The incredible shrinking roster

Per Scout, Quintavious “Cootie” Harrow has left the team due to academics.  By AirForceDawg’s count, that currently puts the roster at 70 scholarship players.  I don’t know how much Harrow was expected to play outside of special teams this year, but you’d think with the suspensions in the secondary he was being counted on to contribute there.

At least he’ll always have this to be remembered by:


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  1. AthensHomerDawg

    That’s too bad. I don’t know if he had any other offers other than Georgia . Maybe his time here has improved his cover skills and he will land on his feet somewhere.

  2. HVL Dawg

    This is the awesome. I hope we can get down to 60 by September.

    • Haywood Jablome

      Why stop there? Let’s go for the NFL mandated 53.

      • AlphaDawg

        I think its 55 now with the new CBA

        • MF Adams

          58 days to get to zero by the openimg kickoff. We need to pick up the pace.

          Most profitable college athletic program in the nation.

          And that’s another Bulldog point of pride!

  3. Jrod1229

    If the player never would of seen the field does it matter at all? The only reason we gave him a scholarship in the first place was for IC and obviously he’s gone.

    • cube

      Well, he contributed on special teams (one of our weak spots) last year and it was his true freshman year. Factor in that we’re down to 70 scholarship players and I’d say it does matter.

  4. Wow! I’m not a conspiracy kind of guy, but this right after IC is run out of Athens? We better hope Jarvis has another monster year if we want to have any remaining recruiting connection to Carver. I’m not sure any level of oversigning could have prevented the attrition we’ve seen this offseason. I think we can probably say that every freshman DB and LB on the team should expect to play this fall especially on kick-off and punt coverage.

    • Word is his academic dismissal came down before the Crowell arrest.

    • Puffdawg


      I guess Bluto may have cleared it up but my first thought was maybe Harrow quit to protest IC’s dismissal and the academic thing was a cover.

  5. JonEis63

    He was the one who was IC’s best friend in high school if I remember correctly. Funny, Crowell gone, then his best buddy gone shortly after due to “academics.”

  6. Krautdawg

    The buzz was that Q Harrow was the constant bad influence behind some of Crowell’s more maddening decisions. Since we’d never get rid of a kid just because he was our in with another (see Aaron Murray’s brother), the buzz seems to have some plausibility to it.

    Also, it’s easy to imagine that police report providing a reason to “randomly” drug test Q Harrow on Monday morning.

  7. The ATH

    And I was being “alarmist” for being upset about our complete lack of a contingency plan re: this past signing class…

    • Jrod1229

      So this guy was a contingency plan for you? This is the equivalent of losing a walk on.

      • Raleigh St. Clair

        We already rely on too many walk-ons. We are going into fall camp with 70 scholarship players, which is ridiculous any way you look at it.

        There is no excuse for that kind of recruiting.

        • Macallanlover

          You are right, this Rick guy isn’t worth a flip. Should never have hired him, complete disaster. Very embarrassing to be unable to please the 15 year old minds amongst the UGA fanbase. Also embarrassing to not keep pace with the Cheetziks and Sabans who bring great pride to their programs by the way they conduct themselves. All other fans and media types recognize his shortcomings, just look at Finebaum and Jim Rome, they think a lot like you; if fact, they may get some of their material from you, Skeptic, and a few others here..

          Just curious though, you seem to have hated him before all other fans were aware of his ineptness (except for 2-3 other posters who manage to rip him every day of every week whether things are, seemingly, good, or bad), you must have had someone else in mind. Was it bringing Goff back, or the great Vince/Barbara team? Perhaps even a run at Foolmer? One day you will get your wish because I honestly don’t know why he stays and puts up with the daggers in the back, or those who defend the indefensibles.

          • Hackerdog

            We don’t need Goff back. Everybody knows that Saban would be happy to take a significant pay cut just for the privelege of coaching in Athens.

          • Raleigh St. Clair

            How does any of what you said have anything to do with going into a season with 70 recruited players?

            Yeah, it doesn’t.

