  Be satisfied with being yourself, even if that’s under a fake name.
  2. Spam trolling.  You don’t like Mike Bobo?  Think Hutson Mason should be starting ahead of Aaron Murray?  Believe Mark Richt sucks as Georgia’s head coach?  Fine, fine and fine.  Lay it on us.  Just don’t repeat the same arguments in support of it over and over and over again.  It’s boring and worse, it turns off others from participating.  Believe me, we all got your point that Murray’s never won a game on Thursday nights against a ranked opponent wearing blue uniforms the seventeenth time you brought it up.  And you didn’t need to hijack a comment thread on an entirely different subject to get our attention about it, either.
  3. The “Thomas Brown” Affair.  Granted, his was a special case, but really, if you don’t think I’m going to have a problem with you cutting and pasting a rant the length of a short story you posted on another blog here, just try me.

I’m not giving second chances for this sort of stuff any more and I won’t give warnings again.  Those of you who are better at catching this than I’ve been on occasion, please let me know by email.  I promise I’ll take care of it promptly.

And now, I return you to your regularly scheduled grousing.  GATA!



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Joe Barton ignores reality, claims victory.

The man is oblivious to what’s really going on.

“However, I got involved as a Congressman because this isn’t just an extracurricular activity, it is a billion-dollar, interstate industry that impacts many public schools which are funded with taxpayer dollars,” he said. “This is not just about on-field competition, it’s about compensation. I believe that a playoff will go a long way to restoring fairness to both.”

That’s Jim Delany you can hear snickering in the background.  Although he’s no doubt appreciative that Barton can turn his attention back to where he’s needed, protecting the vulnerable oil and gas industry.

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Happy New Year!

Yeah, it’s nice that college football is taking steps to reclaim its special relationship with New Year’s Day, but let’s not forget why this is noteworthy to start with.  If down the road the money becomes more attractive for spreading the bowl games out again, does anybody think they won’t grab it?


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Opening day is going to be a blast (furnace).

If this is the story on June 29th…

… I can’t wait to feel what lies in store for us at around 2:00 PM on September 1st.

The two hottest experiences I suffered through at football games were at a South Carolina game more than a couple of decades ago, when I had to seek cover because of the heat, and the 2003 game at Clemson, which featured the Tigers’ center throwing up on the field and the concessions running out of ice before the end of the first half.  Good times.  Facing something on that level for Buffalo?  Let’s just say that whoever shows up for the opener is dedicated.

And somebody better make sure the ice machines are working all day.


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