About that running game

I suppose there are two ways of looking at this data in the wake of Crowell’s departure.  One would be that no one could accuse Georgia of having a dynamic rushing game last season even with Crowell in the mix, so how much worse could things get this season?  The other would be to say with Georgia’s leading returning rusher likely to be its fifth-string back when the season commences and three seniors on the offensive line being replaced that there may not be much room for improvement, either.

All I can hope is that Theus, Marshall and Gurley live up to their considerable hype.


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  1. Lrgk9

    and Pike and Beard and the Long boys…

  2. The other Doug

    It feels a lot like where we were a tailback this time last year.

  3. mwo

    Maybe this years Frosh will be able to handle the pressure better than last years model.

    • If by pressure you bean the physical pressure of getting creamed by an SEC lineman/linebacker, then I am with ya. I have no doubt that the kids will be more mature and prepared mentally, I just worry about Marshall being able to handle getting hit in the mouth, as they say.

  4. WarD Eagle

    I haven’t paid attention to UGA’s passing game outside the whooping they’ve put on AU’s imaginary defensive backfield or to even know who remains beyond Murray. However, assuming they can continue throwing with similar success against the rest of the SEC, there’s no reason to believe an adequate OL with just enough running game to keep the opposing DL & LBs at bay isn’t sufficient for Murrary and those receivers to give you guys a shot at a great season.

    • RynoRedhawk

      Murray has had success in his career at Georgia, but let’s not pretend he’s Peyton Manning or Danny Wuerffel. He makes mistakes in big moments and is all too likely to put the ball on the ground.

      The team needs 100-115 yards rushing per game at minimum to put Murray in a position where he can’t screw things up.

  5. heyberto

    The downside of losing Crowell is obviously losing a talented back that’s more comfortable in the system. I think we’ve got two guys with better heads on their shoulders than Crowell had. So the concern is how fast they can pick up the system. Their talent will only take them so far, but I am hopeful that they’ll have their heads in a better place than he did as a Freshman, and can improve as the season goes on.

    • heyberto

      But getting through the first part of the season will be the biggest concern. (sorry hit return to quickly).

      • Puffdawg

        Don’t sleep on Boo. A lot of his problems have come from immaturity if I’m not mistaken (hasn’t he spent time in Richt’s doghouse?). If he turns the corner, maybe he’ll wind up being pretty darn good. He’s got 3 years in the program.

        • Macallanlover

          I share that hope, he is more talented than I thought. Still need someone on the OL to neutralize the DL for a change but I am betting on Boo being the dark horse surprise in the SEC if he stays healthy.

  6. Debby Balcer

    Unlike Cromwell, Marshall came in early and has work ethic as well as talent. Boo seemed to click last year finally. I am sad that Isaiah screwed up but at least his timing was right and it was not right before or during the season. The right people will be getting the reps at practice.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Good point . When I read that Murray and some teammates had to dig Crowell out of the dorm to workout I wondered about his work ethic.

  7. William

    I think Boo Malcome may suprise people. Think about it. He doesn’t need homerun speed. He is a better back then Samuels, but is just as punishing. If the line is half way decent, he may take a hold of the position and allow for a RS season for one of the Frosh. Here’s to hoping!

    • Nobody with a pulse is redshirting this season.

      • William

        I will bow to wisdom of that statement (as I should have though through my response before sending it in). However, a strong year from Malcome would allow a more spoon-fed approach for Marshall and Gurley. Agreed?

        • Perhaps. I think at least one of the two will be counted on to provide a significant contribution early on.

          • Mayor of Dawgtown

            BOTH will be counted on to provide a significant contribution early on, as will probably every freshman.

            • Macallanlover

              Sky falling down in your neighborhood Mayor? Relax and enjoy the summer. Plenty of time to worry about mid-August as post time approaches.

        • gastr1

          They’ll need them as backups. You know, IN CASE OF SUSPENSION.

