Thursday morning buffet

No fireworks.  Just football.

  • Honestly, I’m surprised Nick Saban has time for this shit.
  • As Georgia Southern looks to move to D-1, it faces money concerns.
  • Brady Hoke says coaches are talking about an early signing date for recruiting.
  • Jeff Long on fans hoping that Arkansas might bring back Bobby Petrino:  “It amazes me that that’s still out there.”
  • Can somebody explain to me why this was considered to be a good idea?
  • The NCAA pulls a last-minute move to put Leonard Floyd’s admission to Georgia on hold.  Is there some reason that couldn’t have been researched months ago?
  • Kevin Scarbinsky thinks the new playoff is going to make the regular season more attractive.
  • Mark Bradley wants to know “why is it always Georgia?”.  Maybe it’s because you don’t pay attention to stuff like this, Mark.


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28 responses to “Thursday morning buffet

  1. ChicagoDawg

    Re: Leonard Floyd & the NCAA, you ask a good question “is there some reason that couldn’t have been researched months ago?” Another question is this, why not allow these kids to enroll and participate in summer workouts while this crap is adjudicated? They would not be eligible for competitive play, but they could at least be extended the benefit of the doubt while the NCAA does their slow-walk nonsense. If he is ultimately ruled ineligible, no harm no foul as he would not have played in a game and he would need to transfer.

  2. why does Saban have time for this shit down in the Caribre resort because, like John L Smith (see previous bankruptcy article), he had to put his money somewhere and my guess is it’s here or maybe he got a free condo to promote this resort. Either way it’s just bidnessl

  3. Bob

    I think Scarbinsky should leave well enough alone. Yeah, Wisky’s schedule is easy to criticize. But to tout Alabama and Auburn as schools that get it, please spare us. In the BCS era, Alabama has played 11 BCS level opponents whose combined record minus head to head is 75-54. Four of those games have been on the road. Auburn has played 14 such opponents and only 5 have been on the road. Auburn’s opposition has a 105-59 record minus head to head. Meanwhile, Georgia has played 22 BCS opponents and that does not include the two games against Boise State. Georgia has played 11 of those games on enemy turf. The record of those teams is 155-102. If you add Boise to that mix, Georgia’s opponents had a 176-107 record, minus head to head.

    I agree with the intent of the article to demonstrate that the SOS piece of the new plan might actually help improve regular season scheduling. But please, there are better examples to use than Alabama or Auburn.

  4. TomReagan

    I have these questions after clicking on the FSU link:

    1. When did David Hale return to covering college football?
    2. Why isn’t David Hale covering Georgia football?
    3. When will this problem be corrected?

  5. Macallanlover

    Before it began football in the early 80s, Georgia Southern was among the Top 15 teams nationally in 3 sports (gymnastics, baseball, and golf). As a small sport “specialist” they could compete with the big boys, after adding football they cannot compete with the big schools in one single sport. It drained the resources and diluted the focus. As much as I love football, tht was a big mistake to me. The idea of trying to compete in D1 is even sadder, and more ludicrous. UGA is always going to be THE football program for the state of Georgia, and it isn’t close. Better to become a giant killer in smaller sports and be respected than to resign yourself to being an also ran with a Napoleon complex.

    • TomReagan

      I cannot speak to or speculate to the effect that adding football has had on the baseball, gymnastics, or golf programs at Southern, but I would be hard pressed to believe that football has been anything other than a strong net positive for the school and the Statesboro area as a whole.

      Having said that, I also think that moving up would be a big mistake.

      • Macallanlover

        Perhaps, it depends on where you put football in your priorities. I love CFB, it is a real passion, but I don’t consider GSU football significant enough to pay more than passing attention to it so that sacrifice on the non-revenue sports is for naught…at least for me. My sister is a big fan of GSU football but their accomplishments were achieved on a “junior” level. That means they can beat the lower echelon of D1 teams, perhaps could beat the #2 teams of all but the top 15 teams, and maybe the 3rd team of the elite.

        I will agree the 15,000 fans for home games bring some net revenue gains into the Statesboro area for restaurants and hotels 6-8 times a year.

        • Dawg in Beaumont

          I’d argue the impact of football for Georgia Southern goes far beyond that. With no football team, do you think their enrollment would have gone from 6,000ish in the 80s to 20,000ish now?

