Happy New Year!

Yeah, it’s nice that college football is taking steps to reclaim its special relationship with New Year’s Day, but let’s not forget why this is noteworthy to start with.  If down the road the money becomes more attractive for spreading the bowl games out again, does anybody think they won’t grab it?


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5 responses to “Happy New Year!

  1. ChicagoDawg

    The loss of New Years day was my biggest gripe with the BCS era. It really was something special and just got evicerated by the BCS and TV demands. It is hard to imagine how TV does not demand spreading it out. However, it would be impossible to retain competitive balance going into the following week play-off game, if the games get spread out. There is no way you can give one team an extra day or two or three of rest and preparation and still maintain fair championship. So, perhaps they will be foreced to give us back New Years day?


  2. Does planting the flag on NYE mean the Chik-Fil-A bowl has the drivers seat for the 6th rotating bowl game? If not, it’d be making me nervous if I were running the show in ATL.

    Im not really sold that having a semi from 8-11p on NYE is a good idea. But maybe I’ll have quit drinking by 2014.


  3. Charlie Gator

    For all of you as old as dirt like me, here is a sight about when January 1 was the holy grail of football.


  4. Dan

    I don’t like the idea of 3 BCS-quality games on both NYE and NYD. There should be two per day on the 30th, 31st, and 1st with one more time slot for multiple games.
    30th would be 1pm multiple / 4pm BCS / 8pm BCS.
    31st would be 1pm BCS / 4pm Semi / 8pm multiple.
    1st would be 1pm multiple / 4pm Rose / 8pm Semi.


  5. Macallanlover

    As a Senior Citizen and a conservative, I am not one to part with traditions easily but I don’t understand the complaining about spreading games out from New Year’s Day. There is plenty of CFB on NYD, in fact, too much conflict with 3 SEC games in the same time slot. It isn’t like NYD isn’t still “the” day for CFB, and the best day for bowl parties. It is the only one of those late season dates guaranteed to be a holday and offer something for all CFB fans.

    I understand it is different from what we have known for decades but the change insures us we can see more CFB, some of which are quality match-ups. I just don’t understand why fans don’t want to see more games, not have them overlap so you can only see snippets of some, or miss some all together. Change isn’t necessarily bad, especially when it milks a few more quarters of CFB just before we go “dark” for several months.