          • Uglydawg

            Or injury. I think with just one more high profile casualty it will be time to panic. But, there’s always the chance that you have a Lattimore type back just waiting to be exposed. I can think of one true freshman that worked out pretty well…and I also remember the coming out of Rodney Hampton…In the words of Munson in a post-Hershal season call..”Now everyone knows that we have a running back at Georgia” (my paraphrase because I’m too lazy to look the exact quote up).
            .We’ve just got to see how it plays out. One mans failure is another’s opportunity (in this case, anyhow), and for these young’uns, opportunity knocks. At the very least they should understand that CMR harbors no prima donnas.

  8. Doug in BR

    As long as Bobo ain’t runnin the ball we will be ok. Wink

  9. Keese

    Gurley is the real deal. Im hoping Marshall/Gurley tandem will be similar to Ronnie Brown/Cadillac Williams

  10. JN

    Boo has the ability to be an above average back in the SEC and IMO both of the froshes will at least be serviceable this year. IMO there are two things things that will hamper the offense more so than anything, the possibility of the OL struggling and the defense (being very good). The part about the OL doesn’t need explaining, but the defense can hurt the offense at times w/ Richt at the helm. When Richt knows UGA’s defense is going to be able to shut down another teams offense, he’ll go past conservative to the point of elimination. What I mean by that is Saban, Muschamp, Tubberville, etc all like to have a good defense w/ a ball control offense that is conservative, i.e. they measure the risk/reward of situations. But in doing that they accept the fact that there is at least a small chance of something bad happening. Richt, though, will try a lot of times to eliminate anything bad happening all together (1st half of SCU this past year when UGA got inside SCU’s 25 3 different times and came away with 6 points). The problem with that philosophy is when you have a game where the “out of left field” type things happen like returning 3 fumbles for td’s, you lose b/c you didn’t do enough early to absorb those blows late (not to mention putting a qb like Garcia in a position where he has put the team on his shoulders).

  11. derek ross

    But the problem is Bobo won’t rely on the run, even if it works. He had Knowshon Moreno and Thomas Brown on the same team and somehow managed to still throw the ball 30-40 times in most games. Boo Malcome is consistant and will get your 3-4 yards every run while wearing down a defense. But Bobo would rather run play action 2 times for every 1 run play (usually a draw on 3rd and long)

    • Bubs

      Bobo making them throw a lot was more reflective of our defense at the time. Porous, to say the least. A lot of those games fell on Stafford’s arm to win because they all-too-often became shootouts.

  12. Hobnail_Boot

    For me, it just cements Murray’s shot at obliterating every pertinent UGA passing record.

  13. Alan

    Is there a way I can blame Bobo for Crowell’s gun in the car?

  14. We are better off without IC and his BS drama on a regular basis and his bad influence on the other young players. We’ve been dealing with the entitlement for way too long and its time to put a stop to that CRAP! I’m glad he’s gone and I sure as hell don’t care where he ends up, which in my opinion is going to be a jail cell somewhere in podunk Alabama.

  15. The good thing for the running backs is there are plently of games scattered throughout the early season to get the younger backs experience. Crowell’s first carry was against a Boise State defense that was primarily 4th and 5th year players. Marshall and Gurley will get some of the jitters out against Buffalo. Missouri’s defense won’t be a joke but they won’t be on the same level as Boise’s. There are no back to back games I can think of that should really wear down on whoever emerges as the main guy. This means none of the rb’s will be counted on the same way everyone hoped Crowell would last year. The question to me is not the rb’s but the OL. Give these guys some decent room to work and I think we will be fine.

  16. JAX

    Crowell was dumb as they come, cromag dumb as they say, but he was a lock for 1000 yards (injuries notwithstanding). A 1000 back = SEC title with this team, a combo of 1500 yards might equal the same but we need Malcolme to hit for 750 or more and the other kids to pick up the slack. As for intelligence, if Crowell can learn the responsibilities of the position (other than running the ball naturally) then we should be fine.

    I am anxious to see both Gurley and Marshall get their shots. And man wouldn’t you love to have Robert Edwards taking handoffs this year?!