          Also, without football they wouldn’t get to play games against Georgia, Florida, Alabama, etc. Those games bring in a 500k check.

          • Macallanlover

            Absolutely, the enrollment increase is almost totally attributable to the Hope Scholarship. GSU wasn’t the only school in Georgia to a surge of applicants. Certainly population increases would impact enrollment, but I don’t think football added anything to those numbers.

            Don’t get me wrong, I am all for football being a part of college life, but GSU gave up more than they got, imo. Heck, they don’t even compete well in the SOCON now, outside of football. It totally stripped their athletic programs and what have they gained? They are the best at nothing now. If I were the athletic director at GSU I would gladly roll the clock back and excel at something.

  6. Comin' Down The Track

    Mark Bradley.
    I think he must already have the UGA form article written and merely changes the name, date and time. I really feel like I’m reading the same article from him over and over… He’s like a broken something that repeats the same sound over and over… a duck? Yeah, that’s it. He’s like a broken duck.

    • Mayor of Dawgtown

      Mark Bradley, why is it always Georgia? Because at Georgia the HC actually does something about team discipline rather than sweeping it under the rug like they do at every single other school in the SEC. That’s why.

      • Comin' Down The Track

        Exactly. See also: Crowell to Alabama State. How much you wanna bet he’s playing for Saban in a year’s time and magically never gets in trouble again? Sort of like that Mettenberger guy… because, you know, living 90 miles away from New Orleans turns you into the leader of your church choir.

        • Bet whatever you can afford paying, cause that ain’t happening. If Crowell wanted to return to the SEC, he goes to a JUCO for a year. By dropping down to Alabama St, he’s not coming back up. Coming back up means redshirt year as a transfer, so he’s down in 1_AA for two years hoping to kick ass and move to the NFL from there.

          • Ching reports there’s no final decision on that yet.

            • Gotcha. Well then in simpler terms, if he goes to a JUCO, a return to the SEC seems most likely provided he doesn’t get in too much more trouble. If he drops down to an Alabama St, or other 1-AA program, he’s not coming to big boy college football and is simply biding time until he can go pro.

              • ASU coach has reportedly confirmed Crowell has enrolled there.

              • shane#1

                The operative phrase there is “biding time until he can go pro.” There should be some way for the NFL to take kids that don’t want to go to college or are not college material and coach them up for the big time. College football should be for young men that want a degree and are willing to work toward a degree. While I am at it, why in the hell do we have so many young people flunking out and owing huge student loan payments? All kids are not made for college! This country needs 400,000 master welders for industry and industries can’t find them. We have college graduates without jobs and carrying a big loan balance and welders go lacking. It may be time to take a look at our entire system of secondary education.

    • OKDawg

      Mark Bradley = ass clown.

  7. Joe Schmoe

    The NCAA adjudication processes are completely ridiculous. There needs to be some standard time frames in which they have to make a ruling on eligibility cases, Without that, we are left with the scenario where they rule on Cam Newton in 1 day and they still haven’t made a ruling on Kolton Houston for well over a year. This is incredibly unfair for the kids and the institutions that get left in limbo.

    • Debby Balcer

      Amen to that. It is criminal the way they drag this out and yet they could clear Cam that quickly.

  8. shane#1

    1. How long will it be before Saban owns the fine old State of Alabama outright? 2. Why would he want the State of Alabama? 3. Why are you being so hard on the NCAA Senator? The Justice Dept slow walked guns into Mexico and isn’t the NCAA as least as effective as Justice? 4. What in the hell does a broken Duck sound like? Actually I have broken a few with a 12 gauge and they didn’t say much at all.

    • Comin' Down The Track

      So, you’re saying you have a date with Mark Bradley, Nick Saban and a twelve gauge to go duck hunting in Mexico? Or am I totally lost? If not, see if you can get Darling Nicky to stop recruiting Georgia. Thanks.

      • shane#1

        A date with Bradley, Saban, and my 12 gauge? Hmmmmmmm. In Ga. at Lake Seminole, not Mexico. I don’t think you could find a jury of 12 in Southwest Ga. to convict me.

  9. CoachSpurlock

    I don’t see the problem with seeing Tebow in Red & Black. He would have been the greatest tight end in Georgia history.

  10. Beautiful Eagle Creek

    Given UGA’s desire to save money on scholarships and maintain an FCS-sized roster, they should give their SEC membership to Georgia Southern.