Saturday morning buffet

You gotta eat, right?


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17 responses to “Saturday morning buffet

  1. gastr1

    The Paterno thing is really troubling. THEY have a huge fight resulting in charges and pleas, and no one misses a game. THEY have never been on probation and do everything correctly. WE have a big controversy over failed drug tests and players suspended for the the game after the Florida game, not to mention all the games missed for emerging from an alley and whatnot. At least now Paterno is getting exposed for being the hypocrite he was, I guess. Anyone else see a pattern of sweeping things under the rug?

    I’m all for discipline. I’m beginning to the think the conferences should step in and even out these penalties a bit.

  2. Beard Dawg

    That Bleacher Reports artical. Wow. Although I’ll give him number one. America does hate Rocky Top. Worst. Fight song. Ever.

    • AthensHomerDawg

      Me too! I thought it was kinda over the top post. Looked like Uga head butted that coon dog. My neighbor is a big Tennessee fan. He has his giant flag on game day and even has a hound dog with a orange pullover. Let’s the dog out in the morning and it often winds up in my yard. Sweet dog. Kids wrapped red and black ribbons around his neck one game day. Neighbor got pretty agitated. lol

    • Dawgdvm

      That bleacher report ‘article’ looks like a 7th grade Internet project. Wow. You know why America really hates the vols? Because of their fans. Period.

      • gastr1

        I never anybody gave a damn enough about them to actually hate them.

        • Yeah. “Tennessee is a team America loves to hate” would’ve been a legit thesis a decade ago, but it’s hard to defend these days.

  3. of course Crowell is smarter that Dyer. This is a simple equation. Actions speak louder and words. Look at their actions. I’m working on the assumption that either of them could have played for either Auburn or UGA and if all other variables being equal one chooses Auburn and one chooses UGA it follows logically and obviously that the player who chooses UGA is the smarter of the two. If we need to test our hypothesis see what happens when they are kicked off their respective teams. One chooses to transfer and play a year before entering the NFL draft(smart move) and the other transfers and sits out a year while he should already be offering his services for compensation(dumb move). Now we have confirmation the equation works both ways and our hypothesis is confirmed Auburn=dumb UGA =smart

    • Cock of the Walk

      Don’t forget altering the serial number on the 9-mm Luger handgun found under the seat of his 2005 Mercury Grand Marquis. Another demonstration of how much smarter is than that dumb Barner who had to admit his gun used in a robbery . On second thought, I’m thinking its a push.

  4. JasonC

    At least Conor didn’t blame the foot injuries on Georgia’s easy 2012 schedule.

    • Cock of the Walk

      No – that’s the excuse Bacarri Rambo used for accidentally eating the funny-tasting brownies. Wait. He used a different excuse.

      • Or was is Garcia????? No, five times suspended and never missed a game….. sigh……… I guess it’s relative in South Carolina.

        • Stephen Garcia

          I never used ANY excuses. I just told Spurrier “FUCK YOU” and he took it cause he didn’t have anybody else who could play at the time.

        • Cock of the Walk

          Yeah. A bunch of suspensions for gun crimes. Wait … no. Four were for violating team rules. So your point is … what? Are you really trying to compare Isaiah to Stephen? Really? I guess everything is relative in Athens.

          • Steve Spurrier

            Nobody should ever accuse me of being soft on discipline. I told Garcia the day he walked on campus that I had a very strict “5 strikes and you’re out” policy.

            Also, Richt is nuts for coaching at a school that suspends players after the first failed drug test. Some of those guys can really play! The first one’s free around Columbia.

          • Nothing to compare, really. IC was suspended twice last year and missed games for BOTH suspensions. He was found with a gun two weeks ago and dismissed from the team immediately. We punish immediately, the next game, get it? So yea, it’s no use comparing the situation to Garcia. Five suspensions and ZERO in real punishment. Catch the drift?

  5. cube

    Sounds like Paterno had more of a hand in how his “superiors” handled that particular reported incident than his defenders wanted everyone to believe. Big surprise there.

    Absolutely sickening.

  6. cube

    That’s interesting about the NFL showing the same replays that the ref gets to see. I think college football is going to be very, VERY resistant to showing the fans the same replay angles that the review ref is looking at. Heck, they rarely show any replays to any controversial plays out of fear of pissing off the crowd and exposing anything the referees may have got wrong. But maybe continued declining donations and ticket sales will change their mind.