            • Macallanlover

              What it says is your statement: “there is no excuse for this kind of recruiting” is a gross misrepresentation of what the staff has done with recruiting. We have consistently gone after, and secured, the athletes all the experts among the fans and media say are the ones to get. Those same athletes were sought by our major competitors in the SEC and top programs around the nation. Our recruiting has not only been good, it has been excellent. To take a very unusual situation and apply it as an indication of a problem is simply a cheap shot.

              A more in depth view of the cause might find UGA’s stricter policy of suspending athletes, holding them more accountable in the class room, or the heightened vigilance in Athens relative to other programs as a primary contributor. There are numerous other factors you can explore, including whether we should even be recruiting athletes who do not fit the general student population’s desire for an education, but the staff hasn’t fallen short on recruiting. As bad as we all feel about losing players that do not act responsibly, our “mistakes” have involved far less violence than a few of the other programs near us. Perhaps taking quicker action on problems separate us from becoming UF, UT, or The aU. But it must be more fun for you to extract an isolated incident and zero in on that versus looking at the overall picture of what CMR has done in 11 years.

  8. Scorpio Jones, III

    Wonder if we have made any improvements in our training/medical staff?
    Sure hope so.
    The “loss list” does not mean much unless you compare it to other schools, frankly, I would rather not see any of those.

  9. Debby Balcer

    It is sad the he didn’t keep his grades up. I know that Coach Richt is very frustrated about this. I hope he gets in a JUCO and turns things around.

  10. Gravidy

    So…that means the Dawgs are down to 70 legitimate scholarship players, approximately, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Seventy is only the starting point. You immediately have to subtract suspensions, injuries, future suspensions, and redshirts. Does anyone want to take a guess on how many useful scholarship players will make the trip to MO? At this point, if the over/under is 60, I’m taking the under.

  11. Scorpio Jones, III

    Seems like this is a good time to insert “Institutional Will” into the argument.

  12. Mudcat's Impala....

    FWIW…From a Scout insider….

    Cootie didn’t make it academically, and there is a couple other players that are on the bubble. I think one of them will slide by, but the other one is not looking good, and this is a starter…

  13. McDawg

    he was good on special teams

  14. Raleigh St. Clair

    Mark Richt should give talks on how not to manage a roster.

    70 scholarship players. With normal attrition, it is going to take years to normalize this problem, assuming Richt signs full classes, which based on history, is a ridiculous assumption.

    Just a ridiculously stupid way to manage a football team.

  15. watcher16

    Is it sill too late to get some JUCOs?!

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Hey, it’s in CMR’s contract that he’s NOT supposed to get JUCOs.

      • Scorpio Jones, III

        Well, Mayor, that’s not EXACTLY what I remember reading…a de-emphasis, but not disallowed, but yo memory may be better than mine.

        • Mayor of Dawgtown

          You are right–I was only trying to make a joke out of it but in reality the roster situation is not funny.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Nope…and now that the “administrators” have had their say in the oversigning regatta for the SEC, it is very bad, indeed. I really don’t know enough to blame coaches for anything, but it appears to me this is Bobo’s fault.

            • Scorpio Jones, III

              Oh Great Fount of Senatorial Wisdom…what does the contract actually say about JC players…I forgeteth (been busy altering the serial number on my scooter.)

        • Macallanlover

          And I really don’t understand that stigma of JUCO players. I am not suggesting we make our plan to need a few every year but it seems the right move when unusal circumstances have created a shortage at certain positions. Sometimes you simply cannot plan for the loss of 3 Tackles, or 3-4 RBs, even a kicker. I have more faith in the proven JUCO player than the true freshman who have only competed against HS players, especially when the need is immediate.

          There seems to be a lot of fans who do not want any JUCOs, I have seen other programs use them pretty well. Again, not saying we don’t try to be self-sufficient with recruiting HS players and developing them, but every program has a need occasionally to look for “free agents”, and some have done pretty well. Wasn’t OJ a JUCO for USC before he became a slasher?

          I guess I don’t understand the need to de-emphasize what was never emphasized. And we if we do utilize this avenue of getting players there is always a pretty solid reason.

