“There are a lot of things that could change. There are a lot of domino effects.”

You get the feeling that the next two years are going to be uneasy times for a lot of bowl game execs.  Per the president of the Music City Bowl:

The bowl’s conference tie-ins are undetermined past 2013, when its deals with the SEC and ACC expire. Maintaining the SEC affiliation will be a top priority.

“Until now, it has always been a four-year cycle,” Ramsey said. “Every bowl in the country has the same years remaining on their deals. That’s why the new model will take effect after the 2014 regular season. Right now it’s a little premature to think about your strategy until you know the lay of the land. That’s going to be probably six to eight months down the road.

It’s not just the lower tier bowls that are nervous.  The Sugar Bowl has to figure out how to carve itself a place in the new world order, too.

It’s eat or be eaten time, boys.  The problem is that any bowl that doesn’t lock up a conference champion real soon  is going to find itself swimming with the sharks – and people like Jerry Jones have a lot more experience courting postseason business in a contested climate than do the honchos at the Sugar and Fiesta Bowls.  So either you bring in some heavy support quickly or you risk dying on the vine as a relevant part of the new postseason.  We’ll soon see who’s nimble enough to survive.

It’s sort of like all these venues are engaged in a single-elimination playoff themselves.  They’re certainly dealing with selection committees already.


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4 responses to ““There are a lot of things that could change. There are a lot of domino effects.”

  1. Lrgk9

    Turns out it was Junker that lifted the lid on Pandora’s Postseason box…


  2. I wanna Red Cup

    I would hate to see the Sugar bite the dust. I always enjoy New Orleans in early January.


  3. WarD Eagle

    Given the choices of New Orleans, Atlanta, & Dallas for a post-season trip, my respective responses would be Yes, Yes, & HDTV.