Overtimepalooza: Today’s time waster

You’re gonna like this one.  It’s the ’96 Georgia-Auburn game with lots of Munson.

Hines was a beast in regulation and Edwards dominated the overtime.

I watched this game at a hotel bar in New Orleans.  I remember cussing when Auburn went up 28-7.  An Auburn fan overheard me and said with a tone of disgust, “Don’t worry.  Terry doesn’t know how to hold a big lead.  They’ll come back.”

Turned out he was right.


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25 responses to “Overtimepalooza: Today’s time waster

  1. Mackie

    Just a few things:
    1. I loved watching Dooley fidget in the background.
    2. Hondo was great on Kids in the Hall.
    3. How many radio legends could get away with admitting they grabbed a beer for the road nowadays?!


  2. Big time?.......not!

    I was there. Great perspective from Munson. Note how into the game Dooley was.


  3. AlphaDawg

    Big time memories. It’s a shame what happened to Edwards in HI, i’d have loved to of seen him healthy in the Pro’s.


  4. Nate Dawg

    Senator, I watched the ending from a clubhouse, in a country club, that I was working at – when I was supposed to be waiting tables. My buddies had all gone to the game – man I missed out but that was probably the most excited I’d ever been on the job!
    First ever SEC overtime game AND Uga let us know we were gonna come back – and he tried to tell that awbarn WR as well…


  5. AthensHomerDawg

    Neither Bobo or Edwards started that game, if I am remembering correctly. Didn’t a pre-med student step in at QB?
    Torin Kirsey had a productive game at RB when we needed him. He was a promising back that couldn’t manage the rules. I think he was asked to leave after disconnecting the smoke alarm in his room. uSC wanted him after he left Georgia…… but passed.


  6. Bevo

    Great stuff. Thanks for posting.


  7. Normaltown Mike

    I’m embarrassed to say that I was a student at UGA and instead of making a road trip to Awbern that weekend, my friends and I took a road trip to Charlottesville to watch the UVA-UNC game. That’s how little we thought of our chances against the War Tiger Plainesman and their young gun hot shot coach, Terry Bowden.

    Anybody that attended UGA during the end of the Goof era and that first year of Donnan can speak to these dark dark days of student interest in the team.


    • One of my few claims to fame was standing in the rain watching Donnan’s first UGA victory over Texas Tech. Hardly anyone in that stadium that day. Took a while for fans to get exited about the football program before hopes were dashed in the Tennessee & Florida games. The 90’s were tough.


  8. Marshall

    I’ll never forget that. I was a Senior living at University Gardens that year. As Mike mentioned, that was a tough time and student interest was at an all time low. I couldn’t get any of my friends to watch the game with me. No one thought we had a chance and I think there was some big thing going on in town that day. So I drank my Jim Beam and Budweiser and must have smoked two packs of cigarettes that night. That was such a great game!

    Yep, 1993-1996–my four years in Athens coincided with the worst 4 year stretch since the early 60’s! To be honest, I didn’t quite finish in 4 years and was still around in the Fall of ’97 which was a damn good year compared to what we’d been through.

    Great video. Thanks for posting, Senator!


  9. A New Day is Donnan

    In middle school at the time (apologies for dating myself) and we were eating steak dinner as a family at home. Of course this was during overtime and Dad and I were up in the middle of the living room. Once they went up in that last overtime, I was jumping up and down and broke out one of the globes and the light bulb in the ceiling fan fixture with the steak knife that I still had in my hand. I looked back at my dad who I thought would be absolutely pissed at that kind of thing, but I will always remember what he said to me, “Don’t worry son, UGA won. It’s ok.”


  10. Did I not see the latest Florida headcoach on the AU sideline at the 9:14 mark?


  11. Macallanlover

    Could that have been Skeptic Tiger so disgruntled when the lead was 28-7? You have to be real Debbie Downer to not be happy with that. Although he turned out to be prophetic, if you can’t be happy then, why watch CFB? Enjoy the happy times because we all will see the bad times again.


  12. Joe

    Thanks so much for posting….I loved watching and listening to Larry.


  13. This one of the Great UGA football games I’ve been lucky enough to witness but my fondest recollection is the trip back to ATL and my friend’s 10/11 YOA son passed out in the 3rd row seat of a Volvo station wagon muttering under his breath, but in a cadence that made it clearly recognizable ,”It’s great.. to be.. a Georgia Bulldog I said it’s great..to be..a Georgia Bulldog” The very bright young man could have gone to college at almost any top flight school( I know momma wanted Vanderbilt) but with this very powerful message impressed upon his brain he stayed in state and is now a double dawg. We make impressions on kids at times we don’t realize and in manners we don’t always understand .GO DAWGS.


  14. Newdawg

    Didn’t know about that game. Have never seen that game. That f’in rocks. Thank you!


  15. Dawg19

    I post under the name ‘Carlmilton’ on YouTube. They won’t let me change it to Dawg19 without having to upload everything again. I’ve got several more of these coming. Glad everybody enjoyed this video. Thanks for posting it, Senator! I don’t profit in anyway from these videos other than knowing other Dawg fans enjoy them. 🙂


  16. Bobo’s finest moment as a Dog, no doubt.