          • Scorpio Jones, III

            Not Richt’s choice solely, Mac.

            • Macallanlover

              No, I agree. I just never have understood the concern over the selective us of JUCOs and my comment wasn’t directed at any one in particular. It comes up periodically and puzzles me every time. I look at the JUCO supply base as a last resort but feel there is some gold to be mined there. It allows those who could not make it in the first round to take the spot of someone who did make it but screwed up in some way (or suffered an injury of some sort…not a Saban-like casualty!)

  16. DawgByte

    If there was ever a case for over signing – UGA is the poster child!

    I see this as a pivotal year for Richt and our program. We’ll be lucky if all 19 recruits make it to Fall camp and with a young and inexperienced OL, the loss of a 1,000 yard rusher, we could be pushing up daisies by mid-Oct. If that were to happen you can forget Reuben Foster, because he’ll stick with Bama and he’ll have more ammunition to convince Tray Mathews and Shaq Wiggin’s to follow him. In that scenario look for Derrick Henry and Tunsil to also sign with Bama. This is a nightmare scenario that would decimate the 2013 signing class!

  17. collegeparkdawg

    Also early playing time is a big seller to recruits.

    • Haywood Jablome

      A chance @ early playing time really worked well with the O-lineman who chose elsewhere this past February.

      • collegeparkdawg

        Just pointing out that an argument could be made that this will not hurt recruiting for 2013.

  18. AusDawg85

    I miss DawgVent….

  19. Joe Schmoe

    This seems like the Achilles heel that may ultimately be Richt’s undoing at UGA. You just can’t afford to play with one hand tied behind your back in the SEC.

    • ETennDawg

      Pretty sure casey clausen would have done that back in the day. Man I loved his game vs UGA after he made that statement.

  20. MT5

    Hopefully, Mark Richt can get off his high horse and start over-signing recruits. The truth of the matter is, you pretty much have to do it like Saban does, or you’ll get left with a depleted roster. Saban is doing nothing illegal by over-signing, if Richt doesn’t start doing what the SEC Champs are doing, he’s going to be a dinosaur soon.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      If by dinosaur you mean buried and forgotten…..

    • cube

      Why even go to that extreme yet? Why not just stop the consistent under-signing?

      I know that would limit the fine walk-on scholarship program that we’ve worked so hard to put in place but that may be the price we have to pay to not have rosters year after year that are as depleted as teams on major probation.

  21. IveyLeaguer

    Well, let’s hope these numbers don’t affect us too badly. They may not. It might be we function OK until Richt gets it back together. But he can’t afford any more misses in recruiting (signing the wrong players).

    One of the things that concerns me with the current class is taking on “projects” just because we have 30 spots or whatever. As I’ve said so many times, if you’re not going to oversign that’s fine, but you can’t afford many misses. EVERY SPOT IS CRITICAL, if you want to compete with the top of the SEC.

    This is a hole Richt has dug for himself, because you can stick to the 85 and still manage your roster and compete with anybody. But you have to be good at it. It’s OK for walk-ons to get rides when there are spots left over, but the next year they have to go for players that can help you on Saturdays.

    I thought the 2012 class was pretty efficient, and I was proud of Richt for not just signing players to fill up the spots. We can’t afford that any longer, not if we want to be competitive. Not even in this very large class (for us). Nor can we make many evaluation mistakes, which still worries me some, especially on offense.

    The 2012 class coincides with other drastic changes Richt made to the program in the last 2 years. My hope is that’s a good indication that the ship has been tightened, and we can expect some efficiency from now on, both in recruiting and roster management.

    If that’s true the attrition doesn’t bother me. Next year we’ll have lost most of the roster that represents the culture that has caused us so much anguish, on and off the field. Both Crowell and Harrow were representative of that culture.

    In that sense, I think we’re better off.

  22. OldDawg55

    It is amusing to me to watch many of you all of a sudden cast aside your previously annouced high moral standards of conduct that you admired of Richt. It appears that many of you side with the “Henny Penny School of Crisis Management” when it comes to support of the Dawgs. Has anyone observed Butts-Meyers in a lockdown, barricade matter. Calm down folks, if you cancan’t play with seventy and walkons then cash it all in!!

    • Dog in Fla

      “Has anyone observed Butts-Meyers in a lockdown, barricade matter.”

      There’s the problem. They’re still at DEFCON 5 , dammit, Jim!

  23. Will Trane

    UGA football in the SEC. Only conference school whose complete roster is less than the travel team of the other SEC conference school. Saving money in the football program has gone to new lengths. No budget busters now.
    UGA football in the SEC. Well knows for offseason player issues. Must be the summer time because it happens every year just prior to camp.
    Here is a tip for CMR. Do not release any of these players from their scholarships until December 31, 2012. Block them from playing somewhere else. When they sign that LOI it should mean a solid 4 year commitment. Dawgs can not make the dismissals until February. When you investment that much time, money, and coaching for a roster position player and they go out the door just prior to fall camp, then hold them accountable to the committed players who will be there by not releasing their scholarship…put them on the side of the road.

    • Ultimaterider

      Sir, that will never happen, loser Derek Dooley is about the only coach that wastes time and energy on such activities. CMR has stated many times his open transfer policy. If CMR thought Crowell wasn’t good enough to play for UGA, and kicked him off, then CMR’s not worried about Crowell beating him.

  24. Skeptic Dawg

    I believe the Junior College player clause in Richt’s new contract looks more and more like a noose with each passing day.

    • 69Dawg

      +1 We can’t recruit a full roster and the AD wants to limit our us of JC’s. Heck lets just apply to the SunBelt and own that conference.

      • Dog in Fla

        AD?He’s just following orders. Few if any JUCO’s has Michael F. Adams written all over it

  25. ag

    Looks like we are about to lose two more…taken from Murray’s twitter page.

  26. Dawg19

    Well, I guess if you ever wanted to be the Georgia-version of Rudy, how’s the time…

  27. Rebar

    Well, I’d say the drama is set for the 2013 season, except for the mention above of another player having to leave; this is gonna be some season!

  28. MF Adams

    Keep up the good work, guys. Save us that scholarship money!

    Students, don’t forget this year’s “special institutional fee” is up to $450, due in July. Why? Well, it’s because we’re special!

    Also, I don’t know how many times I need to repeat myself. Your UGA Green Fee does NOT get you on the UGA golf course. So don’t ask.

  29. AirForceDawg

    If the NCAA Clearinghouse doesn’t “green light” Leonard Floyd (4-star DE/OLB prospect that signed an LOI w/ UGA on NSD) by August 10th (Fall Semester registration), UGA will only have 69 recruited scholarship student-athletes heading into Fall Practice. Of these 69, 4 are suspended for at least the first game (Commings, Ogletree, Rambo, Smith). Doesn’t leave much depth to stack scout teams & special teams, mitigate the loss of injured players, or allow players to redshirt. Last season UGA played w/ 10 former walk-ons on scholarship…this season we may have 16. Btw, Georgia signed 108 players to an LOI the last 5 years when they could have signed 125 (not oversigning). If the Dawgs had signed 17 more players over this period, then our roster would be much better postured for success than it is today.

    • I’m surprised Richt isn’t facing more questioning from the media about this.

      On the bright side, when Richt promised playing time to recruits over the past few years, he wasn’t kidding – at least to the ones who’ve managed to stay on the roster.😉

  30. AirForceDawg

    UGA just announced that DE/OLB Brandon Burrows has decided to transfer for more playing time (particularly in a 4-3 defense vs. a 3-4 defense). Drops UGA to 68 of 85 recruited scholarship players currently on the roster heading into the season, a 20% shortfall. Not sure how anyone can spin this as a positive for the team. Considering our early season suspensions, we’ll be fielding a team w/ FCS-like recruited scholarship numbers.

    • Puffdawg

      Regardless of your message, I’m just curious – and don’t look this up before you respond, assuming you will – have you ever been accused of being